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Where is the outrage people? Does freedom matter that little to you all?

By Dark Politricks

I have to admit that I am genuinely shocked at the lack of outrage this side of the Atlantic to the governments response to the failed Christmas day terrorist attack. The attempted bombing of Flight 253 which by all means looks like a false flag attack has led to the implementation of one of the most privacy destroying measures seen for some time in the roll-out of full naked body scanners at airports.

I read a lot of foreign news whilst running this site especially news from America and I have seen a lot of articles and blogs speaking out against the implementation of body scanners on US sites but not that much from UK based sites apart from the Guardian a well known left wing UK paper. Where is the outrage people? Where are the angry Brits outraged at yet another intrusive move by big brother to go further than just monitoring your every move in that they now want to photograph, log and store details of your naked body as well.

The worst thing about this whole story is that it looks like we have been fed another pack of lies as the reason to introduce these body scanners. Just like how the 9.11 attacks were used to start the never ending war on terror the recent Christmas day attack looks like another false flag designed to scare the public into accepting whatever measures the government wants to introduce.

Why does this look like a false flag well let list some reasons:

The attackers father is known to have links to the Israeli Mossad.

-He spoke with CIA agents shortly before the attack supposedly to warn them his son was dangerous yet no action was taken other than to allow him to travel freely from a terrorist hot-spot in Yemen to Europe and then onto a US bound flight.

The attacker was on a no fly terror watch list and had been barred from entering Britain earlier that year yet it seems the UK and the US supposedly close partners in the war on terror do not share important data such as potential terrorists as he was allowed to board a flight to the US.

Witnesses apparently saw an accomplice help the terrorist board the flight at Schiphol airport. This smartly dressed Indian man who Wayne Madsen suspects of being a RAW agent apparently smoothed the way for the attacker who apparently didn’t even have a passport. How many people do you know who could board a flight especially one to America without a passport?

-Important legislation that increases big brother powers i.e the Patriot Act is coming to an end and needs renewal early in 2010.These are powers that any authoritarian government would have by default but in a democracy can only be utilised under extreme circumstances namely a state of war. As a democratic public are likely to forget how much they need the state to protect them it becomes necessary to remind them from time to time with the odd staged terror attack or near miss.

As that famous libertarian Josef Stalin once said

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened.”

-Most importantly the attack has been used as the reason to introduce the controversial full body scanners in airports. No sooner had the attack been reported on and certain quarters were calling for scanners to be implemented at all major airports as the solution. This looks like classic Problem, Re-action, Solution at work to me.

No matter that

a) The scanners would NOT have stopped the Flight 253 attack from occurring.

b) These scanners are deeply invasive of the scanned persons privacy. They give the viewer of the image a perfect image of the naked body of the scanned person. Therefore this tool is nothing more than a virtual strip search and in fact the image is so clear that it actually breaks UK Child pornography laws which means children will be exempt from the scanner unless a change in UK law is made.

c) The scanners could be dangerous especially to frequent fliers as the waves used by the scanner can cause cancer.

d) This is the first step to even more drastic measures that curtail the liberty and freedom of the public. There have already been calls for scanners that go further than the naked body and actually scan inside the body for bombs that a terrorist may have sewn into their stomach. There have also been calls for ankle bracelets to be worn by all passengers that could deliver electric shocks to incapacitate the wearer as well as calls for mobile scanners to be used at shopping centers, train stations and football matches.

-The British people don’t actually see the need for the technology anyway. In fact 72.9% of people asked in a recent Guardian poll said the scanners were a pointless invasion of privacy and even the ex CEO of American Airlines says that the money being spent on the scanners is a waste of resources.

So if the people don’t want this dangerous technology and its acknowledged that the scanners wouldn’t have stopped the attacker anyway who is actually behind the calls for these scanners? Well lets follow the money, who is going to gain from these scanners being introduced?

One of the people is the ex chief of US homeland security one Michael Chertoff who has been calling for the introduction of body scanners since his time in office and who was criticised heavily last week when it was disclosed that a client of his security consultancy the Chertoff Group will be one of the primary beneficiaries of the mass body scanner purchase. Kate Hanni, founder of, which opposes the use of the scanners said:

“Mr. Chertoff should not be allowed to abuse the trust the public has placed in him as a former public servant to privately gain from the sale of full-body scanners under the pretense that the scanners would have detected this particular type of explosive.”

Another beneficiary is a major defence contractor L-3 Communications who has already landed a $165 million contract from the Transportation Security Administration for the controversial body scanners which are going to be rolled out across American airports immediately.

Forgetting those in the security industry who are set to make millions from the scanners we must look at the bigger picture which is that the fear of terrorism is being played on by those in power to increase the never ending high tech surveillance society that is rapidly building up around us.

We are already logged and tracked wherever we go online by search engines, advertisers, the government through anti-terrorism laws as well as Echelon and now because of EU law your ISP. Also the UK is the most watched place in the western world with 4.2 million cameras recording our every move in shops, streets, pubs and the road. Even with a camera on every corner the fact is these cameras are not actually there to help solve crime, in fact only one crime is solved per year for every 1000 cameras. No the cameras are there to get us used to being watched wherever we go because any other crime fighting tool with such a poor detection rate would surely be discarded as almost useless.

They are all part of the bigger picture which involves training the public just like animals. We are being conditioned as a people to accept big brother watching over us at every step. Now with the introduction of body scanners at airports and soon to follow train stations, shopping centres and other public places we are being trained to accept authority in every part of our lives no matter how private. They say strip naked we say how quick.

This is the thin edge of a very big wedge people and if we allow this to happen there is no telling where the big brother state will stop. People have been labelled as conspiracy theorists and wacko’s for believing that the state wanted to introduce such measures in the past but now that it’s happening in front of our very eyes where is the outrage?

When did George Orwells book 1984 change from a warning to future generations to a how to guide for government on running a society?

Have people become so used to big brother invading their privacy that they now think nothing of stripping naked and bending over for a virtual rectal examination to anyone dressed in a uniform? Because to put it bluntly this is what the scanners basically do.

If you have any concept of freedom and privacy then surely this is the line that shouldn’t be crossed. This is the line where we must say that yes security is important but its not worth our dignity. For if we allow this step to be introduced there is nothing else that big brother will not try.

“Those who would trade safety for freedom deserve neither.”  Thomas Jefferson

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  1. V says

    Maybe the lack of outrage about those scanners is because we Europeans aren’t such prudes as the Americans. I personally don’t give a fuck if some customs officials ogles my out of shape body.

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