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Beck: A necessary barometer of the Global Agenda
Monday, February 22nd, 2010

There really is little doubt for most of us that Glenn Beck is a sales agent for Global Government. But there are those that are still under his influence. We simply cannot ignore Beck and abandon these people.

And so, as distasteful and difficult as he may be to endure, Glenn Beck  and his duping of  the nation must continue to  be monitored.  To not pay attention would be like having a bird’s-eye view into the camp of the corrupt, and not using it to bring those affected out of their slumber.

This must not be made into a game of personal attack. It must be made clear that it is simply too important to ignore, and the exposure of his agenda must be separated from personality attacks or inference of a personal vendetta.

Alex Jones has repeatedly apologized for his awareness of how it looks – as attacks on Glenn Beck.  Some might view his rants as personal. I would argue it’s more about Jones’ passion for truth, and a genuine frustration and concern for people, not jealousy or pettiness. And for that, I would encourage Jones to ensure the message  continues to be critiqued –  ensuring the listeners know it is not about the man, but rather his message. Since Jones is in the business of  ’exposing corruption’ he should not feel obligated to offer apology for exposing Beck. He needs to counter corruption, whatever the source.

Beck represents a barometer of  the New World Order’s strategy for enslaving the nation,  and collectively we must support bringing forth the truth.

With Beck’s broadcast reaching the nation, he is a threat to brainwashing millions of people.  With so much at stake, this is about the bigger issue  and not about personalities.  Effort needs to continue to explain how the globalists are using him as a tool for their agenda.

We know for certain that Beck has been aware of the issue of Global Government and the New World Order. Lord Christopher Monkton discussed this a few months ago on his program in reference to ClimateGate, explaining that the sole purpose of Climate Change taxation was to fund the World Government. The ultimate purpose is global control, not simply a national issue as Beck keeps insisting upon. It would enable the de-industrialization of America and other nations, thereby enslaving the masses into poverty.

Damon Vickers has been on the show a number of times, and interestingly at Beck’s request in November of last year specifically because Vickers had mentioned the New World Order on another news network. It was as if Beck was attempting to deflect concern away from globalization and the New World Order thus protecting the elite. It supports the belief that Beck is working for those protecting the globalists.

And, there is little doubt that Beck has in the past agreed that the New World Order and the North American Union pose a threat. On Headline News in 2008, as Ron Paul was on the campaign trail, Beck discussed this important issue. To quote Beck in his interview with Paul, here are some of the things Beck said after playing a clip of Paul:

Beck: “Who do you believe are the enemies domestic?”

Paul went on to discuss it being a ‘philisophic danger’, endorsed by the status quo politician , and not any individual in particular. Paul stressed the impact of reduced freedoms since 9/11, as peoples privacies were greatly affected.

Beck: “Let me go to the U.N. You say the U.N. shouldn’t exist?”

Paul explained that it is not in the country’s interest to be in  the U.N. and go to war for the U.N. War should be approved by Congress.

Beck then clarified what Paul was saying and quoted Paul that he commented that the choice was clear, either go to war or submit to U.N. Global Governance.

Beck: “I have to agree with you sir; I see the lost treaty. I see the issue of global warming as nothing but trying to entangle us and the rest of the world into One World Government. Would you agree or disagree with that?”

Paul agreed with Beck on that, and further discussed the issue that the IMF bank was undermining the nation’s sovereignty.

Beck then agreed with Paul, and stressed that both parties (Republican and Democrat) were working in “conspiracy” to develop the European-style North American Union.

Paul explained that those responsible for setting up the World Government were ” very patient”.

Paul and Beck both supported the threat of the NAFTA superhighway through Texas as a threat to sovereignty.

Beck: “If I elected you, how are you going to stop this?”

What has changed in Glenn Beck’s mindset since doing this interview with Paul in 2008? It is clear he is aware of the globalist agenda, and the question is why it is not at the top of Glenn Beck’s agenda in helping “fundamentally transform the nation”?

Instead, Beck continues to deflect and bypass the issue of global governance.

As this becomes more and more an issue, there is little doubt that there will be a growing number confused by his message and inconsistency of argument.

Beck lost  an estimated half  million viewers  with his radio show attack on Debra Medina, and he seems to bounce around on the issues at will. I think we can safely prepare to brace ourselves.  I fully suspect there will be an increasing number of  the disgruntled to come.

Last week,  Beck brought up Utah. This was in the context of discussion that the cities and states were dependent on the same Federal Government he professes the people cannot trust.

He ensured we all knew that Utah is 60% owned by the Federal Government.  Is it a coincidence that there has been recent discussion of possible succession of Utah from the Union?

If more and more States consider succession as a viable option to protect themselves and their citizens, this would strike a fatal blow to the globalists’ plans for America.

Beck continues the sales job that people should consider succession a hopeless idea.  Attacking true Tea Partiers and labelling them as radical, fringe, and a danger to the nation furthers the globalists’ mission while leaving the people exposed to further abuse.

People will start to question more and more as Beck’s inconsistencies becomes more and more apparent he is not their friend.

How long will it be before more people start to ask why he supports the government at the same time as roasting its leaders?

On Friday Beck dropped hint of the bombshell. As we’ve all heard time and again on Jones’ radio show, I suspect this is when “they will pull the rug out from underneath the American people at home“, ensuring all wealth and power of the people is removed. And we all know without money or power it is more difficult to survive, let alone fight. Total financial enslavement disguised by Beck as being necessary to ironically bring back freedom.

Yes, Beck drove home the bomb – pensions and unions must be dramatically altered. The people will have to give up the security of their pension plans and the labour unions will have to be crushed. As Beck pulls in $50 million on his lucrative contract he has the nerve to suggest that people should  put some extra food in grandma’s cupboard. Hard times are coming. The Beck message: Trust him, his confusing message and whoever he supports. Yes, I think there will be more confused and angry people to come. For most of us we se this as a nasty trick of the Elite to squeeze the sponge of hope in America dry.

The real question has never been answered. Beck has never come up with a concrete testimony of who he serves. His message is more a sales job to conform the masses rather than a plan to deal with the “enemies domestic”. Beck has become a convenient way to act as the ‘counter-Obama’. Beck’s mission could never be pulled off by the President who rode the labor ticket into office on the backsides of the unions. Beck is a tool to fool those same people now, to give up their pensions and security. A more perfect duo of deceit could not be better imagined. Dupe the people to get Obama in office, then use Beck to appear his enemy. How clever indeed.

Recapping what is obvious to some, it is incomprehensible for Beck to be aware of the big picture, realizing Obama supports the Climate Change taxation issue and not expose it further. Climate Change has proven to have allies inside the American political realm, including the White House, and it poses a global threat to the nation. It further supports the bigger conspiracy that the IMF Bank and its criminal accomplices are working within the United States to tap out the wealth of the people. And, unless Beck addresses this issue and puts it at the top of the table he can only be viewed as an ally to the process. It’s not that he hasn’t had plenty of opportunity, he has gone out of his way to avoid it.

It makes more sense to admit that ClimateGate exists to gain credibility with the people. If it were not well-known he would have little purpose in doing so. He can gain “brownie points” with public perception by the odd mention, without getting to the meat and potatoes of how it fits into the bigger picture.

We know that there is a left-right paradigm that is being played here. Beck represents a convenient counter to Obama and can appear the hero with his perceived thrashing of the President. Once he gains the trust of those disenchanted with Obama, he can then bring in the further stripping of wealth and power of the people, the cities, and the States, as he is now doing.

People will wake up, and the sooner the better.

So we must prevail.

If Beck succeeds and furthers the globalists’ mission to enslave the Nation he will have done his job.

With so much at risk for America, we cannot allow that message to go unchecked, nor can we allow it to go without a battle.

It must be a mission of truth. No apologies required!

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