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I agree with Gordon – Cameron switches tactics

By Dark Politricks

As expected both Labour and the Tories used the second leaders debate to try and dampen public enthusiasm in the Lib Dems. Whereas last week it was all “I agree with Nick” this week it was the opposite and we even had David Cameron play on the meme as the following video shows with a “I agree with Gordon” moment.

Both the Tories and Labour tried to mock the Lib Dems forbeing soft on our nations security because they think renewing Trident at a cost of £100 billion is a waste of money. This is money that we don’t have anyway and could be spent better on any number of items let alone defence.

When we have an under equipped armed forces crying out for more helicopters, better housing and armoured vehicles that offer some sort of defence against IED’s it does seem pretty wasteful to be thinking about a nuclear deterent that doesn’t actually have any real purpose in the post cold war era.

People talk about deterring Iran and North Korea which are both countries who may or may not get their own deterent and are only pursuing the capability because they see it as the only sure way of not getting attacked by the big clunking fist that is the USA. If either of those countries did obtain nukes they would surely realise to use them would be a suicidal act of desperation and no matter how much the right wing media likes to portray these countries as being full of crazy terrorists it seems to be a pretty logical and sane action for a country to want to defend itself in anyway it can.

The only country who regularly discusses using nukes in this day and age is the only country who has ever used them so it’s no wonder that countries around the world that don’t choose to play the game by the rules set out by the ruling elite see obtaining a deterrent of their own as a legitimate and logical step.

If a global nuclear war is going to happen then its going to involve China and the US and maybe Russia who all have enough nukes to destroy the world many times over. Therefore is having a few nukes floating around on submarines 24/7 really worth the money. No nuclear conflict that is likely to happen that affects the UK isn’t going to affect the rest of Europe either so why can’t we just pool our Nukes with France and the others lying around in NATO airbases and let the EU pay for their upkeep and renewal.

Another tactic I noticed in the debate was that Gordon Brown kept calling David Cameron out as anti European and Nick Clegg out as being anti-American. Now I know Clegg is a europhile and his family tree shows he is a man of the world and there is nothing wrong with that but even though he is pro Europe at heart and proud to say so even he admits the current EU system isn’t anywhere near perfect and contains a large democratic deficiency. Cameron however is unashamedly playing the anti-Europe card to the best he can considering even he doesn’t want to leave the EU and he seems to want to return to the days of Thatcher which was sort of half in half out with every other European country pissed off at us for throwing temper tantrums every other week. Whereas Cameron believes he can renegotiate our way out of certain treaties Clegg wants to try and reform Europe from a position of strength within the belly of the beast itself.

Personally I fear its too late for that as the Germans and French have pretty much taken the whole system for themselves so whereas those countries are pretty good at playing the “good European” card in public they are also very apt at ensuring any deals or treaties passed are in their national interest. Whilst we may like to have the same influence and ability to manipulate the politic in a similar way the French/German pact are unlikely at this stage to ever allow us that sort of behind the scenes power. Therefore we have a choice of carrying on or pulling away, either way the public deserve the chance to have their say on the matter and it’s a national disgrace the way we have been lied to and ignored on such a fundamental question.

On the “anti-American” angle which Clegg was accused of being by Brown I totally agree with his answer. Yes we have a good relationship with the USA but lately it’s been a one way street and more akin of the type of relationship where one partner walks away happy and satisfied whilst the other hobbles away with a sore arse. We should always be thinking of what’s in our national interest rather than what’s in the Americans and if we had only had the political ability to say No a bit more we wouldn’t have got into Iraq as well as now being tarnished with the “complicity in torture” brush. Not only is the war on terror a good example of the one way nature of the relationship but our extradition treaty is another travesty of justice that allows American citizens all the protections that they deserve whereas for us Brits there is nothing much between an extradition request by the USA and an orange jumpsuit and a one way ticket stateside.

I’m glad we have at least one party who’s leader is willing to say publicly that enough is enough and that a good friend is one who can tell his mate when they are doing something wrong without having to engage in the wrong activity themselves. The Lib Dem’s Freedom Bill if implemented would reverse the outrage which is the extradition treaty as well as giving many of the rights lost under Labour back.

So did Nick manage to carry on from last weeks win or did he flop under the pressure, attacks from the media and intense scrutiny of his policies? Well in my opinion he didn’t do as well as last week purely because in the first debate the other two leaders were so awful, so unprepared and wooden that it was very easy for him to look miles better in comparison. However this week it was clear that Brown and Cameron had been practising and it was quite funny to watch Gordon force out the odd smile here and there and when he tried to make the joke that was a blatant rip off of last weeks riposte by Nick about him and Cameron arguing like kids it just looked very staged.

Cameron came across a lot better than last week and went on the attack over Europe and some political skulduggery in which Labour had distributed campaign leaflets stating that if they got into power the Tories would cut the winter fuel payments and the free TV licences for old age pensioners. Brown denied any knowledge of this which was a blatant lie as in an interview afterwards the SNP leader Alex Salmond was able to produce a leaflet distributed in Browns own constituancy which meant he had to have approved it.

The first poll to come in after the debate showed a slight victory for Cameron with Clegg in second place but then subsequent polls came in the opposite order. No matter which polling company provided results the fact remained that Gordon Brown is loosing the battle for public support badly. We know he is not the media savvy presentation perfect media darling that Blair was and it is a sad state of affairs that style is now considered more important than substance but I don’t think this excuse is enough to hide the obvious desire in the country for a change in government.

The election is half way through and we have one debate remaining. It will be interesting to see how the Lib Dem’s fair in the polls this week and whether any perceived win for the Tories in last nights debate translates into the same sort of surge in poll numbers that the Lib Dem’s benefited from. What I do know is that this election is wide open and the Tories are starting to drum home their scare story that a hung parliament would be bad for the economy in a bid to scare people into voting Conservative instead of Lib Dem.

One thing is for sure and that is to expect more hit pieces on Clegg and Co in the upcoming week.

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