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Conspiracy Theories and the 9/11 attacks

By Dark Politricks

People who deride 9/11 conspiracy theorists as loons like the recent Newsweek magazine often use the angle that to pull of a massive conspiracy attack like those on September 11th would involve so many conspirators that it couldn’t possibly kept secret and someone would blab. This argument is based on the “Bush did it theory” which states that Bush and Cheney planned the attacks to get us into war. I don’t personally subscribe to this theory and many people who want a new 9/11 investigation don’t either.

In fact many people who want a new inquiry don’t propose a theory at all and don’t need to as they are not accusing someone or some group of committing the act but just stating that there remain so many unanswered questions and anomalies that a new investigation must be carried out to answer them. For a list of my own pending questions about 9/11 read this aticle however I want to illustrate how an attack like 9/11 could be carried out without involving a wide range of inside government figures all in the know.

We should all know by now that false flag attacks do occur and even modern democracies are caught carrying them out. If you are not up to date on know attacks please read up on known false flag event such as the death of the Roman Republic, the USS Maine, the Bali nightclub bombings, Operation Northwoods, NATO terror campaign in Italy, Blair, Bush and Cheney planning to use false flag attacks to start wars with Iraq and Iran, Russian FSB apartment bombings, and much much more.

There is significant evidence that multiple intelligence agencies knew about the 9/11 plot and surely would have informed the USA about any impending attack. Indeed many agencies claim this did actually happen:

Even if the CIA was not told by other agencies which I highly doubt the US had their own intelligence gathered from sources within Al Qaeda terror cells and from assets that had visited training camps in the summer of 2001 and heard Bin Laden discussing a major attack. We also know from evidence given to the 9/11 commission that the US military had information about the lead hijacker and had an active program called Able Danger set up to investigate it.

Therefore the intelligence was available so the conspiracy is not whether Bush and Cheney murdered the plane passengers and then flew remote controlled planes into the World Trade Center, but rather who in the US government or shadow government knew about the impending attacks and did they actively decide to allow them to happen.

Why did they want to do this, well many reasons but the primary reason was that they could use the resulting public support for vengeance to carry out pre-existing geo-political plans that would not be possible in peace time.

These plans have in fact been carried out over the last 9 years and were detailed in the PNAC document “Rebuilding Americas Defences”. They included gaining control of the Middle East to ensure a smooth flow of oil as well as building bases in Central Asia to combat China’s growing power as well as put Russia back in its box.

All it would take for the attacks of 9/11 to change from the official line of a massive cock up to a conspiracy would be for a key decision maker to either see an intelligence document outlining the plans for an attack and either ignore it or mark it as a low priority.

Doing so would ensure that no action was taken to actively prevent the attacks from taking place such as not informing airport security that two of the hijackers were on no-fly watch lists which allowed them on the planes.

In fact forget all other topics and questions about 9/11 such as the collapsing towers, the Pentagon, flight 93, NORAD inaction, planted evidence pointing to the hijackers, the threat to Air Force one, WTC-7 and so on.

The basic conspiracy that would have allowed the attacks to occur rests only on a few people in the know about the intelligence who made an active decision to not do everything in their power to prevent the attacks from taking place.

We have a motive i.e the PNAC document who’s co authors and supporters include Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfield who are all pro war neo-cons. Nearly everything outlined in their policy document has come to fruition so its either been a striking co-incidence or blinding piece of luck that the attacks on the scale of the “New Pearl Harbour” detailed in the report came along at the right time.

We have opportunity i.e the planned Al Qaeda attack on September 11th that was known to be happening through inside access to the terrorist organisation from informers and plants as well as shared intelligence from other foreign agencies such as France & Saudi Arabia.

We have means i.e the pro war PNAC supporters were in power in the Bush government at the time of the attacks. I doubt George Bush knew anything about the attacks but an active decision by those who set priorities for the defence and intelligence agencies could have easily decided to not act on received intel and in doing so allow the attacks to occur.

Without evidence of collusion its hard to prove this theory but it cannot be doubted that this conspiracy lies in the realms of possibility and would not have involved a multitude of people sworn to silence.

Plausible deniability ensures that it’s unlikely to be revealed whether any inaction over intelligence was deliberate rather than a mistake, but we cannot rule out hope of a death bed confession by Cheney in a similar vein to Howard Hunt’s revelation of involvement in JFK’s assassination.

And for those of you that think that someone like Dick Cheney would never stoop so low as to allow innocent Americans to die to start a war I would like to remind you of the following:

Therefore if we are searching for the perfect villain in this modern story of American empire it seems Dick fits the bill perfectly. I am not accusing Dick of planning the 9/11 attacks and I have no proof he did conspire to allow it to happen but if we are still scratching our heads and asking “could it really happen” then I think I have shown that yes it could.

We definitely have the historical precedence, motives, means and opportunities as well as the necessary people in leadership positions who lack a working moral compass to allow a conspiratal crime such as 9/11 to occur on their watch. The only real questions then are not could it happen but did it happen.

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