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Reasons to be Cheerful

As the year comes to an end I thought I would write a little bit about some of the reasons to look on the bright side of life rather than always concentrating on the gloom and doom that seems to surround us at all times. Believe it or not 2009 has been a good year for free thinking liberty minded people especially when it comes to the Internet.

1. Rage Against the Machine at number one in the UK

For the last few years ever since Simon Cowell decided to release the winner of X Factors debut single at Christmas it has always reached number one and taken the most coveted top spot of the year. For fans of droll slushy ballads that have no meaning this is great, but for real music lover this has been a constant reminder of everything that’s wrong with the pop industry.

However this year much to the dismay of Simon Cowell who called it a “a cynical campaign geared at me”, a Facebook group was successful in preventing X Factor from taking the top spot and instead managed to get Rage Against the Machines, Killing In the Name of to the top spot beating Joe McElderry’s debut single The Climb in the process.

The song is a tirade against the forces of big brother and the BBC describe it as railing against:

“the military-industrial complex, justifying killing for the benefit of, as the song puts it, the chosen whites”.

So on multiple levels the fact that a very anti-establishment song has beaten the usual shoe in contender is brilliant in itself. The fact that it was organised by a movement started on the Internet just goes to show how powerful a tool this system can be and instead of using it for inconsequential matters such as the pop charts we should be utilising it a lot more in the fight against big brother and the new world order being implemented all around us.

A few more Internet organised strikes on commercial or government sites or organised mass visits to certain sites in the hope that the large amount of traffic may take the server down could all be utilised to show the powers that be that Internet users have the ability to affect change when they want to.

2. The Climategate scandal

The hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University was the Internet sensation of the latter part of the year. The fact that the news broke in the lead up to the Copenhagen summit made it all the more newsworthy and the blogosphere, alternative news sites and even the mainstream media were all over the story like a rash.

Whether you agree with Anthropogenic Global Warming or not the Climategate story enabled an actual discussion about the core facts behind the pro man made global warming theory to be discussed in open in a manner that hasn’t been seen before. Even news channels such as the BBC showed numerous balanced segments on the topic and the story revealed that the majority of the public are not actually convinced that global warming is man made much to the dismay of the true believers of this new age green religion.

Whether the data was actually released through computer hacking or just leaked by an insider, without the Internet the emails, files and reports wouldn’t have spread around the world in the speed it did. In fact without the Internet it would be pretty safe to say that none of us would have actually heard anything about the CRU scandal at all.

3. The Twitter Enabled Iranian Revolution

The “Stolen” Iranian elections were hotly disputed by the losing candidate and the resulting upheaval was another major talking point that the Internet helped turn into major news. Whether you believe the unrest in Iran was stirred up with outside help like many people do you cannot deny that without the daily videos, Twitter feeds, Blog postings and other social media sites that enabled the Iranian people to report on the harsh crackdown on demonstrators the news would have been a minor talking point at most.

In fact without the tech savvy Iranian youth who had the knowledge to bypass the forms of Internet censorship that the Iranian authorities imposed, the videos of protesters being shot and beaten wouldn’t have been broadcast instantly around the world. Without this constant minute by minute update from Twitter and Facebook the Mullahs and Basij police would have managed to surpress the revolt in a much quieter manner. In fact on numerous occasions I watched BBC news reporters refer to Twitter updates due to the fact that their reporters had been banned from reporting within the country and the only source of information they could get was from the net.

4. The Death of the Mainstream Media

The huge rise in alternative news sources online has been a major concern to the MSM. The blogosphere has turned citizen journalism into a real force to be reckoned with and the major newspapers are worried. With bailouts being given out left right and center in the US a bailout for the main stream media is actually being discussed as a possibility with the argument that its required to “protect real journalism in the Internet age”.

Its not uncommon nowadays to hear politicians and newspapers complain about inaccurate blog opinions being reported as fact and how political commentary blogs like this one are stealing readers from the old media. This means that sales are down and reporters are being laid off and therefore talk about the death of journalism is common amongst those with jobs that depend on towing the government line and repeating bland meaningless talking points.

Actually the real reason that the MSM is failing so badly is that day by day with the help of the Internet and sites likes these more and more people are waking up to the real mechanics that lie behind the world of politics and they do not see this world view being represented in the main stream media. This only re-establishes in the minds of the reader that the MSM cannot be trusted to tell the truth and therefore the only reason to read newspapers nowadays is to find out what the official story that the powers that be are trying to sell the public.

The very few MSM TV shows that dare look at “alternative” points of view are those that are shown in countries that the USA wouldn’t consider the most friendly or on minor channels. Russia Today and the Iranian Press TV has some very good programs that regularly discuss topics the US or UK MSM wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.  When looking for alternative news on the mainstream channels in the UK and the US you are limited to a very few channels and shows and those documentaries that do question official stories such as the JFK Assassination or 9/11 are advertised as “Conspiracy Theories” and are usually designed to backup the official establishment explanation of an event through the use of straw man arguments or omissions of facts in an attempt to skew the evidence in favour of a preconceived outcome.

You only need to take a look at a few of these graphs that show the fall in sales of some of the major US news corporations to see why the MSM is begging for either a bailout or tighter Internet laws that will make linking to News Corporation articles a copyright infringement.


So there you go, 4 reasons to be cheerful about how the Internet has helped in one way or another in the fight against the establishment. I am sure there are probably lots more examples of how the net has helped wake up millions of people from their blissful dream that the state was some sort of benign and benevolent force for good that had their best interests at heart.

Please feel free to add your own reasons why the Internet has been a force for good this year and remember that unless we all stand up together now to protect the freedom that the web gives us then this modern technological tool will soon turn into nothing more than a huge market that is only populated by commercial sites with something to sell and nothing good to drive those potential customers toward the advertisers.

If you are interested in the net and want to read some more articles of mine about Internet privacy and how to evade censorship and the various logging tools that enable big brother to keep tabs on you then check out the following links:

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