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Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

By Dark Politricks

Conspiracy theorists have a bad name for themselves. It’s used as a slur word to imply someone who believes in far fetched theories and who no matter how many facts and pieces of evidence you place in front of them will always choose to believe in a theory that involves hidden plotters and is made up of interconnected threads that need piecing together to see the true picture.

The truth of the matter is that conspiracies happen all the time and the courts in the UK and USA are full of people involved on charges involving conspiracy, hey even I was up on a conspiracy charges at the age of 18 with 8 other people.  So the word conspiracy just means a crime where two or more people collude together to commit a criminal act.

People trying to debunk conspiracy theories often use Occam’s razor which broken down to its simplest form means “the simplest theory is the most preferable“. However this obviously ignores the basic fact that if clever people especially those with instruments of power within their control wish to collude to commit crimes they will rarely get caught because they will be clever enough to make the evidence point to others through the use of plants, patsy’s and propaganda.

Therefore a policeman investigating a crime committed by such conspirators and using Occam’s razor to deduce who committed the act would follow the breadcrumbs left by the real conspirators up to the patsy they wish to have the crime point to. If you are not wanting to go to prison for the crime yourself then you need to have the evidence point towards someone else, a smoking gun, preferably in the hand of a lone gunman with a grievance against the victim.

Therefore when dealing with possible high crimes and misdemeanors that have been carried out by conspirators we must do more than look at the obvious suspect as we must always think that anyone clever enough to commit a crime such as assassinate a president or start a war based on mass murder will want us to stop at the shoo in suspect and go no further.

One of the most famous example of a crime that most people believe involved a conspiracy is the Kennedy assassination. Numerous polls over the years have shown that the majority of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswold was not the lone gunman and that the assassination was part of a larger conspiracy and cover up.  A FOX news poll found 66% of Americans believed this, which followed multiple polls over the years all with similar percentages.

One of the major factors in whether you believe in a conspiracy or not is whether you have actually spent any time investigating the matter yourself. If all you heard about the Kennedy assassination was the main stream news about the Warren Commissions findings and the establishments belief in Oswald’s guilt then you have no reason to doubt the official story. If however you know about the later Congress investigation into his death that concluded there was probably a conspiracy and that shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll on top of knowledge that evidence against Oswald was falsified including his confession call to the Russian embassy in Mexico, the tampering of physical evidence including the wounds on the Presidents body to hide evidence of frontal shots as well as death bed confessions by suspected conspirators then you might come to a different conclusion.

However on the flip side one of the problems that tarnishes the image of people investigating conspiracies is those people that ignore facts and, evidence and engage in wild speculation. Remember that it only takes one wild theory to tar a whole movement with the same brush. This is what I feel has happened with the 9/11 conspiracy movement. There are so many unanswered questions, suspect actions and coincidences on that fateful day that it warrants proper investigation however talk of no planes hitting the Twin Towers and Lasers from space will have made many people just skip investigating this major crime altogether which is a shame.

Another issue is that people are very unwilling to believe that their government could possibly do their citizens harm and faced with any choice that involves admitting that the people in power could possibly not have their best interests at heart will dismiss out of hand anything to the contrary. This is obviously a major mistake as there is so much evidence of governments lying, stealing, cheating and murdering their populaces over the centuries that it beggars belief that anyone who has studied history would not know of at least a handful of cases of their own countries government being involved in some dark behaviour in the last 50 years.

However this is another problem in that certain people just don’t want to find out about such crimes even when the evidence is handed to them on a plate. They would rather push any such thoughts to the back of their minds and carry on their lives in ignorance believing what their government spoon feeds them through the media and filling their lives up with inconsequential activities.

I would guess that a very large percentage of people who believe in crimes committed by governmental agencies or “conspiracy theories” started out as skeptics who just had a thirst for knowledge and enjoyed reading and looking back at history, I know that I did. If someone had suggested that my own government would be capable of lying to the public to start wars or even killing its own population and blaming it on the countries supposed enemies 10 years ago I would have laughed in their face. However I was one of those kids at school that always asked “why” which the teachers hated and wouldn’t always take the answer I was given as fact. I spent time into looking why and found answers that led me to more questions and so on. Once you find evidence of government crimes in one case it leads you to investigate others and before long any previously held outlook about the world is soon washed away with examples of powerful groups of men looking out for their own.

This trip down history helps understand current and future events in a new light. However it can also send some people over the edge and into a state where everything isn’t what it seems and has to have ulterior motives or a conspiracy behind it. Whilst a healthy skepticism of the official story and government is good entering a state where black becomes white and any theory apart from the official one must be believed is not good for anyone.

Conspiracies that would have to involve thousands of people are going to be very hard to keep quiet. Whisle-blowers and government leaks happen all the time and even though threat of death maybe enough to keep some people quiet the public spot light and glare of the mass media is very good at keeping people alive. Just because certain questions remain unanswered about events does not mean that the answer lies in alternate theories that themselves have no supporting evidence or facts to back them up.

I will give an example of the moon landings. There  are many people who believe the moon landings were faked due to photographic inconsistencies, radiation belts and supposed technical limitations of the time period. However a conspiracy like this would have involved hundreds if not thousands of people and kept up for years on end. Where are the death bed confessions of people who were involved trying to absolve themselves of the guilt of the lie before dying. Why didn’t the Russians who were watching the Americans closely at the time not try to prove to the world the landings were faked. I admit that there are some odd aspects to the landings such as who was controlling the camera that filmed the lunar module as it took off from the moon to go home? The camera pans upward as the module lifts off the surface which suggests someone was controlling the camera. If everyone was on board the module then who was filming them?

Even though this question sticks in my head as requiring an answer it does not mean that the moon landings were faked. At most it could mean that the footage of the landings were faked maybe because the footage taken on the moon was off such poor quality they needed a backup for propaganda purposes. However I have no proof of this just an unanswered question that needs answering.

Therefore for those people who look into conspiracies and always ask questions of their government no matter how much a story is being force fed to the public I say fair play but just keep an open mind to the possibility that not everything is a conspiracy and don’t be afraid to go where the facts and evidence takes you even if that means it disproves a theory or two.

For those who like to slag off conspiracy theorists as loonies or traitors I would say do some research of your own before making assumptions especially when your government is involved. Where there is plenty of evidence of past crimes being committed by a perpetrator this usually weighs against them in a court of law as it shows a pattern of behaviour therefore please read up on Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, The Reichstag Fire, The Iraq war dossier, MKUltra, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Gladio, CIA drug smuggling and Iran Contras, the history of Al-quaeda, Sibel Edmonds and the deep state, Venice Airport drug smuggling, CIA and Yemen Visa scam and much much more before jumping to conclusions yourself.

If you are at a loss as to where to start then take a look on this site as there are plenty of articles to get you on your way.

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  1. Chainsaw says

    One prominent conspiracy says that a small handful of ill-educated foreigners from the middle east used nothing but box knives to hijack a handful of commercial airliners and take an hour or so to fly them into buildings, with absolutely no US military resistance at all.

    Another one says that the US has a secret organization that can spy on any internet traffic into or out of America, and that they knew all about 9/11 months before it happened, with names, phone numbers, and locations.

    Yet another suggests that a prominent US government agency spent the fifties dosing themselves, mental patients, student volunteers, psychologists, opposition politicians being entertained by prostitutes, and many others with LSD.

    Another, older conspiracy theory suggests that the entire US government was riddled for decades with believers in an irredeemably evil totalitarian cult, who stole our most important military secrets, including that of the atomic bomb. This one was widely considered to be discredited when its leader was abandoned by most of his followers for extremism, but some still believe it.

    OF COURSE I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

    But that’s because belief is a crude and inappropriate mental tool to deal with situations in which by definition you don’t know all of what’s really going on. It is best reserved for your relationship with your purpose here, or extreme situations like concentration camps, where belief measurably contributes to survival.

    On the other hand, one can certainly have strong opinions on the likelihood of events being unlike the consensus view of the mass media and its followers, especially if the data contradicts their story or belief.

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