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A Response from Liberal Democrats Policy Research Unit

By Dark Politricks

Recently I wrote a couple of articles about the Liberal Democrats and their proposed freedom bill which can be found here, here . I then emailed the Liberal Democrats asking them whether implementation of their freedom bill would be a key part of any bargaining to form a coallition government whether it be with the Tories or Labour. This is their reply.

Dear Admin,   Thank you for your email.   Here are our main policies surrounding human rights issues.

Liberal Democrats will scrap Identity Cards and the intrusive National Identity Register. Getting rid of this expensive, illiberal and ineffective scheme will free up enough money for thousands more police officers.

The Human Rights Act (HRA) protects in law the most basic rights of every single person in this country. Having the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) enshrined in British law means that British people don’t have to go to Strasbourg to have their cases heard. The Liberal Democrats are the only party fully committed to protecting and strengthening the Human Rights Act.

The Liberal Democrats believe it is a basic right that people are innocent until proven guilty. We believe that the DNA database should focus on criminals not the innocent. We will remove all innocent people from the DNA database and remove children. In the future, only those guilty of an offence will be able to have their DNA kept.

The Liberal Democrats will introduce a Freedom Bill to restore and protect civil liberties. In the last two decades or so, Labour and the Conservatives have stripped away our treasured freedoms. We have put them all together in a single place so that they can be given back to us by a single Act of Parliament. There are over twenty measures, from ID cards to CCTV; from council spying to the right to protest.

We will scrap the hugely expensive Children’s Database.  A huge database containing the details of every child in the country will not make children safer.  When it comes to child protection, professionals need to speak to each other and not rely on putting information on a computer.  We know that Government’s can’t be trusted with personal information, this database needs to be scrapped.

Unfortunately I am not the Home Affairs Spokesperson and cannot speak on behalf of the party. Please contact Chris Huhne MP, Liberal Democrat  Home Affairs Spokesperson for any formal quotes.

Best wishes,

Dan Murch Liberal Democrat Policy Research Unit

Obviously I will be writing to Chris Huhne as soon as possible to get his views on the matter.

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