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Do the Healthcaremongers Hold Us in Contempt?

David McKalip, M.D.
Campaign For Liberty
March 16, 2010

President Obama and Congress appear to be holding the American people in contempt. The Dictionary defines contempt as “Lack of respect or reverence for something; disdain; The state of mind of one who despises, the act of despising something.” That seems to be the state of mind of a majority in Congress and Obama: lack of respect, reverence and actually despising the American people. It is this contempt that should propel Americans to a second — but peaceful — American Revolution to replace elected officials at all levels with those who believe in limited government and individual liberty by January 2013.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the vast majority of Americans are rejecting the proposed government and corporate take over of health care, Congress and the President are demonstrating their abject contempt for the American people in their determination to ram this bill through Congress and have the President sign it into law.

They fail to respect several key demonstrated proofs of America’s disapproval. Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts — taking a seat held by liberal lion Kennedy in large part due to rejection of the health care agenda. They ignore consistent polls showing growing rejection of Congressional plans. Bills passed only by narrow, dark of night votes in Congress requiring back room deals, political threats, and shedding of key policies favored by liberals while completely ignoring reasonable compromises offered by Republicans. The only Republican component included is one that punishes doctors for spending “too much” on their patients — a hold over from the Bush years: Pay for Performance.

The House passed a bill by three votes in November 2009 that included a public option. The Senate could only pass a Christmas Eve bill without the public option and in its place is a transfer of $350 billion to the insurance companies in Federal subsidy money to buy mandated health insurance. This shows contempt for the liberal base of the Democratic party that wants government control — not more money and power for the insurance companies. Of course, the creation of a mandate to buy health insurance shows contempt for individual rights and the U.S. Constitution.

The House bill passed ONLY because of a ban on federal money for abortions that was stripped from the Senate bill. Now the House is asked to vote for the Senate bill as is and hope that an abortion funding compromise will occur in the Senate. This is proposed after the President makes the Senate bill the law of the land; no such compromise will occur. Contempt for the principles and the intelligence of those Democratic Congressmen behind Bart Stupak’s vote-getting amendment. Disdain for Americans who refuse to allow their tax dollars to pay for abortion.

Speaker Pelosi says that once the bill passes, then Americans will see how good it is for them (and can then see the language). She asks the House to pass a Senate bill on the promise that some sort of revisions will pass later through parliamentary tricks. In fact, Congresswoman Slaughter of New York suggests that the House “deems” the Senate bill to have passed that body without a vote! Contempt for the constitutional requirements of how Congress should pass laws. President Obama states that Americans just don’t understand what he wants and they just need another speech so he can enlighten them. Contempt for the basic intelligence of Americans and a demonstration of sheer arrogance.

The proposed “reform” policies themselves show contempt. Buy health insurance or go to jail. Contempt. Medical care practiced by committee and not your doctor. Contempt. Doctors penalized for spending “over budget” on patients. Contempt. Ten years of revenue with six years of spending to “balance the budget”. Contempt! The open display of corrupt political deals for votes show contempt: the Louisiana Purchase(Landrieu-La), the Cornhusker Kickback (Nelson-Neb.), Gator-aid (Nelson-Fl). So many political “coincidences” happen simultaneously while yes votes are gained or no votes neutralized: FBI investigations and ethics probes end (Mollohan-W.Va.), brothers gain judgeships (Matheson-UT), a Congressman quits to avoid an ethics scandal (Massa-NY). Strong-arm tactics to coerce votes and contempt for the intelligence of Americans. The most contemptuous policy: A federally appointed, unaccountable arrogant elite panel (the Independent Medicare Advisory Board) to create rationing and committee medical practice directives for doctors. Write into law that no future congress can even consider a motion to abolish the panel (page 1020 of HR 3590 passed by Senate). Contempt for the simple words in the US constitution that Congress writes the laws — such a power of a future congress can’t be abolished by a current Congress. Contempt.

The President holds a Blair House summit with Republicans and Democrats on health care and before the sun sets on that day, the Democrats advise the Republicans in attendance that the Senate bill will be passed using reconciliation and other political maneuvers with no attempt at including Republican compromises. Contempt.

The President claims all meetings on health care will be televised on C-span while the only TV image we get is a closed door in front of a meeting of politicians and special interests. The government shows contempt for Americans when they will have secret meetings with the AMA, AARP, the insurance industry, PhRMA, Families USA, Unions, and other special interests but refuse to listen to or respect Americans in Town halls, in polls or phone calls to congressional offices.

The President convinces his democratic party that without a victory on health care HIS presidency is in jeopardy -as if it is his personal possession. His legacy will be lost. The president thus shows the most contempt for the American people by claiming that his personal position of power and his legacy are more important than the wishes or the best interests of the American people. That is the type of contempt that is demonstrated by kings, dictators and tyrants. It was King George III who said: “I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor.”

Now they plan a vote on health care during the week of 3/15/2010. The President delays his taxpayer-funded family trip to Australia and Indonesian childhood stomping grounds to break more arms for votes and Pelosi promises passage. She will likely pass the Senate bill and there will be cheers in Washington elite circles.

But the cheers should be loudest among Americans who love liberty. While Americans may view passage of a government take over of medicine as a defeat, they should instead see it as a motivating and key moment in American history — when they realized that it is time for a peaceful overthrow of our leadership in government. It is time to reject a hundred years of big government policy and dependency on D.C. that has placed us in the position we are now: flat on our backs with the boot of government on our throats. American liberty has had three major defeats in the last one hundred years: the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax; the failed New Deal that started and ended the depression with a 20% unemployment rate and instilled big government as a way of life in America; the Lyndon Johnson Great Society that created the now $38 trillion unfunded liability of Medicare, the failed medical ghetto of Medicaid and welfare programs that had to be repealed in the ’90’s. We lost those first three great battles and now the fourth attempt of collectivism/big government is upon us in the agenda of Obama. This fourth invasion of collectivism will threaten our national sovereignty with generations of debt owned by foreigners and shadowy bankers. This latest battle against collectivism is one we can’t lose as it will mean the end of liberty and property rights in America and America itself.

The Tea Party movement over the last year has been like the Boston Tea Party: a powerful demonstration to the King that free Americans are not going to live under contempt and tyranny any longer. The Boston Tea Party was an event as is the Tea Party movement. It is now time for the next phase: a full Campaign for Liberty. The Liberty movement is here and tea party movement got us started. It has recruited soldiers and found leaders, causes and resources. It has fought and lost and fought and won. George Washington was soundly defeated so many times after he chased the British out of Boston in March 1776 and then himself was chased out of Manhattan and into Pennsylvania. But he had inspirational victories when crossing the Delaware on Christmas of 1776 and Americans fought and stayed with him and finally defeated the British at Yorktown and gained freedom for our country in 1781.

This is our moment for a rebirth of Liberty in America. This is the moment when we must recruit soldiers to the Liberty Movement and fight for the next several years for victory. The victory we need is election of a majority of principled, liberty-loving leaders to Congress, state and local government in 2010 and again in 2012 with an inauguration of a new President in 2013 that will put government where it belongs again. Not with its boot on the throats of the American people, but with the government on its knees before the American people — begging for its favor and respect. That will be a time when Americans can stop holding their government in contempt and begin again their efforts to bring prosperity and peace to our generation and future generations of Americans.

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