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The current state of the debate on Climate Change

By Dark Politricks

I haven’t written on the subject of Climate Change for a while so when I got a comment on a recent post and started writing more than a couple hundred words as a reply I thought I might as well just put it on the blog. The commenter was reporting on an article by Lord Monckton who talks about the UN’s last push for world government under the guise of trying to solve man made climate change (AGW).

The commenter stated that Lord Monckton was lying about the science and politics and that the whole anti-AGW lobby was part of an organised campaign by polluters to undermine having their activities regulated by trying to create doubt about the science.

I don’t doubt that there are many on the anti man made warming side of the debate that are lobbying for selfish motives but then that is true in all debates and it also doesn’t mean that all the arguments they put forth are meaningless and without merit.

Just like the fact that every pro AGW supporter isn’t a tree hugger who wants to ban cars, give trees human rights and only eats veg & fruit, not every critic of AGW is in cahoots with big oil. In fact quite a lot of the major supporters of ideas that would supposedly help cut CO2 like carbon credits or carbon trading are those same big polluting industries that the warmers claim are backing the other side. Just visit the websites of Shell or BP to read articles professing their love of low carbon fuels and carbon trading schemes.

Therefore the debate is like most not a black and white fight between good and bad and we need to have a grown up debate without each side just calling the other names or saying we won’t listen to you because you support X and know Y.

A lot of people, myself included, have no problem with trying to make this world a better place to live and agree with lots of “pro green” ideas such as any attempt to stop deforestation, prevent overfishing, criminalise big industry who like to offshore their polluting industries to the developing world because its cheaper for them to dump their waste materials. I also whole heartedly agree with moves to stop the pollution of our seas and rivers, I agree with organic farming and most importantly believe we should be putting lots of time and resources into coming up with a cheap efficent renewable energy source that we can use to replace oil and gas.

However I do believe that the public is being scared into supporting ideas such as carbon caps, limits and trading that

Also as the raw data that is used for determining the earths climate which is then used by all climate change scientists is only collected by four agencies it means that if there is flaws in that data any projections based on it are also flawed. So far its been revealed one way or another that three of these four datasets contain issues of some sort or another.

We have also seen major issues with one of these agencies, the CRU, in terms of them not wanting to release their underlying data to researchers which doesn’t inspire trust from those of us who wonder why if they have nothing to hide.

The reason becomes clear on those occasions when freedom of information requests have managed to get the underlying data as detailed analysis of the raw statistics often proves problems in the methodology of these agencies. Most notably in how they collect the data from weather stations which are often moved or replaced and then averages of the remaining nearby stations are then taken and adjustments applied to as replacements.

This often leaves great scope for bias to be applied by those doing the adjustments and this is most clearly seen by the detailed analysis of the core data taken from the weather station at Darwin Zoo. The core unadjusted data from this station shows a clear cooling trend but the actual data used in the reports which had been adjusted showed a clear rising trend. Obviously this is just one example but it shows that major flaws in the underlying data from these four agencies cannot be relied upon as gospel.

So its not because I don’t want a planet for future generations to live in or believe that we shouldn’t look after our planet that I question “some” of the data and reports. It is however because I am a natural sceptic and the debate is being framed in a “we know whats best for you, just do what we say and don’t ask questions” context that naturally raises mine and others suspicions.

The debate has become so politicised that it is very hard to know whether someone is speaking with an agenda or because they have seen the data. If the data is flawed then it’s only fair and right to criticise it.

To de-politicise the debate now is going to be very hard to do but a start would be to make all underlying climate data collected by the four agencies freely available to those that wish to analyse it. Only when all the drama and emotional imagery of drowning polar bears and ice free Himalayas that is seen by many as propaganda is removed and the debate is reduced back to science alone can we resolve this question and come up with a solution.

  • Do I want to live in extreme conditions, with little food or water > No.
  • Do I want to pay £5 a litre for petrol > No
  • Do I want clean, affordable, renewable energy sources > Yes
  • Do I want the debate on climate change to be settled purely on the science with no political consideration (on either side) > Yes
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  1. Peter Roe says

    To say that the whole ‘climate debate’ has become politicised is the understatement of the decade. Since the Al Gore (he of Occidental Oil and a string of personal palaces) fantasy film and the ‘hockey stick’ graph, politicians the word over have seized on this scare story in order to rip us off mightily, force the reintroduction of previously dying deadly nuclear fission technologies, allow themselves and their friends to enrich themselves through the derivative ‘carbon trading’ scheme and to generally screw us.

    In reality all the genuine untampered-with data available indicates a natural period of warming that ended in the ’90s, and a current cooling period that is probably associated with the ‘quiet sun’ cycle we now appear to be in. But the facts have never interfered with the self-aggrandizing, self enriching behaviour of politicians, and they won’t do so now.

    ‘AGW’ is a fantasy, but the dangers of dependency on oil originating in unstable parts of the globe are not. There is almost certainly less of the stuff left than is claimed by the ‘producers’, and it will become more and more technically challenging to obtain fossil fuels as time goes by. If the global warming fantasy helps get us off oil, then I guess the end my justify the means to some extent, One way or another we MUST find alternatives – and quickly. Of all the possibilities, so-called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, in particular the possibility of nickel-hydrogen ‘fusion’ seems the most hopeful (cave-dwellers please please Google”Rossi e-cat” if this means nothing to them) and we had better start praying that this, or something similar, pans out within the very near future.

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