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Israel leads the USA on a merry dance to its own tune

By Dark Politricks

Hopefully this article will not get me flagged up as being anti-Semitic as I state now for the record that I am definitely not anti-Jewish. I am however totally against Zionism just like I am against any and all religious fundamentalists including Christians and Muslims. The main problem with Zionism is that its a self fulfilling prophecy based on supposed rights given to a group of people who think they own a piece of land because they are Gods chosen people and a story book says so. This is flimsy evidence for anything let alone numerous wars and the mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

The problem in the Middle East related to Israel will only be solved two ways in my eyes. The first will be if a war or some other cataclysmic event such as a nuclear holocaust destroys the whole area and the “promised land” just crumbles into the Mediterranean taking all the religious nutters from both sides with it. The other way will be if somehow religion is abolished and a secular state is created instead of the current two state solution which has a right wing Zionist religious “democracy” on one side and a semi Islamic state on the other. Under a secular democracy where all people are equal both Muslims and Jews would have access to all  the historical sites they wanted and maybe the terrorist attacks would stop once the Palestinian people stopped getting treated as caged animals to be searched, harassed, beaten and checked at every major town entry point.

When Fatah was in power under Arafat the Palestinians were semi-secular apart from Hamas however since Hamas won the election and now with the break away Gaza strip they seem to have created more of an Islamic territory than before. Therefore we have two opposing sets of religious nutters fighting over land they both claim ownership of and both groups believe God is on their side. A mix like this does not bode well for any peaceful solution and therefore I don’t think there will be one until religion can be taken out of the mix.

Apart from the Zionists and the Islamists we have the Christian Right in the USA who are also another unwelcome mix in this recipe for disaster. These creationist believers are all waiting for the Rapture to come to zap them all up to heaven (even though this has no biblical basis) and they believe that the Jews return to Israel is the fulfillment of a prophecy that signals the end times and therefore the return of Jesus.

The dangerous thing is that apart from the stupidity of it all these people are pretty powerful and have access to people of power right up to the very top. Lets not forget that Bush Junior was an evangelical Christian who wanted Creationism to be taught on par with Evolution in schools and banned genetic research putting science in the US back many years. These nutters, (and they are basically nutters as if religion didn’t exist and a psychiatrist had a conversation with one of these creationists they would most likely section them.) hope, wish for and maybe even actively meddle in the politics of the middle east in the hope of ushering in Jesus Mark 2 the sequel just that little bit quicker.

Now you would think that America being such a close ally of Israel would be able to put pressure on its friend to resolve this issue once and for all. However Israel seems to have a strange hold over the USA that many have claimed points to the fact that the perspective of the US asserting pressure is the wrong way round and in fact its the USA that does Israels bidding. We have numerous cases of UN security resolutions against Israel not being passed due to the US voting against or wars of aggression against Lebanon and Gaza given the “green light” with no outspoken voices from politics or media saying a bad word against the attacks. There has always been claims of a “Jewish conspiracy” with the protocols of Zion and the blood libel plus rumours of horrendous slander contained within the Talmud.

However it’s not a conspiracy theory to claim that the Jewish lobby is one of the most powerful in the USA and has more influence and power than the size of their population would necessarily suggest. AIPAC the Jewish lobby has been embroiled lately in a spy ring trial and it is no lie to state that the biggest spy ring to ever be caught out in the USA involved Israel and the telecoms companies AMDOCS and Comverse Infosys with the “backdoor” build into the telephone system that allowed the recording and listening in of almost any phone conversation they wanted including those in the White House. Also who can forget the famous Johnathan Pollard who worked for US Naval Intelligence and passed numerous nuclear secrets to Israel which Israel then sold on the USSR!

In fact there are too many cases of this supposed ally of the USA spying on its biggest donor of aid and military equipment to mention. You can find a list here though.

Now add to this proof of Israels ability and willingness to spy on the USA and its ability to buy congress men and senators a proven history of using false flag attacks and staged phony intelligence to get the US military to do its dirty work for it.

We have the disgusting pre-planned attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by the IDF which was actively covered up by the US military and the survivors of the attack told to just forget about it. The reasons for this attack could be numerous but include trying to blame the attack on Egypt so as to drag the US into the war, a cover up of a massacre of Egyptian POWs that was occurring in the near by town at the time, to prevent the US finding out about the Israels plan to invade Syria breaching the cease fire agreement or as the US government claimed a case of mistaken identity. However there is plenty of evidence including testimony from one of the IDF pilots who was arrested for not following orders to attack the US ship and CIA intelligence that the attack was planned to prove this was not a case of mistaken identity. A CIA informant claimed that the Israeli defense minister apparently ordered that the ship was to be sunk and everybody on board killed and the US secretary of defense MacNamara ordered the planes that were sent to the Liberty’s aid back twice!

We then have testimony from ex Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky who wrote books about his time in the agency about the numerous acts of deception carried out to point the finger at Israels enemies and then get the US to do poor detective work and follow the clues laid out for them and attack the patsy so carefully setup by their supposed friends and ally’s. This includes setting up a false transmitter in Libya and sending signals pointing the blame at Libya over terrorist attacks in Germany. Of course the US fell for this and ended up bombing Libya in the 80’s.

There is also the plan to build up Saddam Hussein as the regional bad guy so that the US would come and destroy his huge army for them. How did that work out again? Oh yes the Iraqi’s were sold all their military equipment by us and backed in its war against Iran. It was also given the green light to invade Kuwait by the ambassador April Glaspie in a meeting shortly before the war broke out.

Let us not forget that the last war in Iraq was based on false intelligence and its British and US troops out there dying not Israeli soldiers. They are far too busy attacking civilian populations and refugee camps and leave all the real battles to the countries they can co-opt to do their dirty work. Am I going to far or does the current push by the Israeli lobby and the Neo-Cons such as John Bolton for preemptively attacking Iran seem familiar or part of a pattern?

There is too much evidence and past historical events that implicate Zionist war mongers for it all to be an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. However the pro-Israeli lobby are very effective at neutralizing any attack on Israel by condemning any and all messengers as either anti-Semitic if they are not Jewish and self hating Jews if they are. However there have been numerous Jewish people of note who have stood up and spoken out against Israels influence for it to be all in the minds of conspiracy theorists. Yes there are people out there who do hate Jews and will blame everything from the death of Jesus to global warming on them however this does not mean legitimate criticism of Israeli and Zionist policies is not allowed and should not be heard. The problem is these lobbies are so powerful they are now putting into place anti-hate laws which aim to stifle proper debate and online discussion. Remember no-one has the right to not be offended.

We also have the right to speak up when we see wrong doing and evil in the world and Israel is certainly not exempt from being criticised and definitely not incapable of committing heinous crimes just because of past historical crimes against them. In fact this makes it so much worse in my eyes that a people who have had so much wrong committed against them could then go on to perpetrate similar wrongs on others in the same way a bullied child grows up to be a bully.

If you have the time and would like to read up some more about the extent of Israels spying within the USA through its built in backdoor to every phone and how they use this power to blackmail the US into foreign policy decisions then  please read the following article:

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