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Leaked ‘Machete’ Script Confirms Race War Plot

Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
Thursday, May 13, 2010

A script leaked for the upcoming film Robert Rodriguez ‘Machete confirms fears that the film seeks to build up a racial cult figure who kills for the cause of “illegal” immigrants.

Alex Jones first put out a video warning about the potential of ‘Machete to kickstart a race war after he was warned by two Hispanic members of Robert Rodriguez’ production crew about its offensive message. Last week, an Internet-hyped “Illegal” trailer for the film revealed many politicized aspects added to the already violence-laced film premise of a “pissed off Mexican” who wipes out his American enemies with a machete and a mob. The 70s exploitation-styled film was first spoofed in Rodriguez & Tarantino’s Grindhouse before it was fully developed as a feature. It is, however, no longer a joke.

Now that production for ‘Machete’ is wrapping up in Austin, it is clear that its racially driven plot plays upon thin stereotypes, pejorative cross-culture terms and exacerbated divisions between immigrants and white people.

The film is dangerous because it glorifies Machete as a hero, invoking his fictional racial struggle alongside clear parallels to current events and headlines ripped from topical news. We have already seen episodes of violent attacks, declarations of violent intent at protests (such as in Arizona and Santa Cruz, California) and demonstrable anger over attempts as regulation, such as Arizona’s recent controversial legislation.

Further, the script seeks to build a cult icon in Machete, a character whom Rodriguez plans to expand into sequel enterprises. By the end, the vicious revenge killer is cast in the holy light of a martyr; his likeness is placed on religious candles as the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ would be [see script references]. Vulnerable illegal immigrants, seeking to evade crude Militia Men characters as they cross the border, pray to Machete for protection, in the hopes they he will wipe out their enemies. Machete becomes a folk hero of sorts, like a Father Hidalgo figure, and his iconography carries over into the traditional use of the machete as a symbol of peasant uprisings. Thus, he becomes a light to all those who seek to defeat their oppressors (by whatever means necessary, if the film is any indication).

Religious inculcation is further induced by associating the Catholic church with Machete’s revenge plot—who is set-up for the assassination of an anti-immigration Texas Senator, who in turn seeks to portray illegals as a “terroristic” group seeking violence.

The Senator utilizes this false-flag scenario to cover for his own association with “extremist” militia groups, one of which is known in the script as “Freedom Force,” the same name as the pro-sovereignty, anti-globalization, anti-Federal Reserve patriot group founded by G. Edward Griffin. It is these elements of ‘Machete‘ which seem more akin to the recent media attacks by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League than they do to good movie plot conventions.

Throughout the script, groups aligned with political attempts to curb, restrict and/or control illegal immigration are thoroughly demonized. Minute Men and militia are portrayed as wanton killers, picking off illegal children in the desert “like jackrabbits” and slinging derogatory terms like “wetback.”

Characters with over-zealous ‘all-American’ attitudes are served Machete’s brand of justice, such as when one enemy is impaled with an American flag and asked if he would ‘die for freedom.’

Other Hispanic characters, such as the one played by Steven Seagal, are termed ‘porchos’ and accused of selling out their people. “We used to stand together,” Seagal’s character tells Machete. “I’m still standing,” replies the racial folk hero Machete before killing his opponent.

Films are separated from coverage of factual news events and political discussions generally, yet cinema has a clear purpose for propaganda. Like some of history’s most hateful and vitriolic films, such as the pro-KKK film ‘Birth of a Nation or the many anti-Jewish films produced by the Nazis, Robert Rodriguez’ film ‘Machete’ clearly seeks to divide people on the basis of race.

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The globalists of the New World Order, who seek a larger global government alongside an integrated American sphere of coordinated trade, conversely seek to maintain control through their age-old maxim, Divide and Conquer. Paradoxically, the rise of the North American Union is dependent upon the strife and hatred between the races.

Consider the fact that American students– many of whom happen to be Hispanic– have been kicked out of school and told that they are not allowed to wear American flag-themed clothing on Cinco de Mayo, on the basis that it may offend Hispanics on their special day. At the same time, consider the unruly students who took down the United States flag, only to raise Mexican flag above it in Montibello, California back in 2006. Those are only two small incidents in what is increasingly becoming an embittered cultural war of epic proportions– yet it need not be.

Rodriguez’ statements, including the fiery declaration from the murderous anti-hero Machete that “This is a message for Arizona,” changes the setting from fantasy on-screen violence to political speech, and with that, responsibility. With rhetoric over the immigration issue at a fever pitch on all sides of the issue, some calm would be perhaps wise.

‘Machete’s’ special Cinco de Mayo trailer roused heated debate as to its meaning in the context of the larger immigration debate. A few critics hailed Rodriguez’ violence-tinged message to Arizona as perhaps the “most eloquent” of responses on the border issue.

Alex Jones, on the other hand, has cautioned against the tone of the piece, and warned that it could incite anger, riots, violence or even copy-cat killings. While this hopefully will not occur, Rodriguez should take caution in the way he voices his dissent and hatred for Americans opposed to his stance on the immigration issue. Let’s hope the final edit turns out different than the trailer or script.


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