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David Dastych: The Case Of Ambassador Leo Wanta

Ambassador Leo Wanta


PART 1 of 2

(Ambassador Leo Wanta is a regular reader and contributor at Veterans Today and a strong supporter of veteran’s causes.)

 By David Dastych

Motto: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

 [Note from the author: My distinguished colleague, Marilyn M. Barnewall, published an article about Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta on, January 10, 2010. As we exchanged opinions, I decided to write my own piece, which could add more facts about this outstanding former U.S. intelligence operative and financial expert – “The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man” — still living in oblivion, while crooks and banksters continue their scams that had led to the American and global financial crisis.]

Leo (Lee) Emil Wanta – now 69 years old – could have been one of the richest men in the world. All he had to do was rip off a small part of the profits from huge secret financial operations of U.S. intelligence with which he had been entrusted in the 1980s by President Ronald Reagan.

 Operating under several code names (i.e. Stillpoint, Frank B. Ingram – SA32NV; Rick Reynolds – SA233MS; Lee E Wanta – S-31-IANO Sector V), Wanta used his exceptional skills to destabilize the Russian Ruble and to prompt the fall of the Soviet Empire.

 As a result of Wanta’s operations, conducted from Vienna and extending as far as Hong Kong, huge sums of money had been amassed in various banks and tax-free havens all over the world. Working with several trusted intelligence operatives and financial experts, Wanta engaged in many secret deals on behalf of the U.S. Government. The profits from them grew to approximately $27.5 trillion. Wanta still holds the “golden keys” to the money that the late President Reagan wanted to be used for the benefit of ordinary Americans. The money was never intended to enrich the Establishment – the super-rich and the most powerful.

 True to Reagan’s directions, Leo Emil Wanta refused to release the funds, which had been diverted to numerous private overseas accounts. But despite his efforts, a large part of U.S. intelligence-stashed monies were essentially looted by corrupt U.S. political “crime families.” You would recognize their well-known names if you heard them.

 The patriotic stance of Wanta got him deep in trouble. It almost cost him his life. Other associates, however, such as Kok Howe Kwong (his Chinese business partner), Freddie Woodruff, Francois de Grosseurve, were all found dead. You can add the name of Vince Foster, former White House Counsel, to the list. The killings are an integral part of the long process of stealing U.S. intelligence money. It continues to this day.

 134 days in a Swiss dungeon

From Wanta’s interview with Tom Valentine on Radio Free America, it is clear that in October 1992, Wanta was asked by the Bush Administration to procure and deliver prime bank guarantees – which are bank debentures. At first, the Bush Administration wanted to run the prime bank guarantees through MiApollo Investments, Ltd. in Hong Kong. They changed their minds, preferring to use an American company. To accommodate, Wanta used his AmeriTrust Corporation. The contract was from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by U.S. Attorney Sandro Sordi, Deputy Attorney General, Dade County, FL, an associate of Janet Reno, then with Richard C. Breeden (SEC Chairman), via Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan and Citicorp. The contract was signed by Leo E. Wanta, Principal, on January 15, 1993. The pay orders came from Credit Suisse.

 After George H.W. Bush lost his bid for re-election, the Clinton Administration wanted access to the money. Their attempts began when White House counsel Vincent Foster asked Wanta to pay Laura D’Andrea Tyson and Leon Panetta who was at that time Director of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – now CIA Director – $250 million for The Children’s Defense Fund.

 “On July 7, 1993, I bought breakfast for Consul General Giovanni Ferro and Lorrayne Fine (an Israeli Mossad agent) of L.H. Financial Group, Johannesburg, South Africa,” Wanta said. “Others in the group – but not at breakfast – included Anthony Maniaci (Queen’s Counsel at Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and Sandro Sordi (former Dade County Deputy AG, mentioned above). We have verified that Deputy White House Counsel Foster made hotel reservations for everyone in Geneva. The hotel rooms, his itinerary and air travel plans are on his American Express card…” Wanta continued.

 “The group having breakfast at the Hotel Au Lac in Lausanne, that day, July 7, 1993, planned to take the train to Geneva to meet with Vince Foster later that day. I had no idea Panetta was coming. I never saw him. Fine had too much luggage and I was carrying a blue nylon bag containing all of my files… heavy, weighed close to 100 pounds. So we opted to go to Geneva by taxi… a 20-minute ride. Foster and his group were to join us at the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva to discuss the deal.

 “I was arrested by the Suisse Sûreté (the detective force of French-speaking Swiss) before rising from the breakfast table. ” Thus, Wanta never got to Geneva or met with Vince Foster – nor was he given the opportunity to arrest Marc Rich (Reich) as directed by the then-FBI Director William Sessions. (Telephone interview with M. Barnewall, January 16, 2010.)

 When Greg Szymanski interviewed him, Wanta said: “I was named Ambassador from Somalia to Switzerland and Canada as a cover to arrest Marc Rich (Reich]. When I got there, I found myself in a Swiss dungeon and Rich was set free. Foster was also there on behalf of the Clintons, asking me for $250 million for The Children’s Defense Fund of which Hillary was chairman. Later, Vince attempted to help me out of my situation, but later I was notified he was found dead and I never found out what happened to the $250 million.”

 Tom Valentine interview of Wanta: “On July 20, 1993 the Swiss Prison Superintendent told me that Vincent Foster was dead – on my daughter’s birthday.” Was it a Mafia-style warning? Wanta was kept in what he calls “a Swiss dungeon” at Du Bois, near Lausanne, under the false pretext of tax evasion in the State of Wisconsin. His diplomatic status was breached for 134 days, from July 7 to November 17, 1993 before he was flown to New York in chains.

 A  federal judge in New York City, Allyce Ross in the Eastern District Court, called it “subterfuge” by the State Department and the State of Wisconsin. She said: “This is absurd and bizarre that Ambassador Wanta is held.” The New York case was dismissed with prejudice by the U.S. Attorney on November 19, 1993. Yet, he was re-arrested and sent to a prison in Wisconsin and later to other U.S. prison compounds where he was badly treated.

 Although Wanta had no idea what The Children’s Defense Fund was all about, a financial investigator, Marco Saba of the Organized Crime Observatory in Switzerland, later wrote about it. It was a secret fund: “One component of this information concerns the activities of the CIA operative known as Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. For some years prior to the elevation of her husband, Bill, a CIA operative like his ‘CIA wife,’ Hillary had been in control of an organization calling itself ‘The Children’s Defense Fund.’” It is alleged, on the basis of intelligence community leaks, that Hillary became accustomed to treating The Children’s Defense Fund as “her own private slush fund.” (Greg Szymanski,, March 26, 2006).

In 1981, President Reagan issued Executive Order 12333, known as “Title 18, Section 6.” It authorized U.S. intelligence services to operate corporations for intelligence purposes and deny any intelligence community connection. In other words, they could lie about their real corporate purpose.

 Following is an overview from writings of British financial intelligence expert and editor Christopher Story, International Currency ReviewWorld Reports. His comments are factual.

 In the fall of 1993, upon leaving the Brooklyn Courthouse, Leo Wanta was unlawfully detained without a warrant by New York Police Department detectives. They apologetically explained that they were ‘doing Wisconsin a favor.’ They were acting on a telephone call from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue requesting his arrest for alleged failure to pay State taxes. Leo was not shown any warrant or provided a copy of any charges filed by the State of Wisconsin.

The pretext for Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s unlawful detention: He allegedly owed a civil Wisconsin State tax of $14,129, dating from 1982 and 1988. But it wasn’t true. Wanta lived abroad, not in Wisconsin, since the 1985 legal separation from his wife. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue claimed he was a U.S. resident because his wife lived in Appleton. Somehow they didn’t understand the words “legally separated.” Since his wife filed for divorce in 1995 charging abandonment as of 1985, it’s clear Leo Wanta had no legal ties to Wisconsin in years for which civil taxes were being charged.

 Wanta had been notified of the illegal civil state tax assessment while working in Singapore on U.S. government business. Wanta remitted the $14,129. On May 15, 1992, Wanta sent the money from Singapore via Telegraphic Transfer by Malaysian Banking Berhad. It was sent in favor of Wanta’s Wisconsin Attorney, Thomas Wilson, and was deposited in his Attorney Trust Account with Bank One, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911, account commission of S$29.17 plus the cable cost of a further S$20.40 [Singapore Dollars]. The falsely demanded $14,129 was duly paid by Attorney Wilson under protest to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The check cleared the First Wisconsin National Bank (later Firstar Corporation, now U.S. Bancorp) in Milwaukee.

 The State tax levied against him was and remains fraudulent. The original Wisconsin tax charges against Leo Wanta were civil, not criminal charges. Criminal charges of tax evasion were filed only when he insisted he had paid the civil tax assessment – twice (once in May; again in June 1992). He refused to pay it a third time.

 He remained illegally incarcerated without a warrant in the State of New York until December 13, 1993. At that time, law enforcement officers finally extradited him unlawfully to Wisconsin. Wanta had not resided in Wisconsin since 1985 and became a legal resident of Vienna, Austria, after June 1988. There, among other things, he was Director-General of New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H., one of his USG Title 18, Section 6 intelligence corporations, located at Karntnerstrasse 28/15, A-1010 Wien (Vienna).

 David Dastych is a veteran international journalist and a former intelligence operative. In 1961, he joined the Polish Foreign Intelligence Service. Between 1961 and 1968 and in 1973 he worked in Western Europe, the US, and Asia (Vietnam and China). In 1973, in South Vietnam he joined the CIA He later worked as a journalist and political analyst, specializing in the Soviet and East European regimes with foreign institutes for strategic studies, and with American and other Western diplomatic missions and international organizations.

 Between 1976 and 1981 Dastych worked as a Public Relations Officer, then as an analyst and Deputy Manager of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) in Warsaw (1982-1983). In 1987, Dastych was arrested. The Polish Communist Military Tribunal sentenced him to 8 years for spying for the CIA and allegedly for the Japanese Prime Minister’s Intelligence Service. Having served 3 of an eight-year sentence in special wards for political prisoners in Warsaw and Barczewo Prisons, he was released in 1990 after the collapse of communism in Poland.

 From 1990 to 1994 Dastych worked with several intelligence services monitoring illegal nuclear trade. In 1994, he broke his vertebral column in a mountain accident in France. After several years of cure and rehabilitation, he resumed his career as a journalist, free-lance editor and columnist and writes for, among others, Polish, American and Canadian media. He runs his own media agency serving foreign authors and businesses.

 E-mail: [email protected]

View the original article at Veterans Today

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