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UK Police told to ignore European Court of Human Rights

By Dark Politricks

I have just read in article on the Guardian website about how the police in the UK have been told by their Chief Constables to ignore a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and continue adding the DNA samples of thousands of innocent people to the already too large DNA database (currently with 5.8 million samples).

At the moment when you are arrested for any crime in the UK you will be finger printed and have DNA samples taken from your mouth with a swab. Even if you are later de-arrested, not charged with an offence or found not guilty of the crime your DNA will stay on this database. The court of human rights had a ruling last December that found that the 850,000 samples from innocent people currently on the database was a breach of their human rights.

Our government has severely disappointed me many times since being elected in 97 however the one thing that has disappointed me the most from a supposed left leaning party is how much they have lurched to the right by ignoring the rights of citizens bringing in law after law that reduces our right to self determination and  increased the size and power of our “police state”. It comes as something of a shock to me when I see members of the Tory party such as David Davies supposedly fighting against the rise of the CCTV surveillance state that we in the UK are currently living under.

I remember the early 90’s when the anti-rave laws were brought in by the then ruling Tory party. They used the moral panic of the time which had middle England outraged that young people would want to dance all night in a muddy field without an alcoholic drink in site to push through the Criminal Justice Act 1994. As well as being the starting point for the massive DNA database we now have it gave the police powers to confiscate cars, music equipment and break up groups of people who danced to music “wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats” as the bill famously stated.

This law outraged me and many others at the time especially as I would watch the nightly news and see groups of storm trooper police wade in and start beating people with truncheons who just wanted to have a good time. I was just starting to go raving at the time all this was happening and one of the unintended consequences of the CJB being made law was that the raves moved indoors into licenced venues where the bottle water was expensive and the drug trade was run by management through its bouncers. Since then I have watched as more and more laws have been brought in to combat “anti social behaviour”. Is there anything less anti-social than beating up groups of people dancing and having fun?

The police in our country have always been a disgrace in my eyes and unfortunately I have a lot of personal experiences of how they operate. From the first time I was ever arrested at the age of 14 because I was standing outside a shop and apparently looked suspicious. The police were searching for someone on a stolen moped and apparently me being on the way to the local youth club was enough for them to arrest me and take me in the car up to the top of the road where a little area of woodlands was. The car stopped and the policeman in front turned to me and said that I could either admit to the crime now or he would take me in the woods and beat me until I did. Here I was at the age of 14 having my first ever encounter with 3 middle aged policemen who wanted to beat me until I admitted a crime I hadn’t committed. Luckily for me the radio crackled and a voice on the other end informed the police that they had caught the offender so they let me go. That was my first every conversation with a policeman and from that point on it only got worse.

The next time I was arrested was for the crime of obstructing the police. They were beating up my mate ( another 16 year old) on a motorway bridge and were trying to drag him into the car for what I cannot remember however it was totally unnecessary. I tried to pull one of the police off him and was arrested for my troubles. I ended up being bound over the keep the peace for a year for my troubles. I could go on to talk about the beatings of young girls by men with truncheons and pitched battles in high streets that their police brutality caused but this is just one persons personal view of the police. The problem is that its not an uncommon view and the old dictum that “only the guilty have something to fear” is totally untrue.

What I see around me is that the balance has tipped too far in favour of the men in blue. There are lots of things to be pissed off about in this country and I will list some of them here:

-The proposed national identity card scheme. Not only will this cost billions it will end up as mandatory. I do not believe government when they say it will be voluntary because even if its technically voluntary life will become very hard unless you don’t have an identity card. You won’t be able to travel outside the country or receive benefits. Pubs will start requiring its display to purchase alcohol and it will become mandatory in all but name. At that point a politician will say that we may as well make it mandatory anyway and hey presto the next time a police man pulls you over and asks for your card and you tell him you don’t have one you will probably be arrested as the officer will see this as suspicious behaviour.

-The fact that this country has the most CCTV coverage in the world. You cannot walk down the road without knowing that someone is watching you through remote TV screens. The police are also trialing remote listening devices to be planted in lampposts to over hear conversations from a far.

-That police are now able to hack into anyones personal PC without the need for a search warrant.

-In fact over 30 different organisations and bodies including your local council, the fire authority, NHS and charity commission can now under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 spy on you and access personal information. This has already been misused numerous times by local councils who have been caught out using hidden surveillance equipment and private detectives to investigate citizens on the most trivial reasons.

-The 28 days without charge for terrorist suspects. As we should clearly be able to see this war on terrorism has been used to expand the definition of a terrorist and before long any protester, blogger or person the state feels constitutes a threat will be labelled a terrorist. If we don’t stick up for the rights of others we may not like then we cannot complain when our own rights are taken away and no-one does anything.

-The way that police crush any form of dissent or lawful protest as if the people of this country have no right to voice their opposition to the status quo. I only have to go back as far as a couple of months to the G20 protests in London where we have numerous cases all caught on camera of police brutality including the death of Ian Tomlinson (see below)

Those are just some of many reasons why I feel we are slipping slowly into a police state where us citizens are not equals but servants of the all powerful state and the police are enforcers of many unfair laws through brutality and surveillance.

I have not even mentioned the psychology behind why most police man seem to be thugs in uniform. I am clever enough to know that not all policemen are brutes in boots but I also know from personal experience that policeman tend to be people who have been bullied at school and see the profession as an opportunity to get back at society and exercise the power they wish they had as a child. I look at the recent footage from America of how brutal the police have become and thank god that a gun is not a standard issued piece of equipment to our police.

View this recent news story of how an unarmed black man was shot in the back at a train station by officers.

There have also been numerous cases caught on video of grannies being tasered for sitting in the wrong seat at baseball games and for refusing to sign a speeding ticket. I didn’t even realise that the taser was widely used by police in the UK but last night I was watching an episode of Traffic Cops on BBC1 and they showed a man who had been suspected of committing an armed robbery the previous week being tasered by two officers in broad daylight on the street. What shocked me is that the cops carried out a “preemptive tasering” of the suspect which meant that although the man posed no threat whatsoever to the officers they tasered him anyway as they had been “authorised” to do so. Even though these cops were armed with guns and could have easily arrested the suspect without any force whatsoever due to him just standing still in the street watching the officers running towards him they still put thousands of volts into him just in-case. I found this to be utterly shocking, yes the man was a suspect in an armed robbery but when the police start tasering people who are not threatening in anyway or trying to escape just because they have been given permission to do so preemptively then they have far too much power.

We need to elect a party that believes in the rights of man to lead their life free from oppression and violence not only from the criminals and terrorists but from the state itself. Unfortunately when I look at our main political parties the only one I see that would even go some way down the road of re-introducing liberty and repealing the many laws introduced since 1990 is the Liberal party. However their policies on Europe are the biggest thorn in their side and people will reject them for that policy alone. Therefore we need a new party and more than that we need a new form of government. One in which the police are our servants and protectors and not our enemy.

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