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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

The powers, factions and conspiracies that influence our government, moreover a less visible world government is guessed at, lied about but generally never seen.  Suffice it to say that what is read in newspapers, seen on TV or on the internet is wrong, even the conspiracies that seem so very right.  People who care, people often in power, sometimes in decision making positions in the US or other countries or senior members of defense and intelligence organizations are more than a bit misinformed also.  A few things have come together lately.  No “great plot” will be made from them.  Those I am writing to will know why I am writing this and why it can be said so openly.  I will try to keep it short.

The total breakdown in the alliance between the US and Israel has surprised and upset a number of people.  Yes, senators sign letters, Netanyahu buys newspaper advertisements and holocaust stories are hit print at the rate of a dozen a day, with “denialists” herded off to prison by the carload.  Gaza stories are suppressed, reporters are being hunted down.  None of this surprises anyone.  This goes on all the time.  Live with it.

The plan was for McCain to win as president or for Obama to get in but Emanual Rahm was supposed to pull his strings.  Either way, Iran was scheduled to be attacked using much of the same rhetoric that got us into Iraq.  America has massive forces in theater, good logistical capabilities and Iraq is willing to reconsider use of its airspace and bases for an attack on Iran.   Combat levels in Iraq and Afghanistan are very low, almost non-existent and all the enemy leaders in Afghanistan, Hikmatyar, Mullah Omar and others have been offered participation in a government, Karzai’s head has been offered to them and others have been killed off with the help of Pakistan’s ISI.

Inside the US, Israel’s powerful group around Bush is gone but they still have the State Department, Bill and Hillary Clinton and AIPAC’s ability to put 75% of the members of congress around anything from a resolution that the moon is made of green cheese to “National Have Sex With Your Child Day.”

In Germany, the UK and US, media giants controlled by Israeli assets and Christian Zionist allies march on cue, suppressing news, running any story and manipulating the masses, Britain, Germany, America along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


General Petraeus, our senior operational commander, the guy really in charge of our entire military, told Admiral Mullen, the man whose job it is to hold everything  together, that Israel had become a massive liability.  Israel is subjected to no foreign threats.  All the nations around them have long since demilitarized, Iraq is “history” and Iran is embroiled in a near civil war along with being surrounded on both sides by massive American forces and bordered on the south by the Indian Ocean, an American lake.

Iran has repeatedly approached Pakistan, asking the US to “hold off” and has promised to be good.  Oil prices are down, cutting Iran’s income, the Russians have refused to install the new SA300 air defense system and any attempts to build a credible defense system, conventional, nuclear or imaginary is a waste of time.  Iran is worried because they are loaded with oil and gas, are vulnerable, not far from defenseless and have one of the worst run governments in the world.

Iran is irrelevant.

Despite their oil, Pakistan, barely holding on themselves but nuclear armed and with 5 times the real army Iran has, may be the only friend they have.  Pakistan and Iran are Muslim but Iran is Shia, a sect pretty incompatible with mainstream Islam, with the exception of Iraq.


Israel has put in motion a plan to force the US to destabilize Iran and believes they can be partitioned, breaking off areas that would give Israel and their partners access to massive deposits of natural gas.  With Iraq and Israel out of the way, Israel, with their alliance with India could destroy Pakistan and gain total control over the Arab regions while India would rule the rest, including the former Soviet narco-republics.

Afghanistan’s heroin output is 65 billion dollars a year, according to Colonel Eugene Khrushchev, one time senior Soviet military officer in the Kabul embassy RT (Russia Television) military analyst  and Veterans Today editor.

This cash controls half a dozen governments and buys influence in 2 dozen more.  This massive pool of laundered money, in the right place at the right time, has untold influence.

By this time, America was supposed to have bombed the imaginary nuclear production facilities in Iran and dismembered the country “to secure them from producing more weapons” reminiscent of the “toothless” American operation against Saddam in 1991.


Obama was confronted with a choice.  He has been informed that neither the military nor the intelligence services were going to participate in attacks on Iran under any imaginable circumstances and if he didn’t “grow a pair” he and Emanuel Rahm would have to invade Iran personally and get their flying “coach” on Emirates Air.

With Israel marshaling its stooges and shills, its bought and paid for “retired military officers” and hundreds of members of congress swearing their fealty and obedience to Israel onto death, Obama went after Israel’s biggest prize in America, Goldman Sachs.  This is “ground zero” in Israel’s management of America’s “bankster” economy, the prime asset for the control and looting of America through “pump and dump” market games.

Obama set the SEC on them.  The Department of Justice would have been more appropriate, but the President and Attorney General Eric Holder were unable to find a enough of a team within the DOJ that weren’t “on the pad” to begin the prosecution.


Demonstrating total control over the Republican Party, getting them to humiliate themselves by opposing prosecution of the most hated company in America since Enron was a show of power, or would have been at one time.  However, power no longer resides in congress.  Congress is distrusted by most Americans, has no real power and certainly can’t bring the dead back to life.


Israel believes they can control America through the press and through political movements that show dissatisfaction in government.  Underlying all of this is the belief Israel holds that American is likely to sink into race war.  Extremist leaders in Israel look on African Americans as less than human, quite the opposite of traditional progressive Jews who stood at the forefront of the civil rights movement.  These are not the same people, quite the opposite.

The extremist government in Israel believes there is a massive undercurrent of hatred for Obama, the “N word” president and that millions of Americans are ready to rise against the government entirely based on race and a bit of watery subterfuge about “socialism.”  With “assets” and “informants” among the isolated wealthy and powerful in Washington and the Hollywood elite advising them, their “non-reality” based assessment of America’s social cohesion, a belief that Glen Beck and Sarah Palin fans make up the majority of Americans and that those people are all motivated by race hatred and class envy is a mistake.

How could people believe this?  Its simple, Americans, when angry and dissatisfied make alot of noise.  People forget that Americans are still Americans, most of us anyway.


Thus, Israel is threatening a childish and useless attack on Iran.  They have no targets.  There is nothing to destroy, nothing to be protected from and no ability to mount any significant air attack with their extremely limited capabilities in that area.

However, they could force Iran to close the Straits of Hormuz, cutting off oil to the world, cutting off income to the Gulf States and crashing the American stock markets again, conveniently since they DOW is over 11,000 and people are becoming hopeful and starting to invest.

Gasoline would immediately hit $6.00 a gallon and move to $8.00.  Oil company profits would soar.  Housing prices in America would lose another 20%, another bailout would become necessary and the Obama presidency would be a disaster.

Also, of course, a world wide depression would set in crushing the Euro, Pound and Dollar.


Every time you hear an American leader state his “undying loyalty” to Israel, what you are hearing is something very different.  This is the sound of a door closing.  “Undying loyalty” is diplomatic terms for “don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.”

Israel is going to have to make its own decisions.  It has elected a government that has made some enormous mistakes, some based on watching 8 years of America’s self destruction.  America is not always a wonderful country.  It simply has wonderful people.  Lincoln reminded us, nearly a century and a half ago, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.”

Not every American is going to sit on a folding chair with a sign, “Save Granny from Obama Death Panels” just because of a bit of bad brain chemistry and mysterious noises from a television.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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