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Wall Street Oligarchy and American Empire

Damon Vrabel
Canada Free Press
Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Citibank’s recent announcement that it may require seven days notice prior to honoring withdrawals is just the latest small brushstroke on a much larger canvas being painted by the banking system and the US government.  The broader picture is shocking for those watching as it comes into view.  Americans must heed Martin Luther King’s warning, “today our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake.”

The United States is shifting from a long period of perceived growth to a significant period of decline that will surprise many Americans as they realize the political propaganda about economic recovery was a lie.  At that point, it will also be clear that we do not live in a constitutional republic but rather a financial empire where the Wall Street oligarchy rules not only our lives but also the governments we elect.  Ever since Wall Street grew to replace our constitutional system of towns, counties, and states, we have not had the freedom we thought we had.

As long as the banking system is inflating, thereby creating the perception of growth and freedom, people are lulled into compliance with top-down rule by bankers.  But once the system starts deflating, banks will kick people out of their homes, jack up credit card rates, shutdown access to cash, employees will lose their jobs, and governments will ramp up the tax machine and may even confiscate bank accounts to force Treasury investments.  General compliance by the population will then be replaced with anger.  This is why a high tech police/military control system is now in place across the US.  The situation will be particularly difficult for those who will go hungry as things worsen in the future.  The government will make it very clear whom it serves—Wall Street vs. the people—and we will regret ever allowing the powers behind Wall Street to replace our constitutional government.

Wall Street Government: Follow the Money

What most of us do not realize yet is we are governed by private banks, not elected representatives of a free republic.  Sometimes this is clear to us in our individual lives as banks have a far more dramatic impact on us than governments do.  But people usually do not consider how banks also rule governments, businesses, non-profits, schools, and everything else that depends on money.  A quick look at macroeconomic cashflows illustrates this.  Based on this diagram, who do you think rules the US?  Just follow the money.  Governments and businesses are hostage to bank money, therefore they work for the banks, just as you do.  In fact the IRS is nothing but a collection agency for the mega banks that own most of our debt—forget the propaganda that it collects money for the children.

Wall Street Oligarchy and American Empire  vrabel022410

The top of this system is the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street cartel—the real government of the United States.  Somehow this goes unnoticed despite the fact that bankers run the US Treasury, tell presidents what to do, and staff the rest of the executive branch with their own representatives (the key officials in the cabinet and regulatory agencies are all members of the Wall Street banker club called the Council on Foreign Relations).  It even went unnoticed as the government and the Fed stole trillions from the people and handed it over to the bankers after the crash of 2008.

The Crash of 2008:  Consolidating Power and Control

A critical aspect of the government’s response to the crash was a dramatic shift from the “smalls” to the “bigs.”  Small banks, governments, and people had their money transferred up to the big banks, governments, and people.  The country was already a top-down driven empire vs. the bottom-up republic we are taught in school.  But now that the Wall Street / DC axis has stripped all the power and wealth from the rest of the country and future generations, the US has shifted to 100% complete top-down control.
The states are bankrupt. Local communities are impoverished.  Small businesses are on the ropes.  Small banks are being sucked into Wall Street thanks to the Fed artificially propping up the “bigs” and the FDIC randomly seizing small banks to hand them over to Wall Street.  Meanwhile the few monopolists remaining on Wall Street are as powerful as ever, DC has as much revenue as ever, and people working for these power centers are being paid well as they prepare to exert control of the rest of us.

It is really shocking what government officials can get away with on TV as they spin lies for Wall Street.  They claim they are helping us by taking our money and handing it to the richest clique in the country.  We are taught to trust them, to submit to our leaders, to hope in their solutions. This is The Twilight Zone and The Matrix combined.  The government treats us as Truman in The Truman Show, and we let them get away with it. Meanwhile Wall Street laughs as they party in the Caymans and park their money that used to be yours in Switzerland.  Again, all we need to do is follow the money to see the truth.  Power and wealth are being consolidated at the top while everything beneath the Wall Street / DC control system is being starved.

Hidden Fascism and the Fake Politics of Left vs. Right

The great economic debate between socialism and capitalism that happens in the US (illustrated in the cash flow diagram) is no debate at all.  People who believe in freedom through the benevolence of local community, i.e. the classic liberal, and those who believe in freedom through the benevolence of Main Street business and free market forces, i.e. the classic conservative, have both been hijacked.  Due to our monetary system, their energies have been harnessed into unknowingly propping up the Wall Street oligarchy.

The debate is actually between nationally controlled socialism, quite different from the community socialism that has existed at the tribal/church/neighborhood level, and the non-free-market capitalism that exists in the US today, which is really corporatism under the Wall Street money monopoly.  The oligarchy controls both.  So the debate only allows us to choose between two sides of the same thing.  Neoclassical economics hides this issue by ignoring the truth of our debt-based monetary system that gives the oligarchy control over all the value created in the economy.  The type of socialism and capitalism we have in the US today props up the elite oligarchy just as much as any other top-down system used throughout history.  Oligarchy is anathema to freedom, community, and the American republic.  The system must be changed.

Despite their rhetoric, both sides of the establishment, left and right, fuel the two key components of our pyramid system ruled by the Wall Street oligarchy.  Rather than being two different choices of left VERSUS right, the debate creates a monolithic system of left AND right as the two sides swap positions every four to eight years while nothing substantial changes.  This is the engine of fascism—big corporations and big government working together under the top-down rule of mega banks.  Until the debate can move beyond the Wall Street establishment that controls both parties, this engine will continue.  Its inevitable conclusion is frightening if nothing is changed.

How to Change It

As I have said in previous articles, this oligarchy must be dethroned:

  1. Be aware as we approach the next phase of economic decline.  Do not be appeased with the Wall Street / DC solutions peddled by the same people that caused the problem.  They will seduce us by appearing to make things more comfortable initially, but their design will centralize power further and make this problem worse.  We must be willing to deal with short-term pain in order to develop a real fix.
  2. Find national leaders who understand this issue.  Politicians who do not talk about it are either ignorant of our core problem or pawns of the empire.
  3. Push the federal government to issue sovereign money—money that is not a debt to financiers.  The Constitution demands this in Article 1 Section 8.  It is the only way to fix the problem illustrated in the cashflow diagram above.  The United States is supposed to be a sovereign government, not subordinate to banks.
  4. Push your state legislatures to spend money into the system for infrastructure projects, rather than borrowing it from banks.  (see the Minnesota Transportation Act).  States are likewise supposed to be sovereign, not hostage to banks.
  5. Reconstitute local communities.  Develop a neighborhood credit/debit system. Stop spending all your time serving the corporate empire to collect bank credit.  That only fuels the empire system.
  6. Participate in party politics at the grassroots level by getting to know your Precinct Executive or running for that office.  (see the National Precinct Alliance).  Bottom-up party activity is the only way to take the parties away from the Wall Street empire.  If all you do is watch their corporate TV commercials and vote every four years, you are contributing to the problem.  Choosing Republican or Democrat puff pieces in that way is no different than choosing Coke or Pepsi based on how commercials make us feel.
  7. Move money into local credit unions, community banks, or convert some into debt-free money, i.e. precious metals, and store it outside the Wall Street system.
  8. And for those in enforcement jobs who work for this system—police, IRS, FBI, etc. and my old honorable colleagues in the military:  you are serving an oligarchy and the narcissistic Ivy Leaguers who run the empire for them.  You are not serving the free, constitutional government of a republic.  Do the honorable thing.
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