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By Gordon Duff
Veterans Today

It is 2010 and we know less about 9/11 each day.  One “fact” after another comes into question until there are now none remaining.  Same thing with the invasion of Iraq.  No weapons of mass destruction existed, no “mobile bio-labs,” no nuclear program, no ties to Al Qaida, nothing.  It was all invented, we have proven that much in 7 years of looking and not one piece of paper, not one shred of evidence.  It turned out that the “yellow-cake uranium” was actually Hostess Twinkies.

We have been in Afghanistan even longer.  We have never found those magical “training camps” we were looking for.  We never found Usama bin Laden.  In fact, we have found nothing at all.  What should we have found?  If 9/11 was planned in Afghanistan this is what should have been there:

  • Mock-ups of each of the Israeli run American airports including equipment to manufacture keys, employee uniforms, and full information on security protocols, airport personnel and schedules
  • Mock-ups of the aircraft, showing seat positions and staging rehersals for controlling passengers and crew and taking over the flight deck
  • Access codes and sophisticated hacking equipment that could order a “stand down” of NORAD to allow planes to proceeed despite procedures in place that required they be stopped by Americas’s air defenses
  • Information on the personal schedules of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, making sure they were in meetings that would preclude them from being notified of an impending national security threat, activities like kindergarten visits or “breakfast with staff.”
  • Secret data on aircaft performance that would enable non-pilots to encourage cumbersome aircraft to perform maneuvers beyond their structural capability

Picture a day in one of the classrooms at the Al Qaida Center for Insurgency and Terroristic Studies at Tora Bora:


“Mohammed, you have to walk up to the guy and be more confident, try it again:”  “Hey ‘bro,’ remember me from down at the Synagogue last week, the guy with the big bag of bagels and lox?  Can you carry these box cutters onto the plane for me and place them in the back of these seats?”  “Then you give him the map of the plane showing him where to hide the weapons.  These Mossad trained security people are dense, you know how incompetent the Mossad is.”

“Don’t worry, nobody will know you are a terrorist, no matter how many watch lists you are on or that your visa had expired and you should be in an immigration detention facility awaiting processing.  If anyone asks you if you are from the Middle East, tell them you are Mexican.  Mexicans never blow up planes.”


“These are your uniforms, security keys and airport identification cards with security strips all currently cleared thru the computer systems.  We had one of our girls enter you as employees while she was at the Airport Security Command Center.  We told the Israelis that we had a new service, free of charge, “keyboard dusting, cleaning and testing.”  What a pack of suckers they were.”    The last half of the hour will be spent walking thru our airport layout so you know where the security doors are and don’t have to ask directions.”


“Fooling NORAD into grounding all American fighter aircraft would normally be something impossible but we have “friends” who will be helping us with this one.  We are going to break for lunch.  Osama told me that the next person to pull a Budweiser and ham sandwich out of his lunch box is going to lose more than just a hand.”


Aircraft capability is going to be a problem.  Not only can none of us fly planes but the planes themselves won’t be able to maneuver.  The biggest problem will be to get the plane crashing into the Pentagon to fold up into something very small.  We have an expert on origami coming from Japan that will help us with that.  We have been told that special auto-pilots will have to be installed that can make airliners perform advanced aerobatics required to fly inches above the ground without disturbing the lawns or be seen by any of the dozens of video cameras around Washington.  Get out your manuals on these systems and we will go into how to activate them.”

(prayer break)


“We had a kindergarten invite President Bush to Florida to read to children.  Knowing that he is dyslexic and getting through a children’s book will tax his capabilities, we can expect him to be no problem.  We aren’t going to worry about Rumsfeld, General Myers or Vice President Cheney.  I can’t get into that right now, but they aren’t going to be a problem.  Also, news coverage has been arranged and a film team in a white van is waiting to get really good shots of WTC.  “Friends” were kind enough to help us on that one too.”

“Those of you who won’t be on the planes, the planning teams, will be flown to Saudi Arabia.  You won’t believe who will order the flight and block the FBI from questioning you.  Suffice it to say this order will come from the top.  Cars will be picking you up at your apartments.  You will know them by their license plates.  They will all say, ‘US Government’ on them”

(care and feeding of camels)


“Expect a worldwide manhunt for everyone involved and severe military repercussions.  None of us will be in any danger, of course.  Some of you have been supplied with “dopplegangers” recruited from mental institutions.  Most of you will be able to return to your day jobs.  As a joke, we are going to dismantle this entire facility and send it via Fed Ex to Israel.  Most of the equipment was made there anyway and we don’t need it anymore.  The Americans are really going to be pissed when they come in here and only find a pile of camel dung.”


Nobody has been able to come up with a reason so far.


With 140,000 Americans along with British and Afghani forces running around Afghanistan killing everything that moves in retaliation for 9/11, a few questions come to mind.  Without a shred of evidence that any aspect of 9/11 was ever planned in Afghanistan, why is any of this going on?

When we shoot at farmers they are “Taliban” and we build an army out of druglords, they are “loyal freedom loving Afghanis.”  Anyone see a touch of irony in this?

Why is the only result of the US occupation of Afghanistan a 500% increase in opium production?

Has anyone really asked, “What the hell is it we are doing in Afghanistan anyway?”


Without delving into conspiracy or “false flag”operations, our response to “terrorism” that has existed since the beginning of time has been the self mutilation of a demented soul.  We have gouged out our own eyes, disfigured our culture and mortgaged ourselves for generations.

How do we even discuss what we do when nobody can agree on what the subject is?  Are we changing a regime in Afghanistan?  We already replaced the religious extremists with druglords and gangsters.  Wasn’t that enough?

If nobody killed bin Laden, his bad kidneys or simple loneliness would have finished him off by now.  We talk “terrorist training camps” but nobody has ever seen one nor even caught a single “foreign terrorist.”  We don’t even know who they are?  Who would be dumb enough to go to Afghanistan to hide, hide under American predator drones, surrounded by spies and stuck in the middle of one of the most primitve and dangerous warzones in history.

Aren’t real terrorists like our “heroes” in the Pentagon?  Shouldn’t we look for them on golf courses or in hotel bars?


After 9 years of war in Afghanistan, fought only to find the tens of thousands of terrorists in training camps all over Afghanistan being trained in sophisticated facilities to plan attacks designed to bring the western world to its knees, could we please have at least one photograph of a terrorist training center that looks like more than a place where two guys and a herd of goats spent the night sleeping on the ground?

I am thinking there must be a giant underground facility somewhere with miles of corridors, a monorail, minions in jump suits and the millions of dollars of high tech equipment that Islamic charities supposedly have been buying around the world and sending off to Afghanistan.

How are we missing it?

From the efforts we are making, we should have found the equivalent of NASA Flight Control in Houston hidden somewhere in southern Afghanistan.  With all our drones, spy planes, satellites, paid spies and “special op’s” people, we couldn’t even come back from bin Laden’s headquarters in Tora Bora with a mobile phone.

Are we going to kill half of Afghanistan searching for the “Al Qaida Terrorst University” after 9 years of coming up empty?  Is Fox News running running the Pentagon?  It would almost seem so.  What if someone were simply making it all up just to justify a phony war?

Would we do that?  Have we been caught doing that before?  Are we still doing it?  So far all we have gotten is poor Saddam Hussein, an old man hiding in a hole, former American ally like bin Laden, like Noriega, someone we got tired of and needed to get rid of.

Why do the promises and threats always end up with an empty net?

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