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Obamacare is just the beginning of a total take over of America

Dr. Laurie Roth
Canada Free Press
March 31, 2010

America must not and will not become like the seduced German people in 1933.  We will not stand by and watch Obama turn our country into Frankenstein”s laboratory, shredding our constitution, bill of rights and freedom as Hitler did with his country.

Tyrants and Dictators are predictably similar in how they take over.  They ride in as the savior of change and hope.  They offer health care,  jobs for all,  a refreshed national identity and protection from danger and harm….that is danger and harm they usually create to blame on enemies… know those groups who didn”t vote for them.  The rope circles around the seduced neck of the people only after the dictator bribes his way in or gets voted in. 

One thing is for sure looking at recent history.  Once a socialist/communist dictator gets into power,  like terminal cancer, he and his administration smother and take control of every aspect of the economy,  educational system,  health care system and military.  They shred and control media, entertainment and religion.

In 1919,  Lenin wrote after his takeover of Russia that the way to control a country is to first take over the industry,  the land,  and the banks.  Lenin tricked and inspired millions and so did Hitler.  These dictators didn”t come in appearing like monsters.  They were the messiahs of change and hope.  Their exhaustive plans involved developing a huge and seduced ‘fan” base at first while aggressively and quickly finding and destroying anyone against them.

Kitty Werthmann was living in Austria when Hitler took over Germany next door.  She recalls how deeply depressed Austria was in 1938.  Nearly one-third of their workforce was unemployed.  They had 25% inflation and 25% interest rates on bank loans.

People were begging for food and bankruptcies were happening daily.  Austria was in a mess, so they were thrilled when Hitler promised big things and was elected into power.  There was no talk of persecuting or attacking the Jews.  The Austrians were promised jobs, healthcare, protection and recovery.

Kitty said that after the election was over there was instantly law and order.  German officials were appointed everywhere and there was dancing in the streets.  Though Austria was largely a Catholic country, suddenly in schools everywhere,  all Catholic symbols and crosses were taken down and pictures of Hitler were put up everywhere.

Hitler targeted and controlled education and stopped religious instruction for kids in schools.  The new church for the children of Austria and Germany was still every Sunday, but it now was forced attendance at the National Youth Day.  The first two hours was political indoctrination every Sunday, then the rest of the day they played all kinds of sports.  Naturally, the equipment was free.  Children went home thrilled each Sunday and were getting brainwashed.  Parents had no choice but to send their children each Sunday or else be fined or taken to jail. 

Hitler immediately introduced socialist health care.  People were going to the hospital for everything now,  lines were huge and doctors were paid a salary by the Government.  The Austrians soon paid 80% of their income in taxes.  Government gave loans for the newly married,  and took care of everything from day care needs to paying all College tuition.

As the noose tightened around education, religion, healthcare and enforcement, the ‘mercy killings” started in. Kitty,  then a student teacher in a small village in the Alps, described 15 mentally retarded adults who were known in the community and did good manual work.  One day they were rounded up and taken to an institution where the State Health Department would teach them a trade and various skills. Their families where forced to sign papers saying that they wouldn”t visit them for 6 months.  They were told that any visits could cause homesickness and disrupt the program. 

The letters started arriving back to the parents after several months saying these people had died natural deaths.  Of course, they all knew 15 completely healthy adults could not, six months later, have all died natural deaths.  They knew they were killed.  Euthanasia started to become more common as Hitler”s real world view of perfection started to come out.

Hitler”s final control step of the Germans and Austrians was Gun laws and control.  He started with gun registration.  Once that was done, he said that guns were causing too much crime and that it was best for all to turn in their guns.  They knew that authorities already knew who owned what so they complied.

When you look at Hitler, Saul Alinsky, Stalin, Lenin, Chavez, Castro and others, you see huge similarities with the strategy and world view of Obama.  It is the same, promise of health care, jobs and opportunities.  There is always a contrived crises or two the big Government has to magically solve, while blaming the enemies they want to create. 

Obama is on the same control and dictatorship path as Hitler.  First we saw the massive seduction over 15 months; now the controls and intimidation grow with his administration. 

This Health care bill might as well have been Hitler”s Enabling Act of March 23rd,  1933.  It also shreds our constitution and forces socialized health care on the people, rationing care for the unwanted and expensive seniors as they age, and forcing us all to pay for the Government slaughter of babies;  abortion.  This bill, run by the IRS, might as well be the Nazi party, as it encourages euthanasia, abortion and rationed care as Hitler did early on in Austria and Germany. 

Rep.  Burgess stated the obvious about this nightmare bill when asked about the use of the ‘Commerce clause”  excusing forced mandates by the Government.  In a  interview Rep.  Burgess, a doctor, stated, “No, I personally do not, and I think that is exactly right.  Never before in the history of this country have we had the ability to coerce American citizens to purchase something and then invoke the Commerce clause after we coerce that purchase.”  He went on…..”It just flies in the face of what a free society should be, so I”m perfectly comfortable with the attorneys general bringing suit against this bill,”

Yes,  law suits are flying by Attorney Generals and other groups.  We must stand no matter how awkward,  inconvenient or expensive it is.  Our freedom and country is at stake.

Obama isn”t stopping with forced Health care and the controls attached to that.  He is going to manipulate votes by pushing amnesty for illegal aliens; controlling American businesses through cap and trade, then he will find a manipulative, back door way to come for our guns….most likely with a UN Treaty he is already working toward.

Obama continues to mock anyone who disagrees with him, and is now, according to the Wall Street Journal, stepping up Confrontation .  Obama must be voted out.  I don”t see any tin helmet on my head, and yes…..Obama comes from the same essence and evil as Hitler.

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