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No one will win this game of hide and seek

By Dark Politricks

According to the Leon Panetta the current chief of the CIA the capture of Bin Laden is still a top priority and they believe he is still in Pakistan.

Not only have reports of supposed sightings occurred intermittently since the US invasion of Afghanistan Bin Laden keeps managing to produce videos and audio cassettes at seemingly the right time in the US political calendar to stir up memories of 9/11 and remind the average citizen that the big bad boogie man is still on the loose.

It seems Osama Bin Laden is well on his way to breaking the current world hide and seek record which is currently set at 11 years and 2 months.

Apparently Bin Laden suffers from numerous health problems and injuries related to battle wounds including 2 missing toes, kidney stones, enlarged heart, low blood pressure and secondary osteoporosis related to diabetes and kidney problems.

There have been repeated claims by sources including the ex president of Pakistan General Musharraf that he is so ill that he requires dialysis for his kidney problems and even had up to two portable dialysis machines delivered to his Afghanistan hide out in 2000.

Even though the CIA believe this isn’t true they do admit he has severe problems with kidney stones and there is a well known although unconfirmedreport of a CIA staff member visiting Bin Laden in July 2001 as he was being treated for kidney problems in the American hospital in Dubai.

So for 10 years we have had the USA and its allies carpet bombing the Stan alongside unmanned drones that blow up any group of Arab looking men, women and children they come across whether it be a wedding party or a funeral in the hope of striking lucky and getting some “terrorists“.

Then we have someone who is probably one of the most well known people in the world king of terrorists Osama Bin Laden, an Arab man in his 50’s who suffers from numerous health conditions and who has to walk with the aid of stick. Someone who is managing to evade the most advanced military force the world has ever known for all this time.

If the dialysis rumours are true then it makes it even more bizarre that he has evaded capture as he would actually be spending most of his time in bed or wired up to the machine. I can just imagine Bin Laden hobbling through the the Tora Bora mountains walking stick in one hand and the other pulling along his portable dialysis machine that he is still wired up to as predator drones fly blissfully unaware over his head.

The other more likely option , one which will prevent Bin Laden from claiming the world hide and seek record, is that he died a long time ago. If this is the case then either the US government doesn’t know about it which would seem very unlikely or they do know and instead choose to keep the public in the dark so that they can squeeze every last drop of fear out of the now well rehearsed Bin Laden the Boogieman routine. Remember this is someone who is so dangerous that we started an 10 year war in the search of him.

The government wanted you to believe that its not safe for anyone until Bin Laden has been caught, tried and sentenced for his crimes and until that time you must place all your liberties and freedoms to one side and trust your government to do the right thing in protecting you from him and his ilk.

Until that time comes billions can continue to be spent on arms and other government contracts. Military bases can continue to be built in just the same places Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted they would need to be in his 1997 book “The grand chessboard“. He said that in this century American power must be concentrated in the stans to control their resource rich potential and to keep Russia and China at bay. Coincidence anyone?

Of course the idea of Bin Laden hobbling around Afghanistan and Pakistan and managing to avoid capture all this time is plainly ridiculous and the chances of Bin Laden already being just dust and bones and buried a long time ago has a much higher probability than any other.

As far back as 1998 NBC ran a report stating that Osama only had months left to live due to heart problems and possible cancer and this is before he had the best part of a hundred thousand well armed troops bombing the shit out of every known hideout, safe house, training camp and home he ever had in the Stan. That is surely enough to give anyone with a dicky heart cause for stress. In fact there have been numerous reports all severely unreported in the western media of Bin Laden having already died.

The ex president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf claimed in a CNN interview  2002 that he thought Bin Laden had died due to his kidney problems.

The Afghanistani president Hamid Karzai also said in a 2002 interview on CNN that he though Bin Laden had died in the early part of 2002 and the FBI also presumed in 2002 that Bin Laden was likely dead although they had no proof one way or another.

Add to this Israeli intelligence who claimed Bin Ladens son had taken over command after his father died and the Taliban offical who claims he attended Bin Ladens funeral which was actually reported in Fox news.

Then we have the following televised interview of Benazir Bhutto just before she was assassinated in which she claims Bin Laden was murdered by ex MI6 asset Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Now some people have said that she mis-spoke and meant to say Daniel Pearle the American Journalist who was supposedly beheaded by Ahmed Sheikh however although this maybe true she didn’t try to correct herself after saying the name and the two names do not sound similar so it doesn’t seem like a slip of the tongue.

Plus earlier in the interview she mentions Bin Ladens son being the leader of one of the groups of people who were plotting to assassinate her. If he had taken over control of Al-qaeda from his father as other intelligence sources claim then this would suggest that Bin Laden was dead otherwise she would have mentioned Bin Laden as one of the people who was out to get her and she didn’t.

All logic seems to dictate that there is a very high probability of Bin Laden being dead and it seems very likely that he has been for at least 7 years.

If this is true then it means our government has yet again been lying to us and worse than that it has been creating or using fake videos and audio recordings to help persist this myth of him still being alive.

They want to present an image of some super villain, hiding out in the mountains, untraceable and untouchable with the power to bring destruction to major cities such as New York, Washington and London just by the sheer magnetism he projects to his followers who then do his bidding.

He is the Lex Luther of our times and we are without a superman. Without a body to prove his death it seems likely the forces that control us will continue to manipulate the masses and pull our strings like puppets dancing over fire. We need some proof of death so that we can end this charade and then hopefully hold our governments to account for their blatant lies and manipulation of our fear.

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