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How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Ian R. Crane
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unfortunately the headline to this article is a rhetorical question.

With the 50 year Anthropogenic Global Warming campaign being exposed as a scam (courtesy of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University) and consequently Copenhagen failing to establish the Global Governance being sought by the socio-psychopaths of the New World Order, we can expect to see a ramp up in the NWO effort to create Fear via ‘Route One’.

Public reaction to the Christmas Day attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow Northwest Airlines flight 273 all over Detroit, by allegedly igniting explosive strapped to his nuts, can be gauged by the willingness with which travellers will now accept the four hour check-in time for flights to the US and the quiet acceptance with which they subject themselves to increasingly invasive body searches. The campaign to make air travel a nightmare experience, for all but the political elite, continues to be ramped up. The US Transport Security Administration has just issued the following directive to all airlines flying to US destinations:

‘Passengers are also required to remain seated during the last hour of flights, and cannot access carry-on baggage or have blankets, pillows or other personal belongings on their lap during this time.

Aircraft phones, internet service, TV programming and global positioning systems are to be disabled prior to boarding and during all phases of flight. Flight crews are also prohibited from making any announcements to passengers about the flight path or the plane’s position over cities or landmarks.’

How much longer before passengers are required to place hands and feet in shackles for the duration of the flight? Cabin Crew being replaced by Air Marshalls whose sole function would be to provide an armed (with Tasers) escort for passengers who need to use the bathroom on long-haul flights. Alternatively, aircraft seats could simply be converted to a 21st Century version of the Victorian comode!

During my oilfield days I was a frequent air traveller, including  23 incident free transatlantic round trips between 1994 and 1999. Back then, travelling was actually a pleasurable experience … now it’s a complete and utter chore.


How Stupid Do They Think We Are? 301209banner2

At the end of November 2009 I travelled through Schipol Airport and experienced the Full Body Scanner for the first time. This process was responsible for causing lengthy queues at the Gate, taking about ten seconds for each passenger to be scanned and a further ten seconds for the image to be projected onto the screen. At my gate the screen was located so that the passenger could see the same image as the security personnel. This served both to quell any fear of voyeurism on the part of the scanner operator and to provide the security guard with the opportunity to ask the passenger to identify any anomalous imagery before being subjected to the full body pat down.

My recent experience at Schipol set off all the metaphorical alarm bells as I read through the early reports about the Nigerian student attempting to ignite his balls. Any doubts I may have had were finally put to rest when I watched the following clip from CNN:

Not only is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab permitted on to the plane without a passport, he is accompanied by a ’smart dressed man’ who smooths the way for him. Call it a hunch but I’d say it’s fair bet that the ‘Indian looking gentleman’ was on the payroll of the Mossad/CIA/NSA/MI6 globalist terror organisation. The CCTV cameras that cover the Schipol Airport complex should provide all the evidence necessary to identify and apprehend Umar’s smartly attired escort but I doubt any of us will fall off our chairs in shock, when it is announced that there was a system failure at the precise times that the scruffy student and his dapper chaperone were making their way to the gate.

Neither will anyone be surprised to learn that the Company responsible for security at Schipol is none other that ICTS. The same company that was responsible for the security at all the airports from where the planes allegedly departed on 9/11 and was responsible for the security camera network on the London Underground on 7/7. Clearly ICTS is regarded as a ’safe pair of hands’ by the perpetrators of these Hollywood style events but that should be of no real surprise to anyone who has conducted even the most cursory research into this organisation. If ICTS is new to you, here’s a few selected links to bring you up to speed:

Conveniently for the Nobel Peace Prize winning President of the USA, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab commenced his journey in Yemen. Thus providing the necessary excuse to bomb the crap out of another oil producing country in the name of ‘Freedom & Democracy’. Yemen is strategically essential to controlling the entrance to the Red Sea (effectively the southern end of the Suez Canal) but perhaps even more importantly, it provides access to the southern Rub Al-Khalil or Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia. Surely, you only need one guess as to what lies beneath the largest expanse of sand dunes on the planet? When I was located in the Middle East, I fantasised about taking an expedition of 4×4’s from Dubai to Sanaa, driving 2000 kilometres across this amazing landscape, re-tracing the steps of Wilfred Thesiger from a period before the arrival of the LWB Nissan Patrol. Unfortunately it was not to be.  I did drive from Dubai to Salalah in Southern Oman … skirting the eastern edge of the Rub Al Khalil and taking the ‘easy route’ through the southern Hajar mountains.

Hajar Mountains

The people who live in this part of the world live simple lives and are incredibly generous with their hospitality but by quirk of the geo-strategic importance of this generally unspoilt landscape, it’s about to become another military base as the globalists go about the business of securing Full Spectrum Dominance.

The perpetrators of these collective atrocities are confident in their belief that the vast majority of humanity remain ignorant and disinterested in the pernicious globalist agenda. In the UK we are less than five months away from a General Election.

Join us at AV4 on 26th/27th/29th March 2010 and help us let it be known that not only do we know what’s going on, we are going to continue to spread the word as much as we possibly can … and keep spreading the word until we reach the 100th monkey.

Individually & collectively we CAN make a difference.

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