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The smearing of dissent as “violence”

Have Glenn Beck and Chris Matthews linked peaceful activists with violent acts to spring the trap for an era of thought crime laws and politically-correct repression?

Aaron Dykes Commentary
March 6, 2010

“The first casualty of War is Truth”

Why are so many random acts of violence being blamed on dissenting free speech groups? We are repeatedly told that lone individuals who carry out violence may be 9/11 truthers or may be Tea Party members or may be Constitutionalists.

This pattern accusation is particularly perturbing because, most of these “groups” are really broad movements made up of many small groups, many of whom disagree profoundly, and of many individuals, some of whom associate, some of whom are isolated. The only unifying element, if any, is in sharing a belief. How these individuals act on such a belief is a different matter altogether.

But for media pundits like Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews and etc., it is fuel to link individual acts of violence with broad political beliefs. What is the agenda?

It is clearly manifest an effort to neutralize dissent via a paralyzing guilt-by-association holding pattern. The media smear campaign is clearly coordinated to stop the spread of popular outrage against Washington. But how could widespread popular support for formal hate speech legislation or a de facto atmosphere of thought crime ever be generated under the bitter and divided party lines that have emerged under Obama’s presidency?

You’d have to unite the right AND the left to back thought crime.

It has already been played out in the mainstream media’s script over the past year:

What have the FOX-fueled ‘right’ pundits like O’Reilly, Hannity and Glenn Beck railed against more than 9/11 truthers and Bush “haters”?

Outrage is triggered in the left and Democrat wing by racism and now by Obama “haters”.

Under the Obama-era, the phony ‘left’-leaning talking heads have declared open-season on branding political opponents as “racists,” often desperately playing the race card at every sign of opposition to anything in the President’s agenda. Chris Matthews has wielded the “racist” tea party mantra in combination with smearing the ‘violent’ Tea Parties and groups like theOath Keepers. Now, via Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), groups such as We Are Change, who are essentially citizen journalists, and groups including the Constitution Party have also been smeared. Astonishingly they have alleged violence where there is none.

Yet the connection is established with a scattered “pattern” of lone individuals who have been painted in the colors of various targeted groups. I suspect a ‘false flag’ of a different kind all together– primarily media driven, and disconnected in terms of the flagrant or violent acts in question. Perhaps a dirty tricks campaign.

All of these groups are, at any organizational level (if any) and in its body politic, completely within the bounds of free speech and non-violent political action.

But these smear campaigns have preemptively labeled broad groups as “potential” violators of some foggy, abstract category like “terrorist” or “racist” or even “hurtful.” Sadly, it’s nothing new for developing countries who were mired by cheap dictators and brutally repressive regimes. Political dissent has been criminalized and purged in too many ‘banana republics’. For it to now take root in the United States is deplorable.

Yet it has cropped up at law enforcement fusion centers (there’s no law against belief or political speech) in the leaked MIAC report and in the Federal government’s “mother” organization Homeland Security. Both hold veterans and peaceful political groups as potential “domestic terrorists”. Things have become so bad in this country that The People have become indistinguishable from “the enemy” to our civil servants and watchdog authorities. Many of these same groups were named in their report.

White House “Czar” Cass Sunstein has even written policy papers which propose censoring and even penalizing conspiracy theories (outlawing a belief, i.e. thought crime) and even belief in the basic goodness of sunshine.

The loudest voice in the room in all of this has been Glenn Beck, who has mapped out the battlefield of supposedly violent, subversive “thought crime.” His mental map and belief system seems mired in a middle-ages Inquisition mindset.

For Beck, it is a sinister plot held in the mind that centers over 9/11 truth beliefs. It has been the poison of the White House via Czar Van Jones’ alleged thought crime, it has been the poison of the Tea Parties, and it was the poison latent belief of candidate Debra Medina who was mired in doublethink and 9/11 controversy fallout. He has brazenly “predicted” coming violence from the wings of the Tea Party, from the midst of 9/11 truth and from the other ‘violent’ wings of the mind. Beck has even claimed that a 9/11 Truther will try to assassinate the President.

If this random campaign is carried out by ‘violent minded’ 9/11 truthers and Tea Party racists, as the media smear would have us believe, how does Glenn Beck know so much about what’s going to happen? It’s all been on his chalkboard for months.


Consider a few incidents from the Bush era:

– A student asked John Kerry an uncomfortable question about his connection with Bush and Skull and Bones. He was unnecessarily tasered and arrested by police. The media chorus celebrated the use of force against an accused 9/11 truther engaging in free speech. A sensation was made out of his outburst ‘Don’t taze me bro!’

– A random “bombing” at Times Square was arbitrarily linked to 9/11 truthers and anti-war activists. The mainstream media smear agents cried out and demonized the wide and varied groups as “violent.”

– We Are Change member German “Gary” Talis was set up and charged with ‘attacking a girl in a wheelchair’ after loudly questioning two Bush women outside an event. Witness accounts confirm Talis’ story and he defeated the trumped up charges in court, but was smeared in the media and demonized as a senseless brute.

– The Simon Weisenthal Center accused Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and its founder Richard Gage of being violent extremists. The group is comprised of professionals spouting nothing more controversial than Newton’s law of physics, but it’s come off as more controversial than Galileo in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Galileo was condemned for “grave suspicion of heresy” due to his scientific explanation of the cosmos. You could say he lost the battle but won the war.

– During the 2008 Election season, pundits called for “tazing” 9/11 truthers who asked questions to candidates and Constitutional candidate Ron Paul, whose grassroots supporters worried the establishment, was demonized and smeared under the same tactics. One could say he lost the battle but won the war. I predict the same for Richard Gage.

Now consider under the Obama-era, we have unconnected events that the establishment media has connected with terrorism, racism and truther-ism. The true nature of many of these events, at a minimum, is under question, but they amount to a hazy campaign of fear and possibly dirty tricks.
The Holocaust museum shooting, Ft. Hood shooting, Underwear Bomber, Texas Capital gun firing, Joe Stack’s crash into the Austin IRS building, Pentagon shooting…

Yet the political damage for these isolated events is painted against the typical targets, i.e. Van Jones, Debra Medina, anti-Federal Reserve activists, the Texas Gun Show, Tea Party, 9/11 Truthers, Veterans, Birthers, We Are Change, Oath Keepers, Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Constitution Party, and et al.

But these are faces of a decentralized political movement challenging the status quo. There’s no connection to the acts of a few isolated individuals, and it’s unfair for Glenn Beck and others to insist on making that connection.

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