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Craig Murray on the reasons for the war in Afghanistan

As you should know if you read my blog one of my hot topics is Afghanistan and the “war on terror”, a war which was started supposedly to capture Usama Bin Laden the supposed mastermind behind the September 11th attacks.

Forget the fact that there is no evidence that Bin Laden was involved in the attacks, forget the fact even Bin Laden himself denied any involvement and forget the fact that even the FBI know he wasn’t involved, we went to war to catch this evil mastermind.

Today it was announced that the 100th British soldier this year died out in the Stan. Therefore once again we should ask ourselves what are we doing out there.

If the real aim of nearly a decade of war was to catch Usama Bin Laden then we have failed miserably. We also went about it the hard way as the Taliban offered to hand him over twice before the war started. Once on October 14th 2001 and then again in a secret meeting in Islamabad. All they wanted was a little bit of evidence that he had been involved, was that too much to ask? Surely if the whole reason for the war was that we knew Bin Laden had ordered the 9/11 attacks then surely we would have had the necessary evidence to provide the Taliban otherwise we wouldn’t have gone to all that trouble would we?

Despite being offered the chance to save almost a trillion dollars and thousands of lives we went to war anyway. Al Qaeda was pretty much defeated within the rest of that year and any remnants escaped over the border into Pakistan or overseas to safe havens in Yemen, Sudan, Chechnya and elsewhere.

So who are we fighting now? Well the Taliban, and although they are a backward thinking unpleasant group of women hating Islamic fundamentalists they are not terrorists and they are not Al Qaeda. They are mainly Pashtun locals who quite logically see the US and NATO troops as invaders who must be defeated just as we would if the French plotted up in the UK or the Chinese paid the USA a nine year visit.

The Karzai regime is a weak and corrupt puppet government that has little control of the country outside Kabul. Therefore the Taliban are filling this void and providing security and order in these far flung parts of the country where the official government hasn’t even got the ability to impose its will.

Therefore we are seen by many of the Afghani population as the enablers of corruption and like most countries who have fought guerilla wars against invaders the enemy is not really some ideological foe but local people who just want us to leave them alone. The problem is that the US government doesn’t seem to recognise that history is against them. The hubris of the Bush government was such that they thought that where all others had failed beforehand they would succeed. If there was a premiership division for battled hardened countries Afghanistan would sit as undefeated champions at the top. What makes the current NATO force think it will succeed where the Persians, the Ayrans,the Huns, the Turks, the Mongols, the British and the Soviets before them all failed?

Once encamped in the Stan, with Al Qaeda flushed out and a guerrilla war on the go a new reason was often touted by Blair and his cronies as a reason for us being there which was to stop the flood of heroin into our cities which originated from the Afghani poppy fields. The British troops who were stationed in Helmand province, the primary source of the opium fields, were going to implement eradication measures to destroy the opium and help farmers plant alternative crops.

This plan was soon halted as destroying poppy crops only incensed the local population and drove the poorly paid farmers into the arms of the Taliban. Winning the hearts and minds of Afghan poppy farmer it was decided was much more important than saving the lives of teenagers in the UK so the Brits stood aside and allowed the poppy’s to grow. In fact they turned such a blind eye that the opium harvest has gone up and up with bumper harvests each year since the Taliban ordered the cessation of opium cultivation in 2001 as being un-Islamic.

Therefore when we hear about the huge Opium harvests and the cheap price of heroin on our streets we know who to blame and its not the Taliban. In fact when we hear politicians claim that the Opium production is being used to fund the Taliban we should remember that its not the Taliban that is causing record harvests each year its our presence in the country and the support we are giving to the Karzai regime.

Not only do we have the troops on the ground turning a blind eye on the poppy fields to win hearts and minds but we have the CIA protecting high level drug dealers due to the support they lend them in the fight against the insurgents.

In fact its a well known fact that some of the biggest drug dealers in the country are high up members of the government and the presidents family. Ahmed Wali Karzai, the presidents brother is known to be on the payroll of the CIA and also happens to be one of the biggest drug dealers in the country but he is not the only drug dealer in the Karzai family as another brother Kajum Karzai is also known to be involved in the drugs trade. We then have the head of the Afghan armed forces, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, smuggling huge quantities of the drug over the northern border, through Uzbekistan and into Russia. If the head of the organisation that is supposed to be fighting the war on drugs is running them then what hope does Afghanistan really have?

Those are the well known claims of drug dealing. We also have numerous accounts that the CIA is directly involved in smuggling the drug out of the country and the Russian TV station Vesti ran a report on how US army cargo planes were used to smuggle the drug out of the country to the U.S. airbases Ganci in Kyrgyzstan and Incirlik in Turkey. Alongside this claim came another from one of the best-informed Russian journalists on Central Asia, Arkady Dubnov, who recently quoted an anonymous Afghan source as saying that

“85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by U.S. aviation.”

Richard Holbrooke the Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. said that the $1-billion-a-year U.S. counter-narcotics effort in Afghanistan was

“the single most ineffective programme in the history of American foreign policy.”

and that

“government officials, including some with close ties to the presidency, are protecting the drug trade and profiting from it.”

It doesn’t look good does it? However even if you don’t take the line that we are directly involved in the opium production, as some do, we are a primary factor. Whether it be through inaction or a deliberate policy of appeasement, our presence in the country has a direct correlation to the amount of heroin that is reaching the streets of Europe.

So on both these points, the search for Usama Bin Laden and the  war on drugs, we have failed in any mission statement. That is we have failed if you believe that the original mission was to catch Bin Laden and stop the drug production. If however you take an opposing view that the aim of the pre-planned war was neither these but was instead a more darker motive then we haven’t failed at all in fact we could be right on schedule and the millions of dollars earned from opium are probably helping to prop up a number of Wall Street firms as we speak.

The following article is by Craig Murray who was the ex UK ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002 until 2004 also seems to suggest that the invasion of Afghanistan and the recent plan to increase troop levels there has less to do with lofty ideals but more to do with core geo-political goals involving a major oil pipeline.

Obama Is Wrong On Both Counts

Obama loves his rhetoric, and his speech on the Afghan surge was topped by a rhetorical flourish:

“Our cause is just, our resolve unshaken”.

He is of course wrong on both counts.

The occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies is there to prop up the government of President Karzai. Karzai’s has always been an ultra-corrupt government of vicious warlords and drugs barons. I have been pointing this out for years,

The CIA is up to its usual tricks again supporting the drug running of key warlords loyal to them. They are also setting up death squads on the Central American model, in cooperation with Blackwater.

Fortunately Karzai’s rigging of his re-election was so blatant that the scales have fallen from the eys of the public and even the mainstream media. Politicians no longer pretend we are promoting democracy in Afghanistan.

Karzai comes directly from the Bush camp and was put in place because of his role with Unocal in developing the Trans Afghanistan Gas Pipeline project. That remains a chief strategic goal. The Asian Development Bank has agreed finance to start construction in Spring 2011. It is of course a total coincidence that 30,000 extra US troops will arrive six months before, and that the US (as opposed to other NATO forces) deployment area corresponds with the pipeline route.

Obama’s claim that “Our cause is just” ultimately rests on the extraordinary claim that, eight years after the invasion, we are still there in self-defence. In both the UK and US, governments are relying on the mantra that the occupation of Afghanistan protects us from terrorism at home.

This is utter nonsense. The large majority of post 9/11 terror incidents have been by Western Muslims outraged by our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Put bluntly, if we keep invading Muslim countries, of course we will face a violent backlash. The idea that because we occupy Afghanistan a Muslim from Dewsbury or Detroit disenchanted with the West would not be able to manufacture a bomb is patent nonsense. It would be an infinitely better strategy to make out theoretical Muslim less disenchanted by not attacking and killing huge numbers of his civilian co-religionists.

Our cause is unjust.

We are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for the further of radicalisation of Muslim communities worldwide. That threatens a perpetual war – which is of course just what the military-industrial complex and the security industry want. They have captured Obama.

Fortunately, our resolve is shaken.

The ordinary people of the UK and US have begun in sufficient numbers to see through this perpetual war confidence trick; they realise there is nothing in it for them but dead youngsters and high taxes. That is why Obama made a very vague promise – which I believe in its vagueness and caveats to be deliberate deceit – that troops will start to leave in 2011.

Today’s promises of 5,000 additional NATO troops are, incidentally, empty rhetoric. I gather from friends in the FCO that firm pledges to date amount to 670.

A well-placed source close to the Taliban in Pakistan tells me that the Afghan Taliban and their tribal allies have a plan. As the US seeks massively to expand the Afghan forces, they are feeding in large numbers of volunteers. I suspect that while we may see the odd attack on their trainers, the vast majority will get trained, fed, paid and equipped and bide their time before turning en masse. This is nothing new; it is precisely the history of foreign occupations in the region and the purchase of tribal auxiliaries and alliances.

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  1. September Clues says

    The media was broadcasting fake, manipulated images of planes on 911. Believing the government’s fairytale of planes is the central problem with fully understanding the 911 event. Real jets might miss their targets, get shot down, suffer pilot or computer errors, destroy or prematurely detonate any explosives, passengers could have overtaken the hijackers, and/or the plane might not inflict enough perceived damage to make a collapse believable.

    A single fact which cannot be refuted is that a hollow aluminum plane (especially fragile wings) cannot slice through steel beams and concrete without any damage to the plane. Aluminum planes are not built for impact and crumple immediately upon contact with solid objects; even a small bird can rip through a jet’s wing.

    There was only one single “live” feed on 911 – from which all the TV networks used as broadcast content. All other videos and images started to appear in the days, weeks and months following 911. To consider the media footage showing a plane slicing thru steel and concrete as reality is ludicrous. Real planes would have been a potential liability for the perps on 911. It was easier to control the outcome of the event with much less risk by using the media to broadcast fake imagery.

    Furthermore, a large speeding jet’s vortex trails behind it creating a highly active atmosphere which follows in its path. Had a real plane impacted a WTC Tower, real film footage would have recorded the airliner’s vortex interacting with and violently dissipating the smoke from the alleged crash and the adjacent North Tower. No vortex literally means no planes on 911 (TV fakery).

    There were no planes; only spoofed images, manipulated witnesses and falsified evidence. Wake up, the media was a complicit partner in on the crime from the beginning. In fact, the TV psyop 911 couldn’t have been pulled off without the mass media’s assistance.

  2. darkpolitricks says

    Wake up? You sound like your asleep maybe even on heavy tranquillizers, sleep talking a load of far fetched nonsense. This is the problem with parts of the “truth” movement you’re either a plant to make the rest of the movement look crazy by association or you are in fact crazy.

    Although this theory of yours is a tiny possibility its so riddled with holes as to be laughable and theories like this are what makes the 911 truth movement look like a bunch of loons which is a shame as there are so many points that remain unanswered that don’t even involve conspiracies.

    Where is the actual evidence of this theory? Unlike the other theories and even the official theory there is evidence to back it up e.g plane debris, dead passengers, molten steel, witness accounts of demolitions, thermate in dust etc. Where is the evidence that backs your theory up?

    Some questions for you to answer if you can
    a) What happened to the real planes that day
    b) What happened to the passengers on those planes, were they all murdered or were they all make believe?
    c) What about the hundreds if not thousands of eye witnesses in the streets of NYC that witnessed first hand the planes hitting. Were they all lying? How could you force that amount of random people to all lie. You wouldn’t even know the names of everyone to even attempt to do something on that scale and even if you did someone would talk in the end as they always do.
    d) What would have happened if for some reason this fake live feed had a fault or it couldn’t be transmitted or was cut halfway through for some unknown reason as happens with TV all the time. You could not 100% guarantee this feed would work.
    e) If this was true many people at the TV studios would have be in on this, editors, reporters, technicians etc. Lots of people would be keeping this secret
    f) What brought the towers down if it wasn’t the planes + bombs in the building a huge laser from space no doubt or a free energy weapon maybe?
    g) If the planes were holograms then all the people in the street witnessing this live would have been shouting from the roof tops about the building imploding for no reason at all.

    There are so mamy things in this plan that could go wrong that it doesn’t even make sense to consider and so many people would have to had been in on it that it also makes the probability of it happening zero. Conspiracies happen all the time but successful conspiracies that never get found out involve very few people and are easy to pull off.

    Why would they go to all this trouble to do such a far fetched plan when it would be so much easier to just allow an existing terrorist plot to happen with a little help from behind the scenes to ensure it had the best chance of succeeding i.e the NORAD war games, the CIA not informing the airlines about the terrorists when they bought tickets. We all know that our intelligence services control most terrorist organisations either through plants or by proxy so it makes sense to actually use one of these cells in the plot.

    There is so much actual evidence based in reality that points to this being the reason why the attacks were so successful that we should concentrate on the points that don’t involve high tech conspiracies. This way there is more chance of converting more people to the cause as well as maybe getting another enquiry. See these

Continuing the Discussion

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