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Military Families Speak Out against the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan War

The Military Family Peace group Military Families Speak Out is asking all Military Families, Veterans, and supporters who question or oppose the continued occupation of Iraq and escalation of war in SW Asia to add your voice and SPEAK OUT!

Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, Veterans Today News


As the U.S. approaches the start of the 8th year of war in Iraq, Americans need to be reminded that the Iraq war continues under the Obama administration even as the war in Afghanistan escalates! Our troops continue to be in harm’s way and our ‘military’ families are suffering.

The mainstream media will only paint a rosy picture of military families enduring the never ending deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan by showing the American public only how families cope. Not one military family who questions or speaks out against the continued wars for profit under the Obama administration has been seriously interviewed by any major media outlet. With the Defense Industry having commercial interests in PBS, there is also pressure on public television to paint a rosy picture of how our military families and troops cope or are enthusiastic about yet another tour in Iraq or Afghanistan.

If you really care, and seriously want a balanced picture on how these never ending deployments are hurting our military families despite those who courageously or unwittingly COPE, please make your voice heard by joining MFSO at one of the activities listed below.

You do not have to be a military family member or even Veteran to help us out. JUST BE THERE to show how seriously YOU support America’s Military Families with more than yellow ribbons, a pat on the back thank you, then go on with business as usual just like CONGRESS.

Let MFSO know what you will be doing to commemorate this tragic anniversary by responding to the Survey Monkey at If you are unable to attend but would like to get more involved, please contact MFSO Organizer Nikki Morse at [email protected].

This email contains information about what we know is happening around the country. If you are participating in something that isn’t listed, please let us know. If you would like to order MFSO t-shirts or brochures, please go here or email [email protected].

Scheduled Events

—————————————Washington, DC———————————

If you or your organization  plans  on coming to Washington, DC, in direct support of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) please email Nikki at [email protected] and let her know when you, your group, or bus will be in town. She can be reached throughout the activities at 347-703-0570. National Director Deb Forter will also be there, she can be reached at 508-237-5343.

Note: The actions planned by MFSO pretty much correspond with the plans of most other Peace groups and individuals coming to the March anti-war demonstrations. Although the primary march and rally is planned for 20 March, Peace groups will begin arriving, setting up, and taking action about a week prior with events set up similar to both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peace of the Action: Beginning March 15th, a tent city will be erected on the grounds of the Washington Monument as a base camp for actions, community gathering and joint activities

Thursday, March 18, 2010 – Joint Press Conference with Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), Veterans for Peace (VFP) and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Time and Place TBD.

Friday, March 19, 2010 – Capital Hill PEACE Visits

9 a.m. We will be gathering in the basement cafeteria of the Cannon House Office Building at the corner of New Jersey Ave and Independence Ave to prep for visits to Congressional offices.  If you are able to schedule visits with your legislator, please contact Nikki at [email protected] otherwise we will send you with otherwise scheduled visits.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Assembly, ANSWER Coalition and others D.C. March

9:30 a.m. Gather at the Peace of the Action campsite at Madison Dr, NW & 15th St, NW for a Memorial service marking the anniversary of the war(s) and honoring the fallen.

11:00 a.m. March to an Iraq Veterans Against the War Press Conference and Action at to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offices across from Lafayette Park, H Street NW and Madison Place NW.

12:00 p.m. Demonstration and March. Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) will be marching with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and Veteran for Peace (VFP) at the front of the march. If you haven’t been able to join us at either of the previous points, please find us then.

5p.m. Social gathering with VFP/IVAW at Bus Boys and Poets, 5th and K, near the Chinatown Metro stop

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Noon – 3 p.m. Joint strategy session with Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War. at the Church of the Holy City, 16TH and Corcoran St. NW, Washington DC to talk about future actions and activities

4 – 6 pm VFP DC chapter is hosting a ‘speak out’ event at the Church of the Holy City, more details to follow.

•        Travel

Many buses have been organized from various places around the country. Information about buses is at

For getting around Washington, DC, information about the Metro system is at

•        Housing

MFSO is not reserving a block of rooms at a hotel; however National Director Deb Forter will be staying at the Allen Lee Hotel at 2224 F. St NW and other members are welcome to join her there. Rates are $100/night and can be reserved at 202-331-1224. There is inexpensive housing ($5/night) available at St Stephens – 16th St & Newton St NW. Contact Robby Diesu at: [email protected]

———————-Actions around the Country—————

Saturday, March 13


St. Charles – Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Protest in St. Charles

Chicago – Iraq Veterans Against the War mud-stenciling contact Aaron Hughes at [email protected]

Sunday, March 14


Belfast – Women in Black, Standing for Peace Belfast Weekly Vigil

Ellsworth – Local Activists Ellsworth Peace Vigil

Bar Harbor – Local Activists Bar Harbor Peace Vigil

Waterville – Waterville Area Bridges for P & J Waterville Bridge Peace Vigil

Skowhegan – Waterville Area Bridges for P & J Skowhegan Weekly Vigil for Peace


Detroit – Detroit Area Peace w/ Justice Network Pointes for Peace Vigil

New Jersey

Bloomfield NJ Bloomfield Peace Action Silent Peace Vigil

Monday, March 15


Deer Isle – Island Peace & Justice Deer Isle Vigil for Peace


Grand Rapids MI Peace Presence Grand Rapids Peace Presence

Detroit – Detroit Area Peace Justice Network Ferndale Anti-Occupation of Iraq

Ferndale- Detroit Area P w/ Justice Network Anti-Occupation of Iraq Protest

New York

Binghamton NY Broome County Peace Action Binghamton Peace Vigil

Delmar – Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace Delmar, NY Vigil for Peace

South Carolina

Aiken Women in Black Silent Vigil for Peace

Tuesday, March 16


Atlanta – Emery students Stand for Peace Vigil


Kankee – Speak Out contact IVAW member Tyler ([email protected])


Bangor – Peace & Justice Center of Easern ME Bangor ME Peace Vigil

Wednesday, March 17


Chicago – M20 Coalition 7th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion March


Adrian – The Lenawee Peacemakers Lenawee Peaceful Demonstrations


St. Paul – Women Against Military Madness Vigil to End the Occupation of Iraq

Minneapolis – Twin Cities Peace Campaign Special Bridge Vigil: 7 Yrs Too Long

North Carolina

Chapel Hill NC Pease1st Anniversary of Iraq War Vigil

New Jersey

Spiotta Park NJ Military Families Speak Out Anti-War Vigil

Teaneck, MFSO and Bergen P&J Coalition Weekly Vigil, 4:30 PM contact Paula at [email protected]

New York

New York – Grandmothers Against the War Rockefeller Ctr NYC Against War

Staten Island – Peace Action of Staten Island Staten Island Weekly Vigil


Madison, WI- IVAW Mud-stenciling contact Nate at [email protected]

Thursday, March 18


Augusta ME Waterville Area Bridges for P & J Augusta Peace Vigil

New Hampshire

Manchester – Veterans for Peace End the Occupation Vigil

New York

New York-Veterans for Peace 034 NYC Vigil at Downtown PEACE Recruiting


Charlottesville – Charlottesville Center for P & J Peace Demonstration

Friday, March 19


San Diego – Veterans for Peace San Diego = Iraq – 7 Years of War


Bloomington – Bloomington Peace Action Coalition Get on the Bus for DC Peace Demo


Newport – Intercommunity Justice and Peace Ctr. War Moratorium


Brunswick – Brunswick PeaceWorks Brunswick PeaceWorks Vigil

Augusta – Augusta Women in Black Augusta WIB Vigil

Farmington – Western Mountains Peace Action W. Weekly Vigil for Peace


Lansing – Greater Lansing Network Against… Noon-hour Peace Vigil


Minneapolis – The Iraq Moratorium Committee Iraq War Protest and Bannering

New Jersey

Montclair Parishioners for Peace & Justice Montclair Peace Vigil


Columbus – Columbus Campaign for Arms Control, Peace Prayer, March, and Forum

Cincinnati – Intercommunity Justice and Peace Ctr. Mt. Healthy Peace Vigil


Logan – Cache Valley Peace Works Peace Vigil

Washington State

Bellingham – Local Activists Bellingham Vigil


Hayward – Peace North – Wisconsin Hayward Iraq Moratorium

Saturday, March 20th


San Francisco – San Francisco ANSWER San Francisco


View the original article at Veterans Today

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