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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Today, in Germany, Bishop Williamson of the city of Regensburg, was convicted of saying that Jews were not killed in gas chambers.  He was fined 10,000 euros for this crime of politically unpopular speech.  Dow chemical, on its website, says that Agent Orange was “made to exacting government specifications” and has not been proven to have been harmful.  The families of thousands of dead Vietnam veterans will feel this like a hammer blow.  Today, Israeli reporters are in hiding, hunted down by the Mossad, because they have evidence of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, a process deeply parallel to Nazi activities against Jews.  Other reporters are told to quietly turn in their materials or they will be killed.  Journalists around the world know this but you are only reading it here.  We live in a world of cheats, liars and hypocrites.

Bishop Williamson felt he was defending the Catholic Church.  Williamson, a church conservative, believes that accepting the Hollywood version of the holocaust is an open admission that Christianity itself died with the holocaust.  The failure in his position isn’t whether there were gas chambers or not or whether 6 million died or 200,000 as he says but rather something much simpler.  If only 100,000 people die of typhus or only 300,000 are murdered with machineguns and thrown into ditches, who do we give an award to?  Is this an improvement?  What is Williamson’s point?

When the 6 million number, one simply pulled out of a hat decades ago, was chosen as the benchmark for murder, did we decide that anything less is simply petty crime?  If so, then the number itself is being used to justify killing on a massive scale.  Kill a million, it is “unpleasantness.”  Kill 3 million and its ethnic cleansing.  Kill 6 million and you have a holocaust and get to take a special place in history.  When the Stalin picked the 6 million number, it was meant to shock a world that thought nothing of 20 million Russian dead.  That Stalin, himself, may have killed that many alone, was , as he saw it, a private thing.  Stalin was branding the Christian west as murderers for having looked aside.  He also was pointing a finger because much of the killing during the war could never have been done were it not for his alliance with Hitler in 1939. 

Was Bishop Williamson right and the German government is guilty of persecution or is he a crazed Nazi sympathizer?  Why is asking the question, in Canada or nearly anywhere in Europe against the law?  50 million people died in that war, most of them Russians, some killed by Germany but, in truth, even more by Stalin.  Soon after the war, over 10 million were killed in China during the communist takeover and uncounted numbers died when Britain pulled out of India and the country split between Muslim and Hindu. 

When the Turks slaughtered the Armenians, nothing was done.  When the Shah of Iran and Saddam were American allies, their crimes were done in our name, “good crimes.”  Saddam later paid with his life for crimes, many of which were done with complicit approval of the United States, including the slaughter of the Kurds with chemical weapons, done during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, who stood aside, silently.  The Turks let America use bases there to attack Iraq.  Our payback was to stand aside when Saddam brutally massacred the Kurds, our loyal allies, allies but a threat to both Turkey and Iraq.  Kurds value freedom and freedom isn’t all that important when we are in the habit of  betrayal.  Looking aside at a little “ethnic cleansing” done privately and quietly hardly raised an eyebrow back in Washington.

I can name two dozen incidents where a thousand or a million died, sometimes with only an occasional news story or not even that.  Who can even find Rwanda or Darfur?  What is that country they used to call Burma?  How many millions in the world live in slavery making our clothing, catching fish or imprisoned in brothels? 

With endless millions, even tens of millions dead, 99% of the dead we hear about are Jews in the holocaust.  The reason is obvious.  They are the only victims who are actively doing the same things themselves and need cover.  Is Bishop Williamson insane or has genuine history debunked some of the myth about the holocaust?  You aren’t going to see me touch this one.  Want to know why the risk of even talking is so high?  Islam sends out killers to hunt down those who insult Mohammed.  Israel unleashes their “pet governments” on anyone who questions their version of the holocaust.  In Ireland alone, 50,000 people have been subjected to sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, maybe even twice that number.  Until recently, reporting such abuse could land you in prison.

For well over a thousand years, a pope could wake up on the wrong side of the bed, have an odd thought and half the people in Europe could be branded heretics and burned alive.  This actually happened more than a dozen times.


Israel is advocating that the United States launch a peremptory nuclear attack on Iran, not restricted to “weapons sites,” mind you, weapons sites that the CIA claims never existed, as they didn’t exist in Iraq, an attack that could kill 6 million.  The rationale for the attack?  Israel wants us to kill 6 million Iranians without one shred of proof of anything, just cover stories planted in “mainstream media” same as with Iraq, because of “the holocaust.” 

What did Iran really do?  They held a conference inviting scholars to discuss the holocaust.  Did Iran actually threaten Israel?  Well, to tell the truth, something almost never really done, no, not actually.  They did say Israel lies alot and steals land.  Actually, you could say that about anyone and not be far off base.  It seems to be Iran was playing it pretty safe with that one. 

Why do issues of holocaust denial, something we hear about every week with someone going to jail for “asking the wrong questions” matter so much now?   Elie Wiesel, perhaps the most famous and articulate holocaust survivor stated, “the sincere Christian knows what died in Auschwitz was not the Jewish people but Christianity.”  Of the dozens, or hundreds of holocausts, some far better documented than the death camps of WW2, is Wiesel’s insistence that this holocaust, the one against the Jews, is the only one of importance or is it because it is an example of the utter debauchery and failure of the Christian god, said by Jews to have died in Auschwitz. 


Who needed to look further than the crusades or the Inquisition to have a suspicion or two about the direction Christianity was heading?  No holocaust was needed.  In fact, few races have anything resembling a clean record.  In 1572, as many as 30,000 French protestants were murdered in one day in the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.  The current trading of barbs between Jews and Catholics over sexual abuses by priests v. the ethnic cleansing taking place in Gaza and elsewhere is simple childish finger pointing. 

What we are saying in putting one life above another is that race, religion or, in this case, control of popular culture makes a life or a death significant.  Truth is never an issue.  If Germany had won the war, the dead Gypsies, Russians, Communists and Jews would all have simply “moved away” almost as though they were Palestinians.  The difference between a thousand dead and a holocaust can be as simple as how good a movie is.  Compare Hotel Rwanda with Schindler’s List.  The number of total deaths in each holocaust may very well have been the same but lack of violins, and a big name director and mountains of dead in Africa, butchered to death for no reason, means nothing and is forgotten before the blood has soaked into the ground.  This is the purest form of racism.


Everybody knows everyone elses religion is pure bull.  Jews, if you check the Torah, say that Christ had it coming.  Christians used to say Jews killed Christ and need to be punished, perhaps a bit more.  Don’t let anyone remotely consider an unpleasant comment about the Prophet, peace be on him.  We have seen how badly that works out.  Think Jihad.

It’s no secret that the more religions tell us they support peace, the more people have to die before time for “peace” comes.  Israel has 20 different types of Jews, left to their own devices, would be fighting each other for a thousand years.  Islam is pretty much the same and Christians murdered each other by the millions for 2 thousand years. 

Every term that is part of religion, apostate, rapture, heretic, apocalypse, trinity, believer, chosen, Armageddon,every term is a license to kill.  Is religion an apelike behavior as described by Desmond Morris?  Is all belief primordial in nature, bringing out behaviors more justified by a disease vector than any sentient cordata?  To we proselytize or infect?  Was Marxism or the Age of Reason meant to be a form of vaccination from a the repeat of the dark ages that seems to have reappeared?  Did we erase Descartes?


Can this be the new term for analysis based on belief without rationality, experimentation and natural law?  History is taking us down that path, inexorably it seems.  It a million Hutus kill a million Tutsis because “they smell funny” and the world looks away, is this “primordialism?”  When a dozen religions, all espousing peace and plenty, unleash hoardes of murderous thugs across the face of the earth, all inspired by divine texts unable to survive the most primitive, lest we use the term “primordial” scholarship, are we less than apes?

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