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Raja Mujtaba: 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Question

The Zionists and Israel have always used America against her allies. India is the new partner in the gang.

By Raja G Mujtaba

Hillary and rudy

Hillary is a seasoned and matured politician; not only that, having been the First Lady, she had the exposure to national politics from the highest office of America for good eight years. Very few in the American history would have been that fortunate to have had such grooming before assuming any public office. Now, one expects that a person of her stature would certainly not only weigh the words but would also understand the American national interest before firing a salvo at some country; more so if that country not only happens to be an ally but has suffered far more both in men and material to fight America’s war that has been perpetuated, nurtured and ignited by the Zino-Israeli nexus. It was given full support by the neo-cons. It was frenzy, all guns be that of the media, politicians, diplomats or of common citizens were spiting fire at every Muslim and every Muslim country, Afghanistan and Pakistan were the focus.

The damage done by self perpetuated 9/11 has got America by her skin. That was a decision not only taken in haste but was given full backing to the entire satisfaction of the Zino-Israeli lobby as a biblical commandment, neo-cons took it upon themselves in its entire sense and built hate and venom against the Muslims around the world. George Bush, now nick named as the ‘Shoe President’ declared it as a crusade, a word that he went back on but not before inflicting heavy damage to the mutual trust and goodwill between the Islamic world and the West.

Today America is under tremendous financial burdens, she has acquired trillions of US dollars from China as loan to fight the war that never should have been launched. The dead count is rising every day, how long will they store the dead in off shore mortuaries for not to create panic at home? War wounded have become a declared liability, soldiers in tens of thousands are filing for permanent disability; all this is adding to the financial cost. Even after the lapse of almost a decade, America is nowhere near her declared objectives or targets. Osama is long dead, no charge sheet was ever framed against him, apparently he was never desired to be captured, if he was then he would have been a legal dilemma for the USA. All those detained at Guantanamo Bay have no charges against them; they have become a high liability to American character, credibility and her claims to peace, freedom and justice.

Now the Times Square drama, again the brain child of those who have always deceived America into war will add to her diplomatic, political and credibility liability. The same group, Indo-Zino-Israeli nexus for the last several years has been attempting to get America to attack either Iran or Pakistan are working hard to commit America in war against Pakistan. Here it would be unfair if the role of the Pakistani leadership is not touched upon. They are also under oath of the 11th Commandment!

President Asif Ali Zardari, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani have all played a shady role. They have never questioned what America tells them, contrarily they not only accept it but to prove their loyalties, add more to it. If America attacks Pakistan, nation would demand their removal and trial.

When Senator Bond is not convinced, how have the Pakistani authorities making the arrest of the people on assumptions and under the pressure of the US?

Through field based plausibility, Israel has been trying to create evil and ugly events to implicate either Iran or Pakistan or may be both. Both countries are accused of nuclear proliferation, harbouring terrorists and many more unsubstantiated charges that America takes as the 11th Commandment that is not to be questioned.

What is more intriguing, when the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee appearing on CNN says, “he doesn’t yet see the evidence to support Obama administration claims that the Times Square bombing suspect was working on behalf of the Pakistani Taliban;” then how come Hillary Clinton stands convinced of the act without the evidence?

Sen. Kit Bond, R-Missouri, also is criticizing Attorney General Eric Holder for launching what he calls a “hostile

Senator Kit Bond

takeover” of the intelligence community.

“Instead of complying with the law and getting timely information to Congress, the Attorney General and Administration officials were busy spinning the Times Square story in the press,” Bond in the statement.

After the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on Tuesday, Bond told reporters he was frustrated by what he called being kept in the dark for 10 days. And he said statements made by Holder and others over the weekend were not supported by the intelligence he had seen.

“We hear there’s lots of strong suspicions and lots of trails they are following,” said the senator. “I’m not convinced by the information I’ve seen so far that there was adequate, confirmable intelligence to collaborate the statements that were made on Sunday television shows,” he added.

Going through the track record of Hillary, who was provided financial support by the Pakistanis returned their money after being elected to the office of Senate. This came as a rude shock to most Pakistanis. Hillary was under the influence of Rudy Giuliani, a Jew who was the Mayor of NY when 9/11 was caused. Giuliani himself had turned down a donation of 10 million US dollars from a Saudi Prince towards rebuilding of Twin Towers and helping the families of those who lost their kith and kin that day. This she did under pressure from the Jewish Lobby in America and Israel. This makes it abundantly clear that Hillary cannot and will not go against the wishes of APIAC and Israel, she cannot even question them.

During her electioneering for Senate seat, she declared before a Jewish audience that her maternal grandmother was a Jewish, this not only swung the Jew votes to her side but her Jewish links were also established.

Her visit to Pakistan when she tried to establish contact with the people all stands exposed as hypocrisy, her effort in trying to befool Pakistanis.

The world must note the timings of certain events, their staging and direction. Hakimullah Mehsud, who was confirmed dead in a drone attack, has emerged on the scene from Afghanistan. Abduction of Col Imam, Khalid Khawja and Sajjad Qureshi about the same time is also not without meaning. Killing of Khalid Khawaja and staging of Faisal Shehzad in Times Square has lot to say.

Here I would also like to mention that when Gordon Duff and Jeff Gates were on a visit to Pakistan, they not only explained but warned all those whom they met that Pakistan is being staged as the next ‘Evil Doer.’ Many did not understand it and some were just perplexed as to what these two were saying. Some were still not willing to accept for these two Americans had taken a line in complete contrast from the so called main stream Americans. Today both stand taller when the events are unfolding in that direction.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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