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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

One of the strangest things seen in America in recent days was the press coverage of the sentencing of Bernie Kerik as a crooked cop.  Day in, day out, Fox News does little but talk up the heroics of Bernie Kerik and how he is being wrongfully persecuted by the courts.  There is much more to this story than Fox will report or than Fox is able to hide.

What is now obvious is that Kerik’s threat is that he is the only important character central to the 9/11 case to be going to jail.

How did a poor boy with a GED go from dog handler for the army in Korea to, according to Rupert Murdoch, “one of America’s greatest heroes?”  According to Kerik’s bio, his 3 year stint as a dog handler had him as one of the most experienced trainers of Special Forces though he was neither Ranger nor Special Forces qualified, thus making his bio a total fiction.

Compare the fates of Kerik and Erik Prince of Blackwater.  ABC News accusations tied Prince to murders and gun running as part of a “crusade to eliminate Muslims.” Witnesses mysteriously disappeared and Blackwater was tied to one scandal after another.  Prince, millionaire long before Blackwater and son in law of the Amway/GOP Christian extremist billionaire, Dick DeVos of Grand Rapids, Michigan, simply changed the name of his company, first Xe, then Parvel and the billions keep rolling in.  Kerik, for 1% of Prince’s transgressions goes to prison.

What was Kerik really and why is Fox News so terrified of him and what he could say?

He was a “fixer” and and the only real gangster in the whole Bush mob.  He played the street thug among a pack of blowhards, their “go to” guy when dirty work had to be done but in the end, showed his colors, phony, crybaby and fraud.    His short stint in the Army and his inflated resume landed him a job cleaning up messes for the Saudi Royal family, a job even a rat would vomit over.  Another of my closest friends held a similar job during much the same time.

No Hollywood scandal sheet could match the stories of utter debauchery working for the Saudi royals supplies.  My guess is that working for the Saudis touched him as it has so many others, that close to that much corruption and hypocrisy.  Guliani and Bush would be just another pair of “whore-mongering princes” to Kerik.

Kerik who went from “bankrupt” as a cop to “stock manipulation” millionaire days later, picked up a 1.2 billion dollar contract training the Iraqi police.  Senior American military officials who met with Kerik while he was “touring” Iraq indicated that he was “utterly unqualified and without any substance whatsoever.”  They called his entire operations “a sham.” Lt. Gen. Sanchez said of Kerik:

The former commander of U.S. forces in Iraq took aim at Bernard Kerik in an exclusive interview with the Daily News Sunday, calling his efforts to train Iraqi police in 2003 “a waste of time and effort.”

Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top military leader in Iraq from June 2003 to June 2004, blasted the former police commissioner for failing to produce results while Kerik was the interim minister of interior in 2003.

“I would be hard-pressed to identify a major national-level success that his organization accomplished in that time,” Sanchez told The News a day before his new memoir, “Wiser in Battle” hits bookstores nationwide.

“He is a very energetic guy. He is very confident – overconfident to an extent – and he is very superficial in his understanding of the requirements of his job,” Sanchez said. “His whole contribution was a waste of time and effort.”

Sanchez said when Kerik left Iraq, after just 90 days, he checked the Interior Ministry’s inventory to see what equipment was bought for the Iraqi police. Sanchez said he was “shocked” to find out that the only thing on the books was 50,000 Glock pistols.

“When I was informed of the exorbitant prices that were being paid for these pistols, my first reaction was that there had to be some impropriety, but I had no evidence to substantiate it,” he wrote.

Sanchez also told The News that he was “flabbergasted” when he heard that Kerik was nominated secretary of Homeland Security. The nomination was dropped days later, after Kerik admitted to hiring an undocumented nanny, and in November he was indicted for bribery and tax evasion.

Other sources indicate Kerik was trying to take over the black market and prostitution trade in Baghdad.  Mysterious and unauthorized raids on whore houses thru Iraq by “police trainers” along with massive financial irregularities in everything Kerik touched in Iraq paints a picture Fox News also seems to have missed.

Kerik, among other crimes, stands convicted of lying to get himself confirmed as Director of Homeland Security.  Why would Bush want a now convicted felon, someone rated as “useless” by Bush’s most senior military commanders in the administration’s most important post?  What needed skills did he bring that any other convicted felon couldn’t, especially a more successful criminal?
Pimp, bagman and self promoter?  Was this on the resume from that period?  He could have been a real hero, he had the makings of it but was seduced by lesser men, hardly men at all, Guliani, Bush and so many others, people he must have felt sick being around, a pack of “girlie men” as our “Governator” would call it.


The only real fame that has stuck to Kerik from 9/11 is his use of an apartment meant for fire fighters working at “ground zero” for “nooners” with his multiple mistresses.

Bernie Kerik, who counts Rudy Giuliani not only as his friend but his mentor, is also the subject of a lawsuitbrought by book publisher Judith Regan against the News Corporation (owner of Fox News) for encouraging Regan to mislead federal investigators about her sexual relationship with Kerik during his bid to become the Homeland Security Secretary.

News Corp. allegedly did so in order to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign. (Regan and Kerik reportedly used an apartment near Ground Zero, that was supposed be used by exhausted 9/11 rescue workers, for their sexual affair).

You might think Fox News would remember this when talking about Kerik’s supposed 9/11 heroics.  Their memory is conveniently short it seems.

9/11 brought out every profiteer and con artist America had.  Guiliani and Kerik built a billion dollar empire out of nominating themselves as heroes of 9/11 when hundreds of others died serving the city of New York while they played the crowd and ran back and forth to Washington.  Guliani and Kerik would have ended up, had things not gone bad, with all the Blackwater or Dyncorp contracts, worth tens of billions, had it all not come crashing down.

Kerik actually got a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth for, well, hanging out with Guliani and Bush, much the same way he hung out with the Saudis.  Perhaps the queen could arrange a knighthood for Tiger Woods , Silvio Berlusconi or Rupert Murdoch.  Guliani got a knighthood also, for “helping the British relatives of 9/11 victims.”

What next, a sainthood for Al Capone and Meyer Lansky or a posthumous Nobel Prize in Medicine for Dr. Mengele?  You have to give Guliani credit.  Not only did he push to have as many terrorist suspects arrested as possible, in massive sweeps but has had the foresight to come in behind them and represent the same “terrorists” through his lawfirm.  I love moral flexibility of this kind as does Liz Cheney who called him on this. However, Rudy’s big liability is always going to be Kerik.

Dan Collins writes of Kerik,:

What’s really amazing here is that this cheap crook and charlatan should have achieved such wealth and lofty position in the first place. While Kerik has left an impressively long trail of wrongdoing, it bears the fingerprints of a petty criminal. During the period the former New York City police commissioner was raking in megabucks, he shortchanged the government by a little less than $200,000, according to the prosecutor.

There was an off-the-books nanny, bogus charitable deductions, the unreported free use of a car and, of course, the well-known apartment renovations paid for by a construction company with suspected mob ties. Kerik earned well over half a million dollars from his best-selling rags-to-riches memoir, but he only thought to conceal about $70,000 of his book income from the government.

There’s little doubt Bernie had bigger dreams. He set up a Delaware corporation to park income from his lucrative post-9/11 speaking engagements. He also created an offshore account for himself by forming a shell corporation in the Cayman Islands.

Kerik’s greatest strength was loyalty to the boss combined with a low cunning that enabled him to manipulate people.

An eyewitness to the latter quality was Judith Regan, the hotshot book editor who published Kerik’s memoir. Regan was one of two women Bernie was making love to in an apartment overlooking the ruins at Ground Zero that a developer had donated for the use of rescue workers in need of rest.

She split with Kerik when it dawned on her that Bernie wasn’t going to leave his wife, as promised.

“The night I was done with him was the day of the New York marathon,” she told HuffPost blogger Len Levitt. “The guys from his detail took me to the tent he was in. He started crying, ‘I love you. You can’t leave me.’ He was crying in front of everyone inside the tent.”

“He cries on cue,” Regan lamented. “He did it when he was interviewed on 60 Minutes. He did it when he went on Oprah and he spoke about his mother.”

The same press that is crying over Kerik going to jail for corruption while NYC police commissioner is also attacking anyone asking for a new investigation of 9/11.   With the Commission itself saying it was misled, one of the prime sources on 9/11, Kerik himself, now a convicted felon and the revelations that the Commission entirely missed the impossible controlled demolition of Building 7, something that had to have been supervised by Kerik, something that required weeks of preparation and something now tearing America apart, Kerik should be drowning in questions and accusations, not accolades for a petty crook.

Why doesn’t the press mention that President Bush actually nominated this convicted felon to head the Department of Homeland Security?  Instead we got Michael Chertoff, who represents the companies making body scanners and is now tied to another great coverup, the “Crotch bombing” of Detroit last Christmas.


Normally, the press would be calling Kerik:

  • reputed mobster
  • Guliani “bag man”
  • “violated the public trust”
  • phony hero/glory hound
  • corrupt public official
  • convicted felon
  • possible organized crime “associate
  • crooked cop

Instead, Kerik has gotten more press than all the Watergate or Iran/Contra figures combined with the exception of Oliver North.  What we aren’t asking is why?


We move into the area of conjecture.  Kerik was arrested and jailed by the same administration that appointed him head of Homeland Security.  It doesn’t take much imagination that his conviction or rather “plea agreement” is after a cover-up and shoody investigation.  This would have angered a judge, knowing a serious criminal was getting a short sentence and would be free to pick up his hundreds of millions in “ill gotten gains” the moment he left his “country club” prison.

Sources indicate that Guliani and Kerik had remade New York City into the Chicago of the 1920s but on a scale unimagined.  9/11 theorists all believe that having Guliani and Kerick in place made the attacks possible.  The revelations on Building 7 and the now public statement of Silverstein admitting to a sinister controlled demolition, inconsistent with any possible engineering reality, normal fire fighter tactic or any other human possibility.

We are left with incontrovertible evidence of something extremely wrong involving Guliani and Kerik personally, involving billions in possible insurance fraud and something mysteriously time to an “unexpected” disaster.  All the “Fox News” subterfuge in the world can’t talk there way out of this one.  Is all the press supporting Kerik a way of trying to make him keep his mouth shut?  Was the prison sentence a way of pressuring him to talk?

Anyone really involved in 9/11, especially anyone involved in perjured testimony to the 9/11 Commission should face alot more than a few years in prison, perhaps even the death penalty.

There is simply no way to explain 9/11 and “pulling down” a 47 story building with 10 minutes of preparation without conclusively proving nearly everyone that profited from 9/11, the Iraq War or who pushed forward draconian legislation wasn’t involved in planning the attacks themselves.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves, this is where it goes, no other explanation is possible, and Bernie Kerik may be the key to all of it.  Why else would the press care about someone who is so very “yesterday” when we have troops fighting a major war in Afghanistan, a war the press has pushed aside to plea for the freedom of a corrupt public official at the center of the 9/11 controversy?


In some ways, Kerik is a victim.  He is the “wrong side of the tracks” guy, no Yale education, no time in Congress and a history of getting his hands dirty.  Kerik was the “garbage man” and, in the end, was tossed on the scrap heap himself.  It was expected Kerik would get a presidential pardon from Bush.  When that didn’t happen, obvious ripples of fear went thru the communities that Kerik could testify against, the massive insurance ripoff at the World Trade Center, recently leased and over-insured against terrorism then almost immediately attacked or the endless other machinations originating from New York City where Kerik, not only a Guliani business partner but Bush insider would have been consulted continually.

He was the only “street smarts” in the entire deluded Bush organization.  The continual orchestrations of the press look like what they are, a press controlled by Israeli/Zionist interests which seems, for some unknown reason to have nothing in the world to talk about but defending a guy who knows too much, way too much, who someone seems very afraid of.

Kerik’s story is obvious, seduced, first by being around the Saudi’s and their infamous lifestyle, then by Guliani, one of the most controversial figures in history and, finally, thrown into the 9/11 conspiracy.  I can imagine how it might have gone.  “Our people will be out of the buildings and if we don’t do this, Israel may fall, Islam will take over the world and America might become Socialist.  If we hadn’t rigged the last election, Gore would be in office right now and Communist China would be running Wall Street.  You don’t want that do you?”

Throw hundreds of millions at anyone, drown him in medals, honors and continual meetings with even  the most incompetent and idiotic of presidents and few could keep any sense of honor or decency.  The real fear today is that Bernie Kerik may actually be some of what he says he is, a hero.  If this is true, it will blow America off the map with a scandal only an alien invasion could overshadow.

Could Israel and Fox News arrange that?

View the original article at Veterans Today

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