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Apocalypse tomorrow?

Jerry Mazza
Online Journal
March 4, 2010

The advent of Chile’s shattering earthquake, magnitude 8.8, 3 a.m. Saturday, is the worst in 50 years and comes only seven weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. We now have a warning from National Public Radio (NPR) that seems like a sick joke, that Solar Storms Could Be Earth’s Next Katrina. Yet, too often today’s sick joke turns out to be tomorrow’s apocalypse. How come?

If you look in the linked article’s photo of the northern lights, the green halo of the lights dance over the Knik River near Palmer, Alaska. It is reminiscent of the green halo of light generated in HAARP experiments. I don’t mean to harp on HAARP, but the recent wave of weather anomalies now flooding the news raise the possibility of apocalypse here, there and everywhere.

For instance, the ‘Earth Katrina’ article’s first paragraphs tell us: “A massive solar storm could leave millions of people around the world without electricity, running water, or phone service, government officials say.

“That was one of their conclusions after participating in a tabletop exercise that looked at what might happen today if the Earth were struck by a solar storm as intense as the huge storms that occurred in 1921 and 1859.” One thing sort of balloons into another here . . .

“Solar storms happen when an eruption or explosion on the surface of the sun sends radiation or electrically charged particles toward Earth. Minor storms are common and can light up the Earth’s Northern skies and interfere with radio signals.” Scared yet?

“Every few decades, though, the sun experiences a particularly large storm. These can release as much energy as 1 billion hydrogen bombs.” Scared now? Well, sayonara, y’all. Or at least one has that feeling, fleeting or lasting, which brings me to my main point.

The overall impact of these catastrophic events, as many as 300,000 people lost in Haiti, is to create a world-angst on the human psyche, including the seemingly quixotic appearance of them and the fragility of our powers to control these events. More importantly, these events represent the murder, even genociding of native peoples.

Also, if the would-be rulers of a New World Order wanted to create these feelings of instability for destabilizing the present world order, including its rainbow of nations and nationalities, this blizzard of apocalyptic events would be an excellent tool, a la HAARP, to pull from Pandora’s toolbox.

In fact, the ‘Earth Katrina’ article is sub-headed, “How Well Can We Weather The Solar Storm,” providing us with area exercises and their results, determined in Boulder, Colorado, for America. They include dire predictions of “storms as big as the ones in 1921 and 1859 — a sort of solar Katrina.

These predictions were made by Tom Bogdan, director of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder and by Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The two organizations ask also if “Disabled Satellites Are Just the Beginning?” They cite how solar storms can create electrical currents in high voltage power lines — currents powerful enough to destroy transformers around the globe. I mean, these thoughts were at the heart of Nikolas Tesla’s darkest experiments, to create electromagnetic beams of power that can be pointed on different targets to wreak weather or total earth havoc.

His works inspired the environmental-warfare inventions of Bertrand Eastlund, which he patented and sold to private corporations and the military to develop. His U.S. PATENT 4,686,605 for HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was sold to ARCO (The Atlantic Richfield Company). The 15-year confidentially agree with ARCO has now matured, so you can get a sense from this document of the potential destructive abilities of HAARP in several crucial areas.

Returning to the Boulder drill and findings, their spokespeople claim that the new ‘Earth Katrina’ will be far worse due to “our growing dependence on satellites and other electronic devices that are vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. The tabletop exercise revealed that the first sign of trouble came “when radiation began disrupting radio signals and GPS devices.”

In 10 to 20 minutes, “electrically charged particles ‘basically took out’ most of the commercial satellites that transmit telephone conversations, TV shows and huge amounts of data we depend on in our daily lives,” said Bogdan, who added “When you go into a gas station and put your credit card in and get some gas, that’s a satellite transaction . . .”

Fugate added, “But a solar Katrina would cause damage in a much larger area than any natural disaster. For example, power could be knocked out almost simultaneously in countries from Sweden to Canada and the U.S . . . So a lot more people would need help.” Are these guys the children of Dr. Strangelove or what?

Fugate ends with the ridiculous reassurance that “If you’ve got your family disaster plan together, you’ve taken the steps, whether it be a space storm . . . system failure . . . another natural hazard that knocks the power out.” Tell that to the people of Haiti or Chile, whose deaths are reported only to be in the hundreds so far due to superior house, other buildings and highway construction.

Yet to get the most realistic (and frightening) idea of HAARP’s power for real-life destruction, go to Vancouver’s COOPRADIO.ORG for US HAARP Weapon Triggered Haiti Earthquake: Shock and Awe And Disaster Capitalism. This piece includes an incredible interview with noted whistleblower Leuren Moret and Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, M. Ed, on Haiti, HAARP, and the devastation.

Moret covers everything from the development of this weaponry during the Cold War decades to technology finally being exchanged between US, Russia and Chinese scientists, their countries supplying the necessary money to apply the research with testing in the ionosphere, and finally building HAARP stations around the world.

Moret explains that the use of HAARP technology gave the US Navy foreknowledge of the quake so as to preposition the fleet before the disaster and supervise the event’s aftermath, with the US military taking over the scene and allowing only US planes to land in Haiti. She points out that a World Bank loan that was made to pave streets turned into paving back alleys higher than the streets to flood the shacks and houses when the rains came.

She points out that, in 2004, then President Aristide was removed by former President George W. Bush and Dyncorp (yesterday’s Blackwater/Xe), after Aristide had inventoried all of Haiti’s natural resources. This was reported by Aristide’s attorney, Marguerite Laurent (Ezili Danto), whose exposés I included in my article Oil, gas, gold, copper, etc., in Haiti equals US occupation.

Laurent’s revelations reveal a full-fledged man-made catastrophic event for the purposes of resource takeover and to instill fear and greater poverty on and hardship for the people of Haiti. They could as easily become the people of Chile today, who happen to be the world’s leading producers of copper and a major supplier of other metals and minerals. The difference is that Chile’s economy is relatively solvent in comparison, with the average family income at nearly $15,000 per annum.

You may remember, too, that 40 years ago Chile suffered a political earthquake when its first duly and democratically elected president, Salvatore Allende, was assassinated in a CIA-op orchestrated by Henry Kissinger (subsequently named a war criminal by the Hague), an opener to the Nixon administration. President Allende was a socialist, ergo not suitable for the US’s tastes, despite the will of his people, thousands of whom were disappeared in the aftermath for protesting, dissidence or activism of any kind. Perhaps the earthquake is an apostrophe to that carnage, a reminder to be good.

It would seem that the US has acquired more than one way to depose a president, bring about regime change, and literally dispose of an entire people if it has to, or if it is hungry enough on any given day for whatever resources their land posses. Copper futures were up, of course, after the quake. The market doesn’t miss a trick to exploit shortage, just as the price of bread soared exponentially in Chile among its own people.

Apocalypse comparisons blossomed as well in USA Today, in Chilean Earthquake hints at dangers of ‘Big One’ for USA. This article, too, for all of its fact detailing, will try to fill you with fear from coast to coast. This, just as you hear predictions on a steady basis of a new, more ferocious 9/11. Thinking the unthinkable, the article warns too of our failing infrastructure and points out how quickly our bridges, buildings and parking garages would crumble into the dust if an earthquake struck.

Plus, here’s what USA TODAY’s lead paragraph and our government think not only of major earthquakes but indigenous populations: “One of the really ‘Big Ones’ to shake the United States was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Pacific Northwest coast more than 300 years ago, before the arrival of people and development [italics mine], that sent a catastrophic tsunami to Japan.” Perhaps that “people” gaff was just the writer’s poor diction, more likely a national mindset.

The notion that in 1710 the human inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest coast were somehow not people and that their culture represented no human development is symbolic of our xenophobia, especially towards “underdeveloped” nations, which one day will be our undoing, or put another way, our apocalypse. All that remains in our bizarre culture is for someone to start an apocalypse hedge fund, betting on who gets the “Big One” next.

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