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Water Wars: The ‘Endangered’ Western States

Cassandra Anderson
March 8, 2010

Three primary tools used by the Globalists to implement Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, are the Endangered Species Act, water shortages and man made global warming, according to Michael Shaw. California is already stitched up by the Cap & Trade state law (AB32), based on corrupt science coming out of the United Nations. Last Spring the Department of Interior cut Central Valley Project water by 90% to the farms in the Central Valley, the breadbasket of America (providing 50% of America’s fruits, vegetables and nuts), based on the Endangered Species Act, claiming that the Delta Smelt were “threatened”. The subagencies of the Department of Interior, which provided the dubious smelt endangered species biological opinion, are influenced by “scientific advisors” of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN was created by the United Nations — the same UN that brought us fraudulent man made global warming. California was the 8th largest economy in the world and if the Globalists can tip this domino, imagine how quickly the other states will tumble. And what better way to bankrupt California than to produce a man made drought? By the way, the Central Valley Improvement Project Act of 1992, via the Endangered Species Act, decreased water delivery by 1.2 million acre feet of water, and now they are repeating their success, by restricting even more water.

Wayne Hage (1936-2006) was a rancher in Nevada, where this state’s land is over 80% federally owned, and he meticulously researched how the West was suppressed in his book Storm Over Rangelands. The West is the birthplace of the environmental movement, which was designed to limit resources and land ownership of the West and keep it in the hands of the Robber Baron banking and railroad tycoons. Some of the methods include the creation of national forest preserves, split estates, regulations, etc. Colorado Governor Richard Lamm wrote, “…As the nineteenth century ended, only one thing was certain. Westerners had settled the land, dug it, planted it, and died on it. But they had not owned it.” This is important regarding California’s current water “shortage” because Michael Shaw asserts that California is under attack due to its strong water laws (which are based on Texas water laws) that favor the overlying landowners. In fact, he said that California courts consistently favor the farmers and landowners when governmental agencies try to usurp their water rights or to tax them for their own water. This applies to underground “aquifer” water (the idea of private property includes a slice all the way down to the center of the Earth), as opposed to transitory water like rivers.

The snow and water from the High Sierras that flows into all California rivers including the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River is not owned by anyone, it is a “public use” resource and the water from these sources is free, per Mike Henry at The charges come from the infrastructure, transport and delivery of the water. The Globalists have invented a way to control the water through the Endangered Species Act, which is based on a UN model. The federal pump, CW Jones, is “owned” by the federal government because they built it, but it will be paid off by water users in 2030. However, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation will still own and operate it after the contract is paid. But, according to Sheriff Richard Mack,, a Constitutional expert, the feds can’t own it as their powers are limited to those described in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.(1)

The Endangered Species Act is corrupt and a tool used for collectivist control. You will recall that a whopping 48% of deliverable water is is used for “environmental” purposes by the federal government (most of it is runs off into the Pacific Ocean) and only 41% goes to agriculture. Despite 3 years of increased water restrictions, the Delta Smelt populations continue to fall: the federal Endangered Species Act “solutions” are not working. This “water shortage” game was played in the Klammath Basin, on the border of California and Oregon in 2001. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Michael Coffman’s article about this incident and the Endangered Species Act:

“Fourteen hundred farmers owning 200,000 acres in the Klamath River Basin of southern Oregon and Northern California were denied their water rights during the summer of 2001 because of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA). Nearly $200 million of life savings and hard work were wiped out instantly as the farmers were left with essentially worthless land. Federal environmental regulations like the ESA have destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people, closed entire communities, and confiscated hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars of private property — all in the name of protecting the environment. Michael Kelley of the Washington Post Writers Group describes the brutality of the ESA in the July 11, 2001, issue of MSNBC:

“develop and maintain conservation programs which meet national and international standards.” In a very real way, U.S. citizens are going to prison, paying thousands of dollars in fines and, in some cases, stripped of their life savings because of international treaties.”(2)

Currently, the California Delta has been in the news, as there are 2 lawsuits: water contractors (who provide water delivery) are suing both the Department of Interior over the questionable science of the biological opinion (Bi-Op) of the threatened Delta Smelt, and the contractors are also suing the federal Department of Commerce over the suspect Bi-Op of the threatened salmon. The Department of Commerce, under the “commerce clause” has usurped authority by claiming that because the salmon could cross state lines, it has jurisdiction over the state’s resource (salmon). Because California has received up to 130% of its usual rainfall for the year so far, federal judge Oliver Wanger allowed the water restriction to be lifted as the salmon were not endangered, but one week later, because the Delta Smelt were supposedly threatened, he rescinded that order. He said that Congress had “tied his hands”; he holds court in Fresno and has witnessed the devastation firsthand.

US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the queen of conflicts-of-interest, who originally wanted to let the Department of Interior handle this complicated mess (in a profound conflict of interest as DoI is being sued), has changed her tune due to a special interest relationship with Stewart Resnick. He is a rich farmer in the Central Valley who also owns Fiji water, POM juice company, the Franklin Mint and Teleflora; he has ‘donated’ almost $4 million in campaign funds, with $29,000 going directly to Feinstein. Feinstein wrote an amendment to Obama’s “Jobs Bill” which would have temporarily increased water delivery from its current 10% to 40% water allotment from the federal pump, CW Jones. The amendment was rejected, and she reportedly is trying to find some other way to enact the legislation. The problem with her solution is that it is temporary and in control of the federal government.

Update: Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar participated in the decision on February 26th to allot a mere 5% of the contracted water amount to flow from the “federal” sources to the affected farmers (40% is needed to save the farms). He used misleading language that implied 30% to 40% could be forthcoming, but without any guarantees. This means that when a farmer goes to a bank to get a production loan, the farmer must report to the banker that while 30% is possible, only 5% of the water for his farm is guaranteed, and the bank loan is based on the 5% figure. The 5% allocation is based on long term projections for dry years, despite the fact that California is experiencing a precipitous wet year. It doesn’t matter how high the water table is, because this is about politics, not reality. Shockingly, if more storms and snow continue, it will be necessary for the Shasta Reservoir to do a flood release, thus spilling excess water into the Sacramento River. Even with the extra water, the Central Valley farmers are only guaranteed 5% from the feds.(4)

In a conversation with Sheriff Richard Mack, he proposed the following solutions:

1. Schwarzenegger and the state legislators could end this travesty immediately by passing a resolution, citing the 10th Amendment asserting State sovereignty and eliminating federal control over a State issue.

2. Schwarzenegger could do this on his own with an Executive Order.

3. The County Commissioners or Superintendents could pass a resolution as described above, to be enforced by the sheriff.

“federally owned” CW Jones pump is located. He is up for re-election this year. You can e-mail this article to him at [email protected] .

The water is needed right now, and could be stored in the San Luis Reservoir, for use later this year. Additionally, the pollution caused by up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage flushed into the Delta daily must be addressed by the offending cities. California’s population could be decreased by enforcing immigration laws. Corrupt officials need to be voted out. Lastly, more water collection and efficient infrastructure is necessary, but the $11 billion bond proposal is full of pork and pay-offs that must be eliminated, for a more affordable solution.(3) Or is that too reasonable? Massive public awareness and action are required to bring an appropriate resolution to this matter that affects our entire country, unless you want your food imported from Mexico, China, Chile, etc. Sheriff Mack will deliver his message to the Fresno Tea Party, where 15,000 people are expected to attend, on April 10, 2010.(5)






(5) http://www.cent

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