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MGM Mirage Las Vegas Seeks to Hire Military Veterans

MGM Grand Las Vegas Seeks to Employ U.S. Veterans via

By Randy Miller

MGM Grand delivers more of the Las Vegas lifestyle. More nightlife hotspots like Rouge, Tabú Ultra Lounge, and the always wild Studio 54. More award-winning and signature restaurants from Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Michael Mina, and Joël Robuchon. More exclusive shows, Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ, combining astonishing acrobatics and thrilling martial arts to tell the tale of an epic saga. More big-name entertainment at the Grand Garden Arena-patterned after New York’s Madison Square Garden, this venue is home to mega concerts, powerful championship boxing and premier special events. And more exceptional service-which is where you come in. Join MGM and you can contribute to their best-in-class service that provides guests with the most impressive luxuries available.

“When you work with MGM Grand, you enjoy the prestige of working with a brand that’s synonymous with quality. MGM Grand is host to A-list concerts, events, conventions, shows and restaurants. It’s home to The Mansion, which welcomes the world’s highest-rollers. And it’s the only place in America with 49 AAA Diamonds under one roof, including seven AAA Four Diamond and one Five diamond-rated restaurants!”

Click here to view and apply for MGM Jobs on

In fact, here’s an idea. You know you’re really enjoying work when it doesn’t actually feel like working, right? That’s what MGM Grand thinks.  So they have created a workplace that’s always exciting and filled with action.

MGM Grand regularly organizes employee events where you’re given an opportunity to showcase your talents. They host American Idol-style talent shows, there’s a battle of employee bands, you can show off your cooking skills at the Culinary Kitchen Cup Challenge, prove your worth inventing cocktails at the Maximum Mixologist competition, or show off your commitment to cleanliness at the Housekeeping Olympics.

The world works at MGM Grand and that diversity means we have more reasons to celebrate our team, through competitions or with cultural, holiday and special event parties year-round!

MGM Grand offer comprehensive training programs that turn jobs into ongoing adventures in learning. Classes are free and allow you to learn everything from computers to healthy eating habits, train to become a future leader, or advance in the organization by participating in the REACH, MAP, Hospitality Internship Program or Leadership Institute.

At MGM Grand, they are all about setting your sights higher.

Want to keep moving upward and onward? This is the place for you!  In 2009, MGM Grand transferred or promoted 1,188 employees into new jobs at MGM Grand. Credit their prestigious training programs on offer to employees at every level or the mentoring we provide. Or the career coaching that’s so much a part of their culture.

And with their affiliation with MGM MIRAGE, you’ll have access to employment opportunities at 24 properties around the world. So there’s no limit to where you can take your career! Each of these MGM properties as well has their current job openings posted to the job board.

If you’re not healthy, MGM Grand is not healthy. So they offer a range of industry-best health and 401 (k) plans.

How about insurance? MGM Grand offers life insurance and short and long-term disability insurance, not to mention pet insurance. Yep, they even care about your best friends!

Their complete range of benefits includes:

On-site Child Care Center
Medical, Childcare, College, and Elder Care Savings Plans
Paid Military Leave
Mobile Dentist on property
Adoption Assistance
Domestic Partner Benefits

And because everyone needs to recharge his or her batteries every once in a while, MGM Grand offers Flex Time Off, up to 5 weeks per year!

MGM Grand is THE company to work for, no matter what your career.

Every day you spend with MGM Grand means you add essential work experience to your portfolio experience you couldn’t get anywhere else. Their goal is to be the best, and they are always changing and evolving to meet that expectation.

The MGM Grand has completely invented themselves to become the most talked about property in Las Vegas and they would love to have U.S. Veterans apply and join the team with them as they enter the exciting years ahead. MGM Grand it’s just a place you MUST work if you want to be on a winning team.  Be sure to visit to view jobs for all the MGM properties.

Click here to visit the MGM GRAND Career page HireVeterans/MGMGrand

Click here to visit the MGM Mirage Career Center

View the original article at Veterans Today

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