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Who am I supposed to vote for?

By Dark Politricks

The UK general election is fast approaching and yet again I am really struggling to see the point of it all. Since the early 90’s when Labour morphed into a paler shade of blue there has been little difference between the main two parties but at least it was still basically a choice between the working mans party who liked to tax and spend and the banking toffs who slashed public services and put the north of England on the dole. However nowadays there is literally no  ideological difference between the main 3 parties at all as they have all camped out on the centre ground with the only squabble being over a pence or two in income tax and who will reduce the deficit a little bit faster.

I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s so I came to age during the long period of Tory rule which I remember for the recession, the poll tax riots, the crack down on ravers and travellers with the “Anti Rave” laws and of course all the sleaze that surrounded those public school boy Tories.

Not a week went by without another Tory MP being outed in the News of the World as a sexual deviant of some kind or another. We had MP’s romping with prostitutes and mistresses as well as self asphyxiation accidents and dressing up in football shirts. Nowadays its money that causes the scandals and we have duck houses, bell towers and expense claims for porn videos. It was all back to basics in the media and then back to the bedroom in private and the hypocrisy of it all stunk to high heaven.

Therefore when Labour looked like having a chance of knocking out this band of posh authoritarians who had introduced CCTV cameras as well as increasing police powers ten fold it was no choice. I was one of the multitude that voted in New Labour thinking we would actually expect some change, how little did we know. We had been seduced by Tony Blair’s wide eyed smile, promising the earth, and we foolishly actually believed he might overturn all those laws that the Tories had brought in that seemed so unfair and unjust. We were poorly mistaken.

Under Labour the move towards a high tech surveillance state has increased unbelievably fast. Every day I read another story in the paper about how we are being monitored in some new intrusive way whether it be online, by new unmanned drones or through microchips in wheely bins and the millions of CCTV cameras that follow our every move.

If George Orwell had realised when he wrote 1984 that the book would have been used by a future Labour government as a guide book on running the country then he may have thought twice about writing it as it seems that the futuristic land painted within those pages is nothing but a distant memory of a time which doesn’t seem all too bad when compared with our present reality.

Not only has Labour introduced us to this horrible world of online monitoring and privacy invading and degrading acts such as the new body scanners, they have used the threat of Islamic Terrorism to batter us into submission. We managed to endure a quarter of a century and more of IRA bombs and plots to kill and maim without resorting to chucking away hard won liberties but as soon as some mad mullahs with explosive hair dye products unleash one successful attack on us we decide to throw all sense of proportion away and revert back to a them or us attitude, and we have all seen how that hasn’t helped in America.

Not only has Labour introduced terror law after terror law, removed the right to silence, extended the time you can be locked up without charge, increased the number of authorities that can spy and monitor us without the need for a warrant, introduced a flawed identity card scheme and added dictatorial like powers to remove Internet access, they have done all this without much objection from the one party I used to respect on matters like this the Liberal Democrats.

Liberals are supposed to stand for personal freedoms a free market and a safety net that ensures the rich and powerful don’t maintain their privilege at the expense of those that actually do the work. Whilst I like a lot of what they should stand for I don’t seem to be hearing a lot of it in the media and I am very disappointed that they haven’t been fighting harder to prevent the march towards a Labour designed high tech police state.

They too have joined the ruck in the center ground and have become indistinguishable from the other two parties on points that really matter. Yes they were right about Iraq and have maintained some kudos for being so however their desire to throw away our ancient democracy and hard won freedoms to jump into the European super state is the main reason I believe they have not made more of an inroads into the public consciousness.

They do promise that if elected they would allow the British public to have a real referendum on the future of the UK in Europe but can anyone say that they would trust them to keep their word if the public said no? We have already seen Labour backtrack on a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and then shortly after the Tories, so who is to say the Lib Dems wouldn’t overrule any No vote. Actually they wouldn’t ignore our wishes they would just pull the same trick the Irish did and just keep asking us the question until we gave the “correct” answer.

As most polls that have been taken over the years clearly show time after time the British public want to be in Europe but not ruled by it. We want free trade and free movement of capital and people but we don’t want the thousands of diktats sent down from Brussels that enforce every kind of regulation from the quality of fruit to the brightness of our light-bulbs and the names we call our food.

The Euro seems to be floundering at the moment and we seem to have done well to keep out of it. Not being able to control our own interest rates to combat inflation and recession would be a heavy price to pay for sharing our shrapnel with France and Germany and we will see what happens with the high spending southern states of Spain, Portugal and Greece as they drag the Germans down with them.

So should I be looking towards UKIP as an alternative voice in this political void? The only face they really have is the outspoken Nigel Farage and whilst I love watching him debate the Eurocrats on TV and he has a great sense of humour and good head on him I cannot imagine him as Prime Minister.

So what should I do when it comes to polling day? Abstain from the whole process as a “none of the above” protest vote, vote for the natural law party or hold my nose and vote for one of the main three. I really wish there was a viable alternative party that truly spoke for the people rather than the vested interests of the city and those that pull their strings. A party that would actually do what they promised when they got elected rather than ignore their manifestos and the good will gained by opposing the government from the opposite bench. Its very easy to disagree and say no when you know you don’t have to make the decision but they all forget that we remember every single time they break such promises.

I know that I am dreaming when I say such things as power corrupts and we have all seen how MP’s are perfectly happy to line their pockets when they can. We need short term limits to get round the power of lobbyists and prevent people from getting too comfy in their jobs. In fact we should revert back to a more Greek form of democracy where the people who rule are picked each year from a pool of eligible citizens. We have enough young fit and healthy retirees in this country who would be up for the job and I reckon might do a whole lot better than our existing incumbents. Why waste all their valuable life experience and let a privileged political class rule the roost for as long as they wish.

A big idea like this would be just the think to invigorate the stupefied masses who like me have become bored with the status quo and can see no way our whilst we keep our existing political system. Tinkering around the edges with alternative votes or reform of the Lords is not enough to convince the public that real change is a foot. I suspect that if we do have a hung parliament like the City is dreading it will just be another indicator that shows that neither side of the political debate has won the argument and the people just don’t care who is in power as deep down we all know it makes little difference to our daily lives.

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  1. aracari says

    An interesting articulation of the major problems with UK politics which I have much sympathy with. I will make two points:

    1. ISTM that the only solution to our chaos is for the introduction of a proper written Constitution …not drafted by the political elites and owned by the citizenry. This would include a Bill of Rights to create no-go areas for politicians. Support for this is slowly gathering momentum.

    2.Don’t expect the BBC and other media to fight for fairness and justice. The BBC is stuffed full of socialists and wimmens-libbers, all peddling big-state socialism under the new label: “progressive”. In fact their policies are quite the opposite but it highlights how socialists change their labels after each catastrophic period in office, as we’ve seen under Blair and now Brown. New Labour are slowly introducing police-state Marxism through the backdoor in the name of ‘progressive’ and ‘social justice’ et al. Too bad that the British electorate cannot see what’s happening.

    It will take an even bigger upheaval that Expenses before Brits demand a new system of accountable government.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Thanks, much appreciated.

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