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10 Reasons why a new investigation into 9/11 should be held

By Dark Politricks

The following is a list of 10 reasons why there should be a new public enquiry into the 9/11 attacks with subpoena power.

1. Many of the victims families, survivors and first responders want a new enquiry. We should respect their wishes. 80,000 people from New York have signed a petition demanding a new enquiry which the city is trying to stop. We should also respect their wishes.

2. 6 out of 10 of the commissioners from the original 9.11 enquiry have gone on record to claim that the truth was not told, that the government tried blocking the investigation and even that this was only a “first” investigation into the events of that day and subsequent enquiries should be held to uncover the truth.

3. No government body or official report has of yet explained why the dust from the collapse of the twin towers which was collected from nearby buildings contained explosive materials and metallic dust that contained proof of temperatures hot enough to melt ironvaporise lead 1,749°C (3,180°F) and melt molybdenum 2,623°C (4,753°F). Added to this, no-one has explained the piece of molten steel that had so many holes in it that it looked like Swiss Cheese or the pools of molten metal that numerous government officials claimed to have witnessed.

4. As far as I know no-one has come forward to answer Sibel Edmonds claims that the US government maintained an intimate relationship with Usama Bin Laden (supposedly the chief suspect for the attacks and the reason we went to war in Afghanistan) right up until 9/11. What were the nature of these relationships and when was the last time that a member of the CIA, NSA, FBI or any other US government agency, meet with Bin Laden or members of Al Qaeda (the base).

5. Who in the higher echelons of the US government actually knew that the 19 hijackers were in the country. Some of these terrorists were given US passports from the same place that ran a fast track scheme that was supposedly set-up to train militant Islamic terrorists in the USA before sending them off across the world to fight the Soviets. How long did this terrorist training network run for? Were these hijackers part of this terrorist training network and if so what went wrong? Are the claims that some of these terrorists including ringleader Mohamed Atta, trained at US military flight schools true?

6. Have the allegations regarding Pakistan paying lobbyists in the US to get negative references to it dropped from the final report been investigated and proven false? This seems like bribery to me.

7. Why were the the major pieces of evidence from the crime scene, the beams of steel that had supposedly just weakened and given away due to heat from the jet fuel, not kept for examination by proper scientific investigators and instead immediately shipped of to china?

8. What were the causes of Barry Jennings death 2 days before the final release of the NIST report that contradicted his eye witness testimoney about WTC7.

9. Who ensured that NORAD training exercises were carried out on the same day as the attacks and what were the reasons for this.

10. Was flight 93 shot down over Pennsylvania like Donald Rumsfeld claimed it was. If so why was this covered up.

A lot of surveys carried out since the events of 9/11 have shown that 60% or more of the people asked believe that the government had some pre-knowledge of the impending attacks or were involved in the planning and execution of the attacks themselves.

I thought I would put a poll up on my site to see what people think happened so please pass it on.

Please answer the question that you feel most represents your feelings on the matter and please forward on the link to any other site or person.

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  17. darkpolitricks says

    Thanks for everyone who has commented on my posts so far. However because you are all commenting in Russian your comments are getting marked as spam which is why they do not appear straight away. I have to go through each one and use Google or Yahoo Babel fish translator tools to check out what they mean before accepting them.

    If possible could you post in English? I suspect that you must all know how to read English as all my articles are written in English 🙂

    I will try to put this in Russian using one of those translator tools! so forgive me if it make little sense 🙂

    Спасибо для каждого которое комментировало на моих столбах до тех пор. Однако потому что вы все комментируя в русском ваши комментарии получают маркированными как спам который почему они не кажется прямо отсутствующим. Я должен пойти через каждое одно и использовать инструменты переводчика Google или Yahoo Babelfish заканчивали связь чего они значат перед принятием их. Если возможно смогли вы вывесить в английское? Я подозрюю что вы должны все суметь как прочитать английскую язык по мере того как все мои статьи написаны в английском:)

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  20. Pspsup says

    please check or youtube profile indagatoroculi for more details on this “Flase flag”.. haha in the real world we call this treason and a lie.

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