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Police Harassment in the Northern San Antonio Area

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So here’s what my night was like two weeks ago. I went to the new Carl’s Jr. on Toepperwein on the far northeast side of San Antonio to try the “Green Burrito” sub-restaurant. I ordered a Green Burrito and it was very good. As usual, I drank as much Diet Coke as possible in order to get my full $1.89’s worth. Hours later I decided to cruise by my friends’ Fredo and Brandon’s house to see if they were still awake. They either had already gone to sleep or were not there, so I proceeded back down FM1518 towards my place. I needed to use a restroom and was looking for a store or gas station open where I could go. If you know that area, there are none, so I pulled into a public park with an obvious restroom building next to an elementary school.

As soon as I entered the driveway I saw a Selma police cruiser, followed by a second. They lit me up before I could approach the rest facility. I got the treatment. What is your name, give me your license, are you on drugs, what have you been drinking, do you have weapons on your person. What are you doing here. Where did you come from, what was your destination, what was your purpose, why are out at this time of night. Oh, you have friends? What are their names? Where do they live? No, not the next street beyond that school, what is their street’s number and name? If you really have friends why don’t you recall their specific street address? Oh, you have a GPS, and you rely on that to get you around? Is that so. A very convenient excuse.

Do you have any weapons? (Yes, a knife in my left front pocket.) Why are you carrying a knife? My brother gave me his after I lost mine. Do you have any guns on you or in the car (no.) Do you own any guns (you bet  I do.) Why do you have guns (because I’m a patriot.)? Are you planning to commit crimes? not ever. Why would you want to to own a gun? Because it’s my Constitutional right. Oh really, well around here that’s considered a terrorist manifesto.

So you say your name is such and such, and your license, registration and insurance confirm this. Why should we believe your lies? You look suspicious to us, trying to stop for relief in a public park with your suspicious, white Mitsubishi Galant.. We’ve had reports of multiple suspects applying graffiti to our fine park restrooms while dressed in khakis and white T-shirts and driving dirty white pearl Galants with missing right front hubcaps. You meet our profile — it’s nothing personal. We won’t arrest illegals for DWI but we’ll detain patriots for 15 minutes based on suspicion of having to urinate.

I have never seen anything like this. I never heard anything like this. They confiscated my ID and my knife, they made me stand in front of the dash cam of one of their cruisers and facing away from them, and they asked to search my car. When I said of course they could. they made sure I understood that my entire car and all its contents were to be searched. I told them that they could tear the thing apart. It was 35 degrees and I was standing in front of a police car, which was filming me, in my standard grey hoodie and shaking from the cold. And one officer was like, gee, you’re really nervous? I am? Look at you, you’re shaking like a leaf. Maybe that’s because it’s near freezing out here. And I really have to pee. That’s not helping. I have no doubt that if I had wet my pants I’d see the video from the dash cam up on YouTube the next week. That’s how they operate.

So they asked and I let them search the car, which I should’nt have. The reason I did is that one saw my hat. The evil, scary, terrorist hat I bought from Alex Jones that says “Come and take it” with a star and the outline of an AK-47. They said, do you have guns on you? We saw your hat. We know people like you, show us where your guns are. It’s OK, we don’t need to get violent if you just tell us where you’ve hidden them. I assured them that even though I do own guns, the hat was not a threat towards them, that it was simply a message to Congress about the 2nd Amendment. I told them that next to military, the group of people I respect most are police. After having palmed my crotch, and having rifled through my messy ass car with precision that I cannot verify, since I was forced to face into the camera, the good officers came to the epiphany that I was not a graffiti artist, nor any threat to them. They let me go. I was honestly surprised. I thought surely they’d find that my front right tire was below the minimum PSI standard for Selma , TX.

Last year I was treated similarly when I parked across from my Whataburger to listen to Coast-to-Coast AM and sports talk radio. It so happened that across the street was in between two bank buildings. So I was under suspicion of bank robbery. And years before, my friends Frank and Fredo were forced to rescue me from a similar incident off of I-35 and Toepperwein because I had parked my 626 in the cul-de-sac of an abandoned industrial district and was breaking the law listening to Coast-to-Coast. The cops made me walk to a pay phone over a mile away to call Frank to pick me up. I told them that I had a cell phone, but they said I was not allowed to use it. I told them that my car was perfectly capable of getting me home, but that was illegal. Pure power trip.

The whole thing came down down to the fact that I had to pee, I chose the wrong address to attempt relief, I was detained, subjected to quasi-constitutional questioning, which I only agreed to in order to be released sooner, and was essentially called a terrorist because of my baseball cap. It’s a hat. The hat is not an AK-47. It contains neither a 30 round magazine, nor does it operate reliably in muddy conditions.

Five days after that, just after pulling out of my apartment complex, I was pulled over at the first light by a Universal City officer because the light had turned yellow, and rather than running it, which I never do, I decided to stop. The road was slick, my car doesn’t have ABS and the brake pads need replacing, so I didn’t stand on the pedal. I came to a stop with a couple feet of my hood jutting into the crosswalk. There were no pedestrians in sight. He told me that he pulled me over for violating the crosswalk and because my left brake light was out. Not the running light but the brake light. He was actually very nice, did not make me exit the car nor did he ask to search me or the vehicle. He saw my hat but did not mention it. I was free to go within 5 minutes.

And then this one takes the cake. For the third time in two weeks I was interrogated for nothing. After leaving the gym, I parked in front of a hotel in Northern San Antonio to listen to Coast-to-Coast and Alex, as is my habit, and to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi to check my eBay account with my iPod. I was properly parked, the engine was running and the lights were on. A San Antonio officer puled up from behind me as I was using the iPod and shone his spotlight on my. After a couple of minutes he got out, shining his flashlight in my eyes. He asked me what I was doing and I told him. He gave me no reason why he was questioning me or why I was suspicious. It was a little after 3:00AM — I’m sorry, I’m  night owl. He asked if I had internet at home and I said yes, but I like to drive around at night and listen to my MP3 player. He searched me, he saw the Infowars hat and gave me the whole grilling about guns, my criminal history, etc. He made me stand in front of my car for about 8 minutes while he searched the car. It was 33 degrees this time and I already had a terrible sinus infection. He let me go but not before warning me that the knife I always carry in my front pocket was illegal in the city. I had no idea — it is a Gerber knife with a four- or five-blade. He said it was illegal because it has a locking blade. I had no idea — they sell those knives at WalMart and all the sporting goods stores.

So three times in the last two weeks I’ve been harassed for doing nothing wrong except for having a burnt out bulb and not stopping short of the crosswalk. And that’s five times in the past few years. I have never been arrested, have no criminal record, the last time I got a ticket was in 2002, I pay my taxes, I’m a clean-cut white guy with no tattoos or anything else suspicious-looking. We know that police departments are beginning to employ systems that automatically read license plates and alert the officers if someone is on one of their watch lists. And we now know from the MIAC reports that gun owners, 9/11 skeptics, conservative Christians and people who listen to shows like Alex Jones’ are on lists. This kind of tyrannical conditioning must be put to an end.

If anyone read this, thank you. If you wish to use the story, feel free to edit it for length or content. This is the first time I’ve ever submitted an article, but I thought the story was important enough to relay. I would be thrilled to see it on one of Alex’s sites, but I realize you probably receive hundreds or thousands of articles or links per day. I am a member and I support your operation by ordering shirts, hats and DVDs. And I tell everyone who will listen about Alex and his materials. Thank you guys for all the great work you continue to do.

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