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What I believe in

By Dark Politricks

7th February, 2010

-I believe we need a government however the size of it and the powers it can exert are very much up for debate.

-I believe laws need to be made with the good of the people as the primary concern not the benefit of vested interests.

-I believe lobbyists have too much power and influence over our political system. We need to reform our governing system so that politicians truly do represent the people and not the next vested interest hoping to buy a vote. Strict term limits should be implemented at each level of government so that career politicians cannot get comfy and there should be more referendums to allow knowledgeable citizens to take part in the decision making process. The following article of mine details these ideas in more detail.

-I believe we require major election campaign reform that would enable new parties to run for office to break the 3 party monopoly here in the UK and 2 party system in the USA. The amount of money available would be staggered so that the more support the party gains the more finance they receive. This would stop large amounts of money being wasted on niche parties with little support as well helping larger parties fighting lots of seats. This would also encourage new political ideas to hopefully flourish into new parties and break the control of the existing centre ground parties that only provide an illusion of choice.

-I believe specific taxes should be spent purely on the items they are taxing keeping to the original idea that brought the tax into being. For example road tax should be spent purely on the upkeep of the roads. Petrol duty should be spent on public transport to make it cheaper and more effective and duties on tobacco and alcohol should be spent purely on the health service. People would be much more likely to accept paying a tax when they can see where the money goes and it would also prevent the government from using money from one tax on other projects.

-I believe in market economies but I am not an Austrian who believes the market knows best in all cases. Examples being Monopoly laws, certain employment law and some health & safety regulations. Without government intervention in these matters we would be working for less money, longer hours and in less safe conditions just like they still do in China, Bangladesh, India and other parts of the world. The market does not always deliver the right solution and without laws to protect the rights we have fought for over the centuries they would easily disappear in this global economy where there is always someone willing to work longer hours for less money. Just because there is a market in child pornography does not mean that it should be allowed.

-I believe in total freedom of speech and expression as well as an Internet devoid of Government spying. We are living in the last days of an idealistic time on the net and everyday comes more news of the powers that be wanting to exert control over what sites we can visit and new ideas on how to log our every move or take away our ability to surf at will. A government should only be able to monitor a persons activity on the internet with reasonable grounds for suspicion and a signed warrant they should not be allowed to trawl the web in the hope of uncovering someone doing something wrong

-I believe that the UK government spends too much time kissing America’s arse and we should always be acting in our own self interest rather than going along with the USA’s merry wars of aggression because we want to be their best buddy. We need to repeal our unfair and unbalanced extradition treaty and ensure Gary McKinnon doesn’t have to spend one day in US custody. We need to stop any CIA plane landing at Heathrow or any other airport on its way to Eygpt or Uzbekistan to drop off more renditioned prisoners to be tortured and put anyone inboard into jail for a very long time. We need to prevent any more prime ministers going to the US congress and making embarrassing speeches professing our special and unending friendship and instead realise that modern America has taken our place as the next great Empire and speak out against its high crimes and misdemeanour’s.

-I believe we are fighting a phony war on terror that can never logically be won which is actually the whole reason behind it. We need to treat terrorists as the criminals they are and realise that this expensive game of hide and seek has cost us dearly in terms of civil liberties lost and increased security measures that won’t prevent terrorists from attacking us but will destroy what remains of our way of life.

-I believe that our intelligence services along with those of most modern countries do not act in the interests of “we the people” but instead collude with those powers that trancend nations to deliver us more quickly into the Orwellian police state that is rapidly rising around us more quickly as each day passes. Nearly every major terrorist atrocity of the last 20 years has a murky link with at least one intelligence agency or another who either had pre-knowledge and allowed it to happen or manipulated it from within though plants, informers and contractors. Plausible deniability has become the modus operandi of most agencies in regards to terror attacks and we need to spend more time helping people see through this.

-I believe in personal liberty and freedom to make ones own decisions in life. However I also believe that in our crowded island we cannot lead a purely individualistic life without thought for our neighbours. With an “I’m all right jack” attitude to life where the rich get richer and the poor stay angry society becomes a violent and unfair place to live. I personally have no problem knowing that a proportion of my tax helps to provide someone else health care or school education and I would much rather my money was spent that way than on wars, bailouts to the financial industry and a huge high surveillence state apparatus.

-I believe we have already gone too far in the march towards a high tech surveillance state that only serves to give the government too much control over our lives. We should scrap the proposed national ID card, tear down 99% of all CCTV cameras, repeal the RIPA Act as well as numerous Anti-Terrorism laws and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 94. The scales of justice have swung too far in favour of the state and we should always remember that its much harder to regain liberties from a government once they have been lost.

-I believe that our war on drugs also falls in the same category as the war on terror as being an unwinnable and illogical concept that has no chance of succeeding in abolishing mankinds desire to temporarily escape his surroundings. Add to that the fact most career criminals are addicted to drugs and have to rob to pay for them it makes sense to rethink this policy of prohibition. The following article of mine talks about this in more details.

-I believe our public state schools needs a total overhaul so that if you leave the system with good grades and the ability to think critically its not through pure luck. Religious education should be banned from state education as teaching kids to believe in fairy tales is not a good grounding for anything let alone for a world where miracles never happen. Philosophy, socialology, pyschology and politics should be taught from a very early age as well as critical thinking, logic and reason and economics. Boys leave school with very little understanding of how to budget and live in the real world. Whereas girls often get taught on how to run a household from their mother boys leave school and usually go straight into the arms of banks and credit card companies and into a life of paying off debt. Most importantly the boy or girl that always questions  the teacher and asks “why?” should not be scolded or told off but nurtured and praised. Kids need to be taught to be sceptical and to always question authority.

So that’s a list of some of the key things I believe in and hopefully they will let my detractors use the correct terminology when attacking me on twitter. Now even though I believe in personal freedoms that is not to say that if I was granted supreme godlike powers over all mankind for all day and could ban or eradicate certain aspects of culture or human behaviour for all time I wouldn’t do so for the good of humanity as a whole. These things would most definitely include: war, all organised religion, the burqa, cruelty to children & animals, public school boys, cheesy pop ballads and all Shopping Channels on TV.

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15 Responses

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  1. James Laffrey says

    Good stuff.

    However, as bad as the USA is — and I’m an American — the USA isn’t the top criminal power in the world. Since you are apparently in the U.K., you are closer to all the original sources than I am. I’ve been researching them, indirectly, for the last year.

    One bankster family has been in control of the Bank of England for more than 100 years. The same criminal family gained control of USA money in 1913. Our president and our leaders in Congress become card-carrying criminals before they are allowed into the high positions they hold.

    Rather than be long-winded, I’ll leave it there, for now. But I invite you to check out my relatively new website, where the problem is in focus and where the Solution for the USA is offered.

    We have a lot in common, it seems. Cheers then.

  2. Olya says

    Your points and beliefs are quiet interesting, however; why would you ban the Shopping Channels??? People that do not have the privilegdge of being able to get out of the house due to disability, or perhaps people that are stuck in a hospital, or even people that are afraid of the “i am watched by government” paranoia, the very thing that you mentioned earlier, get the priviledge of shopping from the very comfort of their own home…..

  3. bruce says

    gday mate, great site and all that.. keep up the good work. i agree with just about everything cept banning the burka.. bloke needs a hobby ffs..

  4. Ed says

    Below is a villainous, massive deception by omission; I’ve been trying to make it apparent to the people, to negligible effect. Perhaps you might be interested …

    USA real asset price histories are very instructive
    “Real Homes, Real Dow” at
    but are kept out of sight of the people, because brokers/middlemen make more money when there are price bubbles.

    Would you tell the people of these kept out of sight histories? Perhaps you might just cite the very rare appearances of them in the news media:
    8/27/2006, NYT
    3/30/1999, WSJ

    Surely: massive deception by omission …

  5. Karen McLoughlin says

    Great ideas and it’s great to read something from somebody who really seems to care. Strange though it may seem I think that if we had more people in power who actually cared about the difference between right and wrong as opposed to what is expedient the world would be a better place for all, even when the wrong decisions are sometimes made.

  6. concerned says

    You are obviously one person who can read between the headlines and get a grip on the “real world”. I do agree that the USA have become the rnightmare, since they now run concentration camps like guantanamo and secret jails, theCIA runs around the world. They torture and dont accept the international court in the hague, fearing US citizens would be proscecuted. How about dick cheyney, george bush etc. The UK has kissed arse of the americans way too long, other europeans like germany and recently france have followed suit, in hope for the big reward. Our world has deteriated with most of the help from the us government and their agencies.
    I do agree with almost every single point you make in your assessment. Let’s work on it to get the arseholes away from the power.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Thank you very much for your comment. It is much appreciated!

  7. Chris Sellars says

    Hi, thought you might find this interesting, nothing new, but shows that “ordinary folks” are waking up to things :-

    cheers, Chris.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Cheers for the link, very interesting.

  8. Barbara Todish says

    Does this site still exist? Has it been compromized, subverted, eliminated??? How does anyone find out? The reason I am asking is that it seems like the last posting, other than comments, was made sometime in 2010. What is going on here? If anyone involved in the original (other than trolls,etc) gets this message please contact me, BarbaraTodish:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Barbara Todish
    444 Mt. Prospect Ave. Apartment 1610
    Newark, New Jersey, 07104
    973 484-1023 H
    973 368-3511 C

    • darkpolitricks says

      Hi Barbara

      I am not sure what you are talking about as as new content is added to this site every day – just look at the homepage and my own blog section at where I try to write every week (even when I had Cancer). The last post was last week.

      Therefore I suspect this is an automated BOT posting to try and spam sites with your links which I have removed because of this as I cannot understand why you would think the last post was 2010? This article may have been written then but the last post was today!


  9. Jack Kelle says

    I recently finished working on an infographic that explores some devastating facts on the topic. While America makes up 5% of the world’s population, 25% of the world’s prisoners are Americans in America’s prisons! I thought I would share this with you in the hopes you might make some use of it. It’s certainly an important issue. Here’s the link:

    Best Wishes,
    Jack Kelle

    • darkpolitics says

      Well you will be happy to know I put it in an article with a backlink. See it here >

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