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Regime Change by Plane Crash

Fema Camper
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nearly a month ago amateur footage was released ostensibly showing a Russian clean-up crew at the crash site killing off the few survivors of the Polish presidential plane crash. It seems unlikely that a crew would be waiting there on-site in that location as it’s an otherwise unremarkable wood that would not be frequented by the Russian authorities. Unless they were waiting for someone, that is.

This air crash had some telltale signs of being a pre-planned accident. On-site footage has sparked Polish demand for an international investigation better than the whitewashing collusion of Putin’s and Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Polish underlings. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said “there is something incredibly evil” in the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his entourage. Compelling new evidence suggesting that the plane crash killing President Lech Kaczynski,  nearly a hundred top military brass and civilians leaders was engineered is generating growing criticism of the Prime Minister, forcing him to deal with this reality. And this is not the first time a Polish head of state has died mysteriously in an air crash.

Regime Change by Plane Crash

Recently, cleaned-up footage of the video has been spread in part through a collaborative Facebook effort to further showcase the events of that fateful day in April. This includes a better English transcription than originally posted due to more precise audio analysis. By no small coincidence the day of the crash was the seventieth anniversary of the first Katyn Massacre where Nazi Germany allowed Russians to kill 22,000 Polish officials, intellectuals, landowners and leading people of Polish communities.

The digitally enhanced video below shows people in confrontation in the aftermath of the plane crash, now the second Katyn massacre. Notice there is only smoke, not fog, in contrast to initial mainstream media reports.

Here is the translated English transcript of the audio in the video and its approximate timing:

0:13 Calm down!
0:18 Look him in the eyes.
0:22 Calm down!
0:29 Oh my God!
0:30 All of them!
0:31 Kill them!
0:38 (Airport siren sounds)
0:45 Surround him! Go around! He‘s running away!
0:47 Give me a gun.
0:49 Come here, bastard!
0:50 Kill him!
0:51 Do not kill us.
0:51 Do not kill us.
0:55 My God, my God, what is that?
0:55 Shoot.
0:56 (Gun reloading noise)
0:57 (Shot #1)
1:01 You’ll never get away with it!
1:07 (Shot #2)
1:09 (Laughter)
1:13 Change of plans – come back!
1:14 Everyone come back – faster!
1:14 (Shot #3)
1:17 (Shot #4)
1:20 Let’s get out of here.

We should remember to keep in mind that the nefarious globalists who orchestrated previous assassinations and terrorist attacks historically worldwide have a penchant for using special dates like 9/11 and 7/7. Their obsession with numerology and symbolism shows this “accident” to be no accident at all, indeed containing the textbook hallmarks of planned regime change as observed throughout history.

Much disinformation has been released in the media about what actually occurred on April 10th. To clear the air on a few issues:

Initial reports said that the plane attempted to land several times due to dense fog, but later it was revealed by a senior Russian aviation official that it only attempted to land once, and that it crashed on that attempt. There was no fog in the area as was suggested. The amateur video footage and weather reports contradict this media claim of fog obscuring the pilot’s view. Fog usually requires 100% humidity (unless created artificially), and as can be seen from the weather report below, it was only at 60%. In fact, there was no fog for the entire week in that area. This information is confirmed in weather reports.

Regime Change by Plane Crash

The media also says the TU-154 has a questionable safety record, and that the presidential plane was more than two decades old. But sources reveal the plane had just been serviced:

“The Polish presidential plane was fully overhauled in December, its three engines repaired and updated with retrofitted electronic and navigation equipment.”

A thorough check is standard routine before a flight. Planes are statistically one of the safest means of travel in the world. Hardly any head of state has died in a plane crash in the past few decades. Now half the Polish government is dead! How likely is it that this was an accident?

Let’s look at another analysis:

“Commentator James Buchanan (link to article follows) makes some observations about fortuitous plane accidents, including one that killed the Polish prime minister (in exile) after he learned the real story of Katyn in 1943.  It’s not that hard to arrange a plane accident, as at least three former members of the Kennedy family – including Joe Kennedy, Jr. and John Kennedy, Jr. – could testify!

“Buchanan points out that the Polish presidential plane had a complete overhaul in 2009 and the model of Tupelov that had been involved in accidents was sound and that the cited accidents took place in remote areas where maintenance was not so good.”

Contrary to some reports of mechanical failure, the plane was in perfect condition, recently inspected and refurbished with new navigational and electronic equipment. The plane was equipped with TAWS (Terrain Awareness System) in addition to standard radar, so there is hardly likely it would clip a tree on the way down as the navigational alarm would have sounded. No alarms were reported from the black boxes. Unless the upgraded electronic equipment had been modified or sabotaged, or even affected by a Russian electro-magnetic pulse weapon, as some suggest. In that case, manual override may have been necessary, or even impossible if the wiring had been severely affected.

Regime Change by Plane Crash

If a manual landing was attempted, it may have been unsuccessful due to the fact that lamps were turned off on the runway, and additional beacons were misplaced to lure the pilot into the woods. Literally, false light bulbs were put in the lamps and were then later removed after the crash. According to the report above, when questioned, reporters were told to “go away.” So it appears that the pilot was given false information about the location of the runway. This could have been not only visual but also electronic, if the plane’s navigational system had been sabotaged to give incorrect data.

One of the bigger problems with the investigation is that much of it was done through the Russian authorities, and then information was handed off to the Polish people, instead of releasing the electronic devices themselves. Neither the black boxes nor audio recordings have been released to the Polish government, but only transcripts. If the Russian government had any involvement in this assassination, this would be something that they would want to do to hide their interference. Too much information from this investigation has been heavily controlled and concealed. Things are always actively hidden for a purpose. As it is said, “For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed.”

Regular investigative procedures clearly weren’t being followed, and it is clear that lies have been planted at every step along the way to obfuscate the truth. Certain news outlets suggested that the pilot was not able to speak Russian and there was confusion during the landing. Colleagues of the pilot say he was fluent in Russian, contrary to media reports.

Early speculative reports suggested that the president or another commanding officer who outranked the pilot told the pilot to act against his wishes. Transcripts from black box, however, show that no upper commander was interfering with the pilot.

Continuing on the topic of malfeasance, the base radar at the military airport which the presidential plane was to land in was disabled after Tusk met with Putin a week before the crash, at a more important meeting which the President and other Polish politicians were suspiciously not invited to.

Supposedly, the bodies were taken to Moscow and eventually all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other location, as suggested by Gerhard Wisnewski, where they would be disposed of against their will and/or knowledge. This procedure probably occurred on 9/11 as well, due to the fact that no bodies were ever retrieved – no dental records, nothing from any of the flights. For a plane crashing from perhaps less than 10 meters above the ground, according to flight analysis by pilots and aviation experts, casualties would be quite low, hence the likelihood of finding survivors and the need for them to be “disappeared” by those who seemingly wished to displace them.

If the plane was flying on low fuel and just meters above the ground as reported, how is it possible that the pieces of the plane were found two kilometers away? How could it have hit the tops of trees at 20 and 25 meters when it was still going without any collision at ten meters? Also, onlookers reported an explosion…but from what, if the fuel was nearly empty?

Conflicting information reports whether all the bodies from this crash were retrieved, and whether they were even identifiable. Polish and Russian officials said nobody survived the crash. But the amateur footage reveals otherwise, including footage of what appears to be the pilot in standard garb, climbing out of the wreckage and waving! All the bodies have been found, they allege – and yet at the same time, authorities say DNA tests will have to be carried out on the bones of many to identify them.

Whoa, wait a minute – shouldn’t that be done beforehand, if they were already supposedly “identified?” And that is just one example. What about the erased computers of crash victims three hours afterwards by the Polish secret service? How about the fact that the Prime Minister has complete say over any conclusion the investigation will ever come to? Both these questions and more have been posited by Kavkaz Center and remain unanswered.  Clearly there is definite malfeasance going on here.

The question of motive has been previously addressed, but should be reviewed:

Poland was the only country in the EU that refused to strengthen its currency, as its Zloty being weak was a benefit to the Polish economy in exports, employment and tax revenues. The national bank governor had said he would not take loans from the IMF…they had even been so bold as to offer to loan the IMF money! But after the governor’s untimely death the IMF loans have started against his plans.

Poland is the only country that is not in recession in Europe, it’s actually grown 2.75% this year, and 1.7% last year, and growth projections are even higher for next year. Its debt is quite low compared to other countries at around 50% of its GDP. We can expect Poland to be absorbed into the Eurozone and increasing the size of its debts as its Central Bank governor was taken in the crash.

North Dakota is the only of the 50 US states to grow, and they have a state bank. As the state of North Dakota illustrates, economies can grow in spite of a general decline surrounding it, and Poland is another shining example of growth against the surrounding trends. Poland’s economy is indeed no joke.

After a licensed Novartis bird flu vaccine killed 21 homeless people in Poland in the summer of 2008, Poland refused the Swine flu vaccination, and was the only country in Europe to do so.

Poland and Italy were the only two countries in the EU to threaten to veto EU climate change plans.

Two weeks  before the horrible plane crash involving the Polish Government and its finance head, the IMF visited Poland. They remarked that Poland was the only prosperous country in the EU, and also the last member signing into the European Union. They were wanting the Polish government to embrace the Euro as the sole unit of money, even though the polish Zloty has grown in value against the sinking Euro. And now a nation’s military heads and government have been deposed at one fell swoop.

Some good insight and questions that have been asked by investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister, from which I have referenced heavily from in this article, follow:

“How come President Kaczynski and half of Poland’s government flew to Katyn three days after the official anniversary?

Why did 100 figures who are vital for the day-to-day functioning of the Polish government go to a relatively insignificant ceremony, and not to the main one?

What reason could there be for the Polish central bank governor to fly to Katyn to attend the ceremony? Why did the 100 top Polish leaders all fly on the same plane?

How could security protocols that require that even a president and his deputy fly separately be so relaxed that so many key people needed to run the Polish government from day to day are allowed to fly on the same plane? And in a Russian Tupolev plane, and to the traditional arch-enemy of Poland, Russia?

Why were none of the journalists that accompany the president on the plane as usual?

According to Polish media, journalists were told that they had been assigned to another plane that had had technical problems and they would, therefore, need to switch to a third plane, delaying their arrival in Katyn. The delay of the journalists in arriving at the scene of the crash allowed a better manipulation of the media coverage. According to both Bild am Sonntag and the Berliner Zeitung newspapers, a hotel close to the crash site was sealed off, possibly to ensure that journalists who might have seen the crash could not send photos or reports. A man who took pictures of the crash site using his mobile phone had to erase the photos at a police check point on his way home.

What evidence is there that these people were on the plane to Smolensk at all apart from the passenger list issued by the authorities?

It is conceivable that the 100 top Polish leaders were rounded up in a purge and killed or kidnapped inside Poland and that the airplane accident in Russia was staged to explain their deaths. Weather reports indicated clouds but not fog.

According to the official version, however, the plane hit trees as it approached Smolensk airport in thick fog, and caught fire. The plane made four landing attempts because of the fog, according to the mainstream media.

But another witness reported hearing an explosion. The damage of the plane shown is consistent with an explosion. Debris was scattered around an area more than one kilometer.

Pilot error was a possible reason for the crash, according to the official story. But the pilots chosen to fly heads of state are highly qualified.

Why was the plane flying so low that it “hit a tree?” Weren’t the instruments measuring altitude on board working? What was the co-pilot doing? Where was the military escort? The security service detail?”

More analysis from this investigative journalist can be found here.

Not to mention that the bishop of Poland’s Protestant Church was killed in a car accident returning home from funeral ceremonies for President Lech Kaczynski. Whether this is an untimely coincidence or not is unknown, but the fact remains that a lot of people have died on route to commemorate the Polish dead. It’s definitely reminiscent of Princess Diana, to say the least.

Conspiracies do exist. Recently congress has admitted Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone in the JFK assassination. All a conspiracy is is when two people or more act together to plan to commit criminal acts. We see that more and more every day in the financial sector, by our political leaders, through price-setting oligopolistic global corporations, and on even an international level. In this case, the EU, with the cooperation of Russia, is the implicated party. We know that Putin is buddy-buddy with the oligarchs running Eastern and Western Europe.

Why should we think the EU is infallible when Europe has had such a long history of criminal conspiracy, with kings and dukes being assassinated at every turn of the page?

From the Catiline conspiracies in first century BC, to the killing of Julius Caesar, from the Pazzi conspiracy, to the Babington Plot and the Throckmorton Plot, from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, to the Dreyfus Affair, to  Operation Himmler – these are all European conspiracies, not even divulging the modern-day ones. Who says conspiracies are only theory? It’s not just theory, it’s a fact of reality: corporations and individuals are being arraigned on conspiracy charges on a daily basis now, and people do hard time in prison for the crime of conspiring to commit crimes.

Cui Bono: Who Stands To Gain?

Prime Minister Tusk is an EU-friendly politician in contrast to the leaders who died in the plane crash, and appears to be talented at doublespeak – much like Obama, showing support for policies that the public supports, in contrast to what he actually stands for and represents. Before the crash, Polish politicians were becoming more nationalistic and preferred Polish self-determination over international government and corporate cooperation.

Tusk’s party is predicted to win the next presidential election. The only two other presidential candidates died in the crash, publicly accepted and popular but now cast aside due to tragedy. The date of the presidential election has been moved up from October to June, giving Tusk’s party the advantage. His party’s victory will cement the dominance of the European Union over Poland, and quite conveniently just in time for Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley to move in to dominate and corrupt their financial system.

Regime Change by Plane Crash

The European Union stands to gain the most. Certainly, Russia doesn’t benefit from this affair, except perhaps in the form of military dominance. But those aggressions have long since past, and Poland is not a big threat to Russia. The EU wants Poland to step into line with their program, so that they can go on to the next stage of global governance. With the last piece of their puzzle being put into place, the EU is now being fully united in a corporate body.

What is the message that this oddly-timed regime change has brought to the people of the free world, countries and leaders who wish to resist the globalist empire? Oppose us and die! Greece, Italy, Ireland and other states within the EU have shown their desire to stand apart from complete EU governance and the domination of the Euro, and now Poland has been made an example of. Dare oppose the IMF, the Eurozone, EU-mandated vaccinations and the global powers-that-be, and you will be dealt with most severely.

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