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A response from Chris Huhne about their proposed Freedom Bill

By Dark Politricks

Recently I wrote a letter to the Liberal Democrats Home Office spokesman, Chris Huhne, asking them whether they would make implementation of their Freedom Bill part of any negotiations with other parties if they were in the position to help form a collation government.

Today I got a reply from Chris Huhnes office:

Dear Rob,
Thank you for your email regarding the Freedom Bill.
I can confirm that the Freedom Bill will be included in the Liberal Democrat Manifesto, and that we would seek to implement it as soon as possible were we in a position to do so following the General Election.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Huhne.

This is a very short response and along with my earlier reply from the Lib Dem Policy Research Unit doesn’t really answer the question I posed which was how much are they prepared to fight for our civil rights if they found themselves in a position to do something positive for the country.

I am not convinced so far from the two responses I have had that if a hung parliament was the outcome of the election and the carrot of joint governance was dangled in front of them that they wouldn’t abandon any lofty ideals and principles as so many other parties have done previously.

How many times have we have elected governments only for them to go back on all manifesto pledges due to necessity or unforeseen circumstances.

How many times have we been bribed with promises not to raise taxes and then for every single tax to go up (the current administration springs to mind).

Our current leader was part of a government that was promising electoral reform in their 97 manifesto and now only a mere 13 years later are they still promising the same thing.

They also promised not to raise the basic rate of tax but instead raised almost every other tax just so they could claim to have kept that promise.

The only faint hope of this not being the case with the Lib Dem’s is that they haven’t been in power yet so they cannot be tarnished with the brush of past misdeeds. We should at least give them the chance to deliver on their promises and looking around for a better alternative will only give you a very sore neck.

If you haven’t read about the Freedom Bill and the reasons why we desperately need it here in the UK then please read the following articles which discusses it in some detail:

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  1. Chris says

    I was in favour of a hung parliament until I found out that Gordon Brown would probably remain as PM if that happened. I am now vigourously against such an outcome.

    I am tempted by LibDems but am still deciding. The damage this Labour party has done to Britain is unquantifiable and rebuilding could take decades in my view. They simply mustn’t win!

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