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Biometric Scans for Traffic Stops

Stephen Fuller
March 28, 2010

In every Hollywood produced dystopian film one fantasy is certain to appear with deafening familiarly; absolute control.   These visions of our future, and indeed humanity”s past, accentuate the authoritarian or totalitarian government enacting some random form of repressive social control. However, if you are seeking out the next big blockbuster dystopia, look no further than the American reality today.   As shown by this newscast from FOX6Now, Milwaukee – WITI, we are obediently barreling toward such degeneration of civil freedom.   

The newscast title reads, “Avoid Mistaken Identity”, and presents us with everyone”s favorite friendly neighborhood police officer, Joseph Boehlke, “just trying to do his job” in the fastest, most painless and polite manner possible. The producers of this agitprop news piece are trying to sell the viewer the message that these actions are not some horrible vision; it”s innovative, hip, and all for your protection and service. Unfortunately the truth is that while Officer Boehlke may in fact be a very nice person, what he is doing in this clip is as un-American as the persona of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
It is no longer acceptable enough to the statists that you must, under penalty of law, present your state issued driving license, personal motor vehicle insurance, and state issued vehicle registration. Now, in order to move “freely” about Milwaukee they desire your biological identity to match the information in their database. And, of course, the newscast provides substantial reason for your compliance: only the guilty don”t do it, you need your identity protected, you do it unless you”re hiding something, and it”s already helped us catch bad guys and so on ad infinitum. Yet the reasons against totalitarian methodologies like this are just as infinite and in fact, quite a bit more powerful and meaningful to society. In point of fact, this type of police state dragnet has been shown to violate our basic natural rights; as the Supreme Court has held:
That fingerprints are subject to the requirements of the Search and Seizure Clause of the Fourth Amendment , Davis v. Mississippi, supra.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court has also noted the importance of such natural rights:

The interests in human dignity and privacy which the Fourth Amendment protects forbid any such intrusions on the mere chance that desired evidence might be obtained…The integrity of an individual’s person is a cherished value of our society. That we today hold that the Constitution does not forbid the States minor intrusions into an individual’s body under stringently limited conditions (in this case, blood alcohol tests after an arrest) in no way indicates that it permits more substantial intrusions, or intrusions under other conditions. Schmerber v. California, 384 U.S. 757 (1966).

With total disregard for our fundamental law and most treasured values, the statists push ever forward in the surge to biometrically identify and catalog every person in America. As evidenced by Senators Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham”s (R-S.C.) proposal for biometric ID cards intended for immigration reform, which will require such identification on any persons obtaining any sort of job whatsoever, they will seize at any innocuous justification to push forward on biometric identification legislation. The Department of Homeland Security is already admittedly maintaining the biometrics-based immigration records database and has now implemented the Secure Communities (LINK: ) information-sharing program designed to comprehensively link nationwide local law enforcement agencies to the FBI and DHS biometric systems.

The case has already been made that such systems can aid law enforcement and fugitive tracking. However, to what end? Civilizations more secure against crime yet free from liberties? Surly across the board nightly house-to-house searches would increase our jail population and decrease our crime rate, yet no one dare call for such measures. And certainly the statist will argue that biometric information is but a minor infringement by the State and as such serves much more as your civil duty in the maintenance of law and order than it does harm to your liberty. But this is the ultimate failure of statist reasoning: that one liberty may be abdicated while the others stay intact. Eventually the biometric database will prove insufficient and some other liberty will be required to be extinguished to maintain the state of constant warfare against the criminal element. This is how our dystopia is forged and was most succinctly stated:

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.  ~Thomas Paine

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