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Poison Gas Kills Iraqi Sperm then Spreads

(San Francisco) – American military and political leaders adopted a potent poison gas Spermicide as the weapon of choice for the Iraq and Central Asian Nuclear Wars starting in 1991 and continuing to this day.

Such genetically destructive weapons are by definition long lasting, in fact can never be “turned off” after the battle and are Genocidal. Ceramicized uranium poison gas weapons are purposed to wipe out and destroy entire civilizations. As such, their use for that purpose must be and is denied by US Department of Defense and the premier DOD “news” outlets such as the New York Times.

Indeed, it was the 159 year old “Gray Lady,” the “venerable” New York Times that covered up the very existence of radiation in September, 1945 after the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August.

The Times huddled with cronies at the War Department, the Manhattan Project, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab and the University of California at Berkeley to arrive at the decision to lie, craft the story and engineer the cover up. All in all, the Times and its own complicit allies penned twelve lying 1945 Editorials. The conspirators won a Pulitzer Prize for their Scam, too.

The resulting triumphant and controlling Livermore Nuclear Delusion morphed with the decades and is basically in effect to this day.

Sixty-one years later in a March, 2006 San Francisco Bay View newspaper article I reported the “poison gas cloud” that spread over Europe from the “Shock and Awe” uranium bombing of Iraq. The SF Bay View web site was hacked but the article is here on the website Global Research.

I reported the poison gas cloud in the SF Bay View, the New York Times did not. In addition, the report from noted radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby was vigorously denied and then acknowledged by a comically but, lethally inept British Ministry of Defense, MOD.

The military claimed that a Chernobyl-like event in the area was probably responsible, but no explosive meltdowns of operating reactor cores have been reported or observed in 2006 anywhere in the world. Evidence of the truth of the gas cloud panicked the military into frantic, irrational, ludicrous denials. The military spin was later refined and the new Chernobyl claim quietly dropped. ” – Bob Nichols, San Francisco Bay View

As many of the world’s militaries know, from grunts to generals, poison gas cannot be controlled. The first reported national genetic victim of the American traveling poison gas Iraq attacks is the American European ally – Germany.

Poison gas grew out of favor after World War I. Previously warring powers even criminalized poison gas and made it a War Crime to use it in conflict. The US War Department appreciated poison gas, however, so they just changed the name of the Poison Gas Committee to the Radiological Warfare (RW) Committee and pressed on full tilt.

Col Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, waving from the cockpit.

Col Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, waving from the cockpit.

The RW Committee would oversee the huge Manhattan Project’s production of three poison gas bombs. The “devices” had a very small nuclear weapon for dispersal purposes surrounded by thousands of pounds of depleted uranium. Two bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy, were made just as big as would fit through the bomb bay doors of a B-29 Stratofortress.

Control of poison gas is one thing, knowing where the poison gas is supposed to go or is going is another. The Americans certainly know both: where the poison gas is intended to go and where it actually goes.

The German military and civilian population soaked in an estimated 48,000 radioactive particles per cubic meter for about five weeks. All intended for the Iraqi war fighters and civilians. On average, British scientists Busby and Soarse said they inhaled or absorbed 22 million radioactive, sperm, egg and gene destroying particles apiece.

A triple threat, the radioactivity affects war fighters and civilian men’s sperm, women’s eggs and often visits terrible deformities on any surviving live births, forever. Miscarriages or spontaneous forced abortions go way up, too. The radioactive molecules never go away. They last virtually forever as far as human life spans are concerned.

As a result, years later, the enemy or potential enemy finds it much harder to field an army. All in all, a perfect Force Multiplier weapon in the view of the DOD and the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area. Indeed, President George Bush the Younger went back to Iraq with a Force tasked to do a much bigger job, that was one third the size his Father deployed in Gulf War I.

For a national population to stay even, women must average 2.1 to 2.3 births apiece. According to the Federal Statistics Office of Germany the fertility rate sank to 1.38 children per mother in 2009. That means the German population is dropping – fast. This is a result of the sperm and egg killing poison gas cloud generated in the Iraq and Central Asian Nuclear Wars in lethal combination with other factors – none as important as the radiation.

Knowledgeable sources say the 1.38 fertility rate is too low for the possibility of recovery. If so, the German population is “kaput”. That is “collateral damage,” Big Time.

What country will be next in the lethal American War on Sperm?

Sources consulted for this article:

  1. Uranium Bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe,” by Bob Nichols, Global Research, March 27, 2006.
  2. Baby Gap: Germany’s Birth Rate Hits Historic Low,” by Tristana Moore, Berlin, TIME, Magazine Inc. in cooperation with CNN. May 23, 2010
  3. Col Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, waving from the cockpit. The NYT lied about the nuclear radiation. The image is in the Public Domain and in the US National Archives.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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