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Is America Subject To A Domestic Reign Of Terror?


By Gordon Duff

Veterans Today

One day you read about a break-in at a Senator’s office, the next day, you learn the Acorn “scandal” was a ruse.  None of these things get any follow-up in the MSM/Corporate news.  Then you find the only magazine that will report on massive spy operations against America is Hustler, and their coverage of the national security scandal involving Sibel Edmonds testimony.

This is the biggest spy scandal, biggest scandal in America’s history, best documented and most damaging and has been covered up for years.  When a huge story like this breaks, we hear nothing, read nothing.

Keep thinking, “If it isn’t in the newspapers or on TV, it can’t hurt me.”  You couldn’t be more wrong.

Your spam box fills with accusations, polished lies, propaganda, dozens a day sometimes and you never know who or where.  It is never anything exposing the truth, always something coordinated with the MSM.  They report only what they are allowed and leave the cover-up and lies that point fingers the wrong way to their friends on the internet.

Its called “psy-ops,” a form of warfare and we are the victims.  The military spends billions protecting us from “cyber-warfare” but fails to note that the spam we get daily is cyber warfare, in fact it is terrorism.  Every criminal organization, every terrorist group, uses psy-ops, and cyber warfare.  Much of your email is part of it and it is so successful that you don’t even know who your real enemies are anymore.

An enemy calls this “winning.”

The current leaked memo showing the GOP plan to “scare,” read DESTABILIZE  the United States through an organized and systematic plan of disinformation is psychological warfare, “psy-ops” and a form of cyber-terrorism.  Who runs the GOP?  Who runs the Democrats?  Do you think we do?

If you do, you are a victim of psy-ops.  Score another one for the “enemy.”

Any systematic plan to misinform and deceive Americans to undermine their ability to make informed decisions for their own welfare is an attack on the United States and, under law, a criminal act.  If it is done with intent to inflict damage on the security of the United States it is treason.  Anyone have a problem with this definition?

Where are those we trust, those we pay to protect us?  You say you believe they are part of it?

We had an electronic voting scandal and no newspaper reported it.  A witness who claimed he had been threatened by Karl Rove died in a mysterious plane crash, the financier, Ohio Republican leader, Tom Noe went to prison for 22 years and more than minor proof is available that the 2004 election for President is invalid.

This gave us the Roberts Supreme Court, whose decisions have done untold damage to the security of America.  You won’t hear this on the MSM/Corporate news but 4 “minority” Supreme Court justices will glady tell you.  5 members of our Supreme Court are now defacto “enemies of the state” yet now, they control the state to the point of stepping so far outside their Constitutional mandate that our original system of government is gone.

Hijacked.  Two crooked elections had a purpose, stacking the court, bring us to permanent war and looting the American financial system while undermining our civil rights and system of laws.  It is done, signed sealed and delivered.

Proof is flowing in from around the country of votes being “flipped” and machines being hacked, to the point of millions of votes.  Not only is this not reported, the government itself is either unwilling or unable to protect America from these basic attacks on our freedoms.

This is how we define a “failed state” when talking about others.  Normally, we would ask for sanctions and plan a regime change to save the people from tyranny and injustice.

The crimes aren’t just torture and massive election fraud, it goes deeper.  All the talk about the “bail outs” is part of it too, that and the hundreds of billions stolen by defense contractors in Iraq.

The GAO itself even reports 295 billion stolen so far but nothing is done, not a day of jail time, no investigation.

What does this prove?

If elections are rigged, news is managed, public opinion is twisted by phony scares, or invented news and massive deception campaigns, then anything can be done, any crime, murder, theft, spying, treason, we aren’t safe from anything.

America’s own “war on terror” has made America itself a victim of those some of us trusted to protect us.  Finding proof of this is child’s play but nobody is looking, nobody reporting, nobody “minding the store.”  There are no investigative journalists, not ones on TV or in Newspapers or major magazines, no curious judges or prosecutors, Congressional committees “getting at the facts.”

Could everyone be involved?  Who has that kind of power, that much money?

Are there domestic black operations?  Are there groups that are controlled by political parties, like the GOP’s private militia, “Blackwater” or the AIPAC/Mossad groups that can do alot more than just manage the news or harass citizens?

With hundreds of trained spies, snipers, “black-bag” crews and “hit squads” from the CIA and other spy organizations, not only working for extremists but working inside the US for years, has anyone wondered why nothing is done to investigate anything?

Is there a secret domestic reign of terror, unreported, unseen by the public but there just the same?

How many of our national leaders are being blackmailed?  Check on the “retirements” and resignations.  Then add to that number, those who vote for things they despise and say nothing about corruption and tyranny.  It isn’t just the Whitehouse and Congress but the courts, Justice Department and, of course, the Pentagon.

Not everyone can be bribed by defense contractors or bullied by the AIPAC/Israel lobby, it has to get rougher than that, or we would be hearing more, much more.  When we turned our Joint Special Operations Command over to Dick Cheney as his personal private army then began “privatization” of our black operations, rendition programs, counter-intelligence, those who are supposed to silently kill America’s enemies to “keep us safe” did we suspect it would all go so wrong?

Did we end up with the same people who bilk the government out of hundreds of billions now having to investigate their own crimes?  Do they control the intel, the operations and even have the power to run their own wars?  What do you think privatization does?

The results are obvious.  We are now in the middle of massive military operations in Afghanistan against an enemy who is laughing at us.  We are waving flags, claiming victory and they, with their weapons put aside, are cheering us on.  We know it, they know it, only the American people are fooled.  It is all a game, dead Afghanis, broke and unemployed Americans and rich and fat defense contractors.

Oh, we also forgot to mention the drug barons in Afghanistan.  Do you really believe that our new “privatized” CIA and mercenary armies are above drug running?  Get real.  Ask one of your kids how cheap heroin is now, any kid over 10 will know.

Can a population, can the American people be free if systematically deceived by every information source they are told to trust?  It started small, with phony Osama bin Laden translations, done in Israel, that were the opposite of what he actually said.  From there, where did they go?

We have all been told that Israel and defense contractors control our newspapers, TV and half the internet, listen to our phone calls and buy and sell our government.  We have watched, for the past year, crooked insurance companies dance our government around like a toy.

We accept the things we seem to have once feared as though they don’t matter.

One of the best psy-ops games is to bombard us with phony conspiracies to hide the real ones.  We get so many now that none seem to matter, we either deny everything out of “funk” or simply feel overwhelmed.  This is what was intended and if you feel overwhelmed, “they” have done their jobs to perfection.

It is a war, a terrorist war against America, as real as crashing planes and blowing up buildings, in fact it is worse.  We are slowly being beaten down with lies to where we don’t care anymore.  We may have been there for years already.

Our own institutions have become part of it, some of it out of idiocy but mostly because of money.  Check how much money leaders of groups like the NRA make or what they spend on public relations.  The NRA is a pack of Washington elitists living like kings, playing their members for fools.  It isn’t just the NRA but almost every group, all thieves, all liars, all with one goal, raking in cash.

Most of them are now working against the United States, subverted from years of lying for money to lying to manipulate, deceive, destabilize and ruin our country.  How have they done so far?

View the original article at Veterans Today

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