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Splitting America To Save America



By Gordon Duff
Veterans Today
February 7th 2010

I am simply done with crazy people and think they need to be sent away.  There are so many of them that Utah and Oklahoma can’t hold all of them.  I am in favor of splitting America in two.  I’m a Vietnam veteran, one exposed to agent orange, over 60 years old and have seen my life and the lives of my children, my friends and decent Americans poisoned by idiots.  I’m not taking any blame.  I would never have joined the “those people” to send our jobs overseas, open our borders for cheap slave labor or watched the phony “Evangelical” Christians try to create a state that might actually succeed in bringing Jesus back, just to cart them to hell.

I lived thru feminism, the “welfare state,” and “political correctness,” all ideas that were never more than a sideshow invented by our corporate news so we would wake up some day and find ourselves, well, find ourselves where we are now, permanent war, broke, Constitution in tatters and hundreds of thousands of Americans following “corporate whore” Sarah Palin into a scripted version of “dime store” Fascism.  Real Fascism is actually a lot better than her version.  It gave people jobs and medical care.  Palin, moronic bimbo that she is, is working for the American Mafia, a combination of Zionists, Wall Street, oil and defense lobbyists,  to turn America into a prison camp.

We are more than halfway there now.  Ever wonder about words like “stop loss?”  Probably not, is my guess.  It means that if you were once in the military, fought in wars, did your time and got out, they can simply get you back and keep you as long as they want.  This used to be called slavery.  Even indentured servants were released eventually.

Any of you read about the Siddiqui trial in New York, about the dangerous terrorist we “caught” and put in jail for, well, we don’t really know since she never was a terrorist and didn’t do anything.  We had a gang kidnap her and her kids, no reason, no terror connections of any kind, and, once we had her, we did all we know how to do.   We torture, we rape, and then we lie about it.  How do we hide our mistakes?  We give the victim a “fair trial” and put them away.

We jail people, we have millions locked up in America now and half our kids stuck overseas “fighting terrorism,” which, when we look at it, stuff like 9/11 or the Detroit “Crotch Bomber,” seems more and more each day like we are being set up.  Now we are being told to expect a “major terror attack” in 6 months.  Is it being planned in a cave somewhere or as more and more of us believe, on Wall Street with the help of people we used to pay to protect us from terrorism who seem to have joined up with the Mossad and “military contractors,” not really mercenaries, that is too good a word for some of them, even pirates had and honor code.  We can expect a terror attack, poison gas, anthrax, more hijackings or coordinated suicide bombers.

When we look, but we really won’t look, we will be able to trace a financial trail to “patriotic Americans,” and to Israel and to some of our stooges in Saudi Arabia.  That’s ok, we will already have a patsy lined up, a country we plan to attack, preferably one with oil, the last one ony has drugs and the market on heroin in the US is saturated.

When I see the “T-baggers” lined up to listen to the “spokes-Pimps” for the generations of rats, foreign and domestic, that have made it necessary for our kids to fight meaningless wars or starve, when I see redneck morons with the “queer hating” bigots, racists and mental defectives banding together to complain about how bad things are in a failed America they helped bring about by their own ignorance I say its time to “throw in the towel” and split America in half.

I say, let the fools run their own country.  Israel can keep them supplied with weapons and technology, like they have with India and China.  They can keep them supplied with terrorists also, in case they run out.  Christmas showed us that.

I don’t want to talk to “them,” I don’t want to see “them” anymore.  With kids in high priced colleges who have no hope of jobs when getting out and others unemployed, underemployed and losing hope, I am no longer willing to lie, willing to make excuses for what has been done to America.  So many of us saw this coming decades ago.  We saw the sham of “Reaganomics,” destroying jobs, building debt and using an actor, kindly, convincing and dementia ridden, to sell us on our own destruction.

  • Where are our jobs?  OFFSHORE
  • Where is all the profit made because of the tax cuts and wars?  OFFSHORE
  • Where is all the oil money from rigging gasoline prices for years?  OFFSHORE
  • Where are the people who now own America?  OFFSHORE
  • Where are our children in the military?  OFFSHORE
  • Where are the planners of the next big terrorist attack on America?  WASHINGTON DC

Back during the “Bush the lesser” Presidency, there was continual talk of moving the “blue states” to join Canada.  A great internal migration would occur.  The new America, the one joined with Canada, would lose its snake handing/speaking in tongues Christian Zionists, the  West Pointers who planned the quick and clean “Mission Accomplished” oil war against Iraq.  We would lose our meth dealers, drunks, country club golfers and those veterans groups that love America but find disabled veterans  “too time consuming” to help.

Maybe we should thank Palin, ok, not her, she couldn’t plan a trip to Walmart.  We really don’t see anything other than the buffoons they put in front of us, the deadwood filling Congress, the “Jerome Corsi” types, the “Joe Lieberman” turncoats or the McCain’s.  McCain.  This man is a classic.  Is he an “asset” of the Mafia, Communist Vietnam, Israel or all of the above?  With a country filled with heroes, we put this man on a podium.  Shame.  With his “classified” record of betrayal and his presidential pardon, we actually ran him for president.

Friends in Canada, Germany, France and even in Iraq constantly tell me, “Get the hell out of there, bring your kids over here where they have a chance of a decent life.”

Those who stay in America have plans.  Gated communities.  Private islands.  For those less fortunate, the double-wide, a barbed wire fence and a shotgun will have to suffice.

There is no way to fix what is wrong, it isn’t just that we let thieves steal our country.  We have so many people here that are so stupid, and I assure you, the entire world is laughing at us, America can’t be saved.  We can’t educate them.  They “believe.”  There is no such thing as justice, morality, economics, international law or humanity to people who have religion explained to them by a “televangelist” hate spewing domestic “Mullah.”  Even much of the Taliban has had to grow up and deal with the idiocy of attacking television sets and following beliefs that the Prophet, peace be on him, would have reviled at.

In America, “dumb” is big business and hijacking dissent, is how a criminal conspiracy has been allowed to turn the richest and most powerful nation in the history of earth into something we all know is descending into poverty and chaos.

I don’t care if the world thinks we are stupid.  We don’t measure ourselves by others, we don’t have to go far to see how we have fallen nor do we have to look far to see how a cabal of thieves on Wall Street along with AIPAC, Rupert Murdoch, Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft/Rumsfeld and an unseen criminal conspiracy hijacked America with the help of the ignorant and fearful.

I could sit here silently, as do many, or point fingers at Obama for failures that began with Reagan.  I could blame Obama for fiddling while America burns, a truth he isn’t allowed to admit.  We elect presidents to lie to us.  I think this is a prerequisite for the job.

I work with veterans.  All day long it is disease, homelessness, injustice and corruption, failure by government to pay the bills for wars that never should have been fought and lives that should never have been destroyed.  Few Americans are aware that most veterans who have served in the last 10 years have applied for disability.  Not some, not a few, but most are disabled, unable to work, unable to support their families and certainly unable to get healthcare for those they are no longer able to provide for.

We are talking about 400,000 recent veterans, young people, who are telling us that after deployment after deployment, they are physically or mentally unable to hold a job, provide for a family or, in many cases, take care of themselves.

Do we tell them that a group of “conservatives,” not really political types, but those who call themselves “Republicans” along with oil thugs and Pentagon thieves planned the Iraq war, and just maybe, who knows, some of those “terror attacks” also, long in advance.  I know the feeling of being duped.  I am a disabled veteran who fought in Vietnam.  Vietnam was a luxury.  It was so corrupt you could smell the stink of it before you got off the plane.  The military didn’t even bother to lie to us about “fighting for freedom.”

I never demanded a perfect country.  I always thought life would be hard work, injustice, bad luck, suffering and it has been.  I have seen friends die, children die, war after war and personal success while those around me have failed has been empty.  I still see good people every day.  I see what America has done in Haiti, we have shown the world the kind of people that are here.

I ask a lot of America.  I had been told all my life that we were special, not chosen by a god or ordained to rule the earth but good, even simple and naive.  I had been lulled into believing that our political processes, our technology and the innate goodness of our people would build a paradise of freedom, justice and plenty.  Instead, we got secret prisons, the Patriot Acts and visions of Sarah Palin hiking up her skirt while crowds scream “kill him.”  This was the real scene in Findlay, Ohio during the last election.

Hey, after World War II, we executed a few of the Nazi front men but let the bankers and industrialists they worked for go free.  Even that is better than what we have done after the Bush fiasco.  We denied America the justice we demanded, kept up the wars, kept the illegal laws, kept the secret prisons and changed very little.  Dictatorship can be very addicting, it seems.

Did we even have an election?  I am not so sure anymore.

Maybe we could find a litmus for “dumb.”  First thing we could do is get rid of everyone who thinks “conservative” means laws against everything, rule by the rich and sending our military around the world to fight for Israel.

Another group I want gone are “Christian Zionists.”  These are people who advocate the destruction of earth through causing nuclear war so their imaginary god, not one in any bible I have seen, will take them to heaven while the “unrighteous” are “left behind” to suffer and die.  Not only do these people get to go to that “other country” but should also be on a worldwide “no fly list” or “idiot watchlist.”

Do we talk about people who believe that not letting poison be dumped into our drinking water is “tree hugging?”  The “no fly list” for them too.

I am unwilling to allow people who believe insurance and pharmaceutical companies should make rules for government to remain unsterilized.  I really believe that this kind of mental defectiveness may be genetic.  Either they go or I go.  I say “them.”

Years ago, British author Douglas Adams wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  One of the suggestions made in that book involved 3 space ships.  Every few years, society would discover a great disaster coming and build 3 space ships.  The great leaders and scientists would be on one, the workers and people who actually do things would be on another and the “managers” and “telephone sanitizers” would be on a third.

The ruse, of course, would be to let the 3rd space ship take off and the other ones break down.

My “3rd space ship” would be filled with military leaders, lobbyists, congress, weapons designers, think tanks, people who write TV commercials, every employee of the corporate news and anyone who has ever used the terms, “big government, socialism or liberal.”  Since we don’t have the technology for this, then we let this group, them, the 5 Supreme Court justices we all know so well and our “T-baggers” to set up their own little version of hell on earth.

They can build prisons, pass laws, keep guns, seize guns, put each other on lists, listen to each others phone calls, mandate religions and borrow and borrow from anyone dumb enough to lend them money.  They just can’t leave.  I strongly suspect the world will want them under permanent quarantine.  Sarah Palin can be Supreme Ruler for Life.

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