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Controversy in Zion

Germany1940 vs. Israel 2009

Israel’s colonization of Palestine is relentless. It’s become a pivotal issue in countries’ relations with Israel, but only to the extent that non-Israelis lip-synch their disapproval at press conferences while surrendering their conscience behind closed doors. This curious ability of a tiny nation to bring tremendous pressure to bear upon the world’s leaders exemplifies the psychopath’s ability to subvert the will of others to do its bidding, only it’s happening on a macro-social scale.

The psychopaths of Israel are not exclusively the cause of this bizarre situation however – it requires the active participation and support of ‘like-minded people’ at every stage. They implicitly, or even explicitly in some cases, agree upon ‘the issues’ to be publicly discussed, all the while tremendous maneuvers of Machiavellian intensity and deceit take place behind the media curtain. Despite the information veil, it’s not difficult to see the deeper schemes, although it certainly helps if you are not drugged out by the poisoned food and water supply, hypnotized by TVs, and making continuous efforts to grow in knowledge.

When it comes to the issue of Israel’s ‘illegal settlements” in Occupied Palestine, dissent is permissible so long as it’s limited to criticism of territory yet to be colonized. It’s as ludicrous as trying to appease a psychopath with: “Please, Mr. Psychopath! Please stop there! When is enough enough?!” It’s never enough. They cannot be appeased. Once Israel has its flag in the ground, woe betide the politician who looks to the past. The world leader who hits closest to the mark is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He reminds everybody from time to time that the ENTIRE settlement of Israel is illegal, immoral and a curse upon the Middle East. And for that, Israeli politicians want to exterminate him and, we must assume, countless Iranian civilians.

As Gaza notched its thousandth day under brutal siege last month, Vice President Biden arrived in the ‘Holy Land’ to talk shop with America”s regional partner in war crime. The Israeli government extended a welcoming slap in the face by announcing plans to build 1,600 homes for Jewish Orthodox Zealots in East Jerusalem, just as he was to sit down for the state dinner.

Ideally, Biden would have responded by getting back on his plane and flying home, but he played out the humiliation and meekly condemned the move, opening a month of speculation in the mainstream media about “tension in US-Israeli relations.” But if Biden was feeling the tension, he certainly masked it well, declaring on his visit to Theodore Herzl’s tomb: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I also see myself as a Zionist.” The Associated Press informed us that US Secretary of State Clinton “delivered a stinging rebuke” to Netanyahu, who brazenly claimed to be “unaware” that Israel’s Interior Ministry intended to announce the annexation of a suburb of Jerusalem on the day of Biden’s visit.

Israel certainly anticipated Palestinians’ reactions to the move, sealing the West Bank for several days as widespread protests threatened to become an insurrection. Netanyahu possesses a deft hand when it comes to applying game theory to eke out maximum possible territorial advantage. He pulled off the same ‘who, me?’ maneuver during his first stint as psychopath-in-chief of Israel in the 1990s:

Jordan had signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994 only to see the architect of that accord, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, gunned down by an Israeli terrorist in 1995. When Netanyahu won the elections that followed, Jordan’s late King Hussein had hopes he could work with Bibi. Hussein tried to build confidence by receiving the Israeli prime minister in Amman in August 1996, only to have the Israelis begin digging a tunnel under Muslim holy places in Jerusalem a few days later.

In February 1997, Hussein invited Netanyahu to Amman again, hoping to improve the atmosphere, but the next day the Israelis announced approval of a whole new Jewish neighborhood, Har Homa, to be built in East Jerusalem. In both cases the timing seemed planned not only to embarrass King Hussein, but to implicate and weaken him.

Finally, King Hussein wrote bluntly to Netanyahu: “You are destroying peace. I have no trust in you.” In his response to the king, Netanyahu professed to be “amazed by your personal attack.” (‘A Third Muslim-World War?’ Newsweek, March 18, 2010)

Palestine:  Girls Running

Palestinian children run to take cover during clashes between Palestinian and Israeli soldiers, not seen, in the West Bank city of Hebron, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010. Palestinians in Hebron continued to protest Thursday over the Israeli decision to recognize a disputed West Bank shrine as one of its national heritage sites. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned earlier this week that the region could plunge into a "religious war" over the decision. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

When Obama  impotently chastized the Israeli government about the “peace process”, “illegal settlements” the right-wing mad dogs in Israel went wild with derision. When he then sought to reassure them with a reference to the “need to confront Iran” they called him “anti-Semitic, pro-Arab and an agent of the PLO.” I suppose there”s no pleasing a right-wing fanatic. Even Netanyahu’s brother-in-law got in on the act. Meanwhile IRmep (Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy) published documents pertaining to the FBI and other US government agencies’ ongoing investigations into Israel lobby group AIPAC.

They detail how Israelis are “compromising the authority of the President of the United States” by leaking information to US Congress, going behind the backs of US industry giants by “tactically divulging” classified documents, “usurping” the authority of the US government and confirming that at least one member of AIPAC’s staff is an asset of Israeli intelligence. Given that Obama’s Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel, arguably the second most powerful member of the US government is an ardent Zionist and probably an outright agent of the Mossad, what else can Obama do to dampen Israeli exuberance? Well, he could rein in AIPAC for starters.

The US Department of Justice has been formally asked (the press release didn’t say by whom, though we can assume from someone in the White House) to begin regulating AIPAC as the foreign agent of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s certainly been a long time coming.

Sounds promising doesn’t it? Israel overreaches, humiliating its sugar-daddy in the process, so the US reacts by keeping its agents in check and ensuring it isn’t drawn into another war for Israel. However, there’s just one little problem. Beyond press releases and disapproving op-eds in Zionist-owned media, nothing has changed on the ground. The lobby is marching full steam ahead in the halls of Congress, practically writing the laws that will soon commence the Siege of Iran.

Israeli jets (made in the USA) pounded Gaza mid-March to the sound of deafening silence from across the Atlantic Ocean. While ‘the issue’ of illegal settlements focused on the 1,600 homes announced during Biden’s visit, the media completely overlooked a separate announcement from the Israeli government to the effect that 50,000 new housing units for east Jerusalem had been approved!

Much was made of Obama diverting a cargo of “smart-bunker-busters” destined for Israel, but re-routed to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean instead. But few have picked up on the fact that this deceptive move brings these munitions within firing range of Iran. It’s from this strategically located island (stolen by the British and its natives forcibly expelled before being handed over to the US as an airbase) that air strikes were launched during Operation Desert Storm against Iraq and currently against Afghanistan. I think Keith Johnson hit the nail on the head in his analysis of this sleight of hand:

This announcement brought cheers and jeers from opposite ends of the political spectrum while leaving those in the middle, well…perplexed. […] The diplomatic theatre going on between Israel and the Obama administration has everybody fooled. But this entire political circus is purely for public consumption. The short-term goal is to create the illusion that there is a riff between the two nations, while the larger scheme is intended to give Israel complete inculpability when the U.S. finally decides to strike Iran. […]

But by creating the illusion that those weapons were intended on being delivered to Israel, the contrived “last-minute decision” to divert them to housing on Diego Garcia appears to be merely an innocuous logistics decision.[…] This is not a place where bombs go to sit in storage. This is a place they go before they’re launched. […]

This strategy to make Israel look like an estranged child from its parent gives them complete deniability once the bombs start dropping. They believe that this staged feud between Israel and the U.S. will put the kibosh on any allegations that the two are working in concert. But behind the scenes, they hope to provoke Iran into a retaliatory strike on Israel in order to lend justification for their involvement and compel the American people to come to their defense. […]

Such is the game being played on us concerning Obama, his motivations and his true relationship with Israel. He’s a Muslim… He’s a Jew… He’s black… He’s white… He’s for Israel…He’s against Israel. It’s all drama, intended on keeping the audience confused and deceived. (‘Lights, Camera, Distraction!’ March 19)

It’s no coincidence that this public tantrum in US-Israeli relations happened on the eve of AIPAC’s annual war party in Washington, DC… with Netanyahu as its guest of honor. There was no “stinging rebuke” from Clinton this time as she told the delegates exactly what they wanted to hear. What else could she say, given that nearly every Congressman and woman signed a letter to her supporting Israel’s Yahweh-given right to conquer what remains of Palestine? The strongest card that Emperor Obama could play in this charade was to stand Netanyahu up for dinner.


The conference ended to the news that Israel intends to rev up its colonization with plans to triple the number of settlements across the West Bank, while the IAF stepped up indiscriminate bombing raids on hapless Gaza. Israeli “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak made use of the all-Zionist parade at the AIPAC war party by securing another massive arms deal from the Pentagon. That’s chutzpah for you folks.

And yet, I do wonder if a real schism is developing between the US and Israel. Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor at makes a good case for this being so (‘The Special Relationship is Dead,’  March 16, 2010).

The problem is that the US is so thoroughly double-crossed by its partner in every sphere that any attempt to remove the parasite’s tentacles puts the country in mortal danger. For now, Obama is staying on message about the Israeli fantasy of Iranian nukes. This episode has only emboldened Israel to brutalize the Palestinians some more, their US-made-to-order jets, helicopters and tanks terrorizing Gazans over the Easter weekend. In fact, Israel is menacing all its neighbors in the knowledge that it has the US over the barrel of a gun.

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