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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Every time I hear someone on the radio, here in the US, talk about Israel or Zion and the “end times,” which is on one station after another all day every day, I get sick.  My mother lived in Southeastern Kentucky.  After my father died, she eventually remarried and moved there from Palm Beach to be around “regular folks,” have a big garden and leave the atmosphere she had come to hate in Florida.  They left Florida to escape the Jews.  What they became was the only Jewish family in the county, Lee County, Kentucky, land of poisoned snakes in church, where people roll around the floor frothing at the mouth, where the Jews of Palm Beach County, Florida would be missed.  For every “good Christian” there were three “meth” dealers.  Local folks loved Israel, they learned this in Chuch, they just hated Jews.  Welcome to America.

Now the same preachers, half a generation from outdoor plumbing, faith healing and tent “revials” to private jets and Mediterranean villas, have become experts, not only on wild interpretations of religion but geopolitics and national security as well.  We already have a continual flow of bizarre and inept “position papers” flowing out of phony think tanks.  Now the preachers have stepped in, telling us day after day, hour after hour about our strategic dependence on Israel, a country we have no treaties with, no bases in, a country that has never lifted a finger to help America.  Oh, we have bases in Turkey, a country that fought alongside us in Korea with distinction,  putting the fear of Allah into the North Koreans and Chinese.  Pakistan is fighting along side us as is Iraq and Afghanistan, but not a single Israeli.  In 1991, even Syria fought alongside us as did Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and dozens of countries. 

Want to count how many Muslims are in our armed forces?  Please, anyone, tell me exactly what our strategic relationship is with Israel?  Are we afraid we will run out of terrorists?  This is all Israel seems to supply us with.


The “Christian Zionists” all come from states that simply don’t have any Jews.  They also come from states that traditionally hate Jews and always have.  They grew up calling Jews “kikes” or “dirty Jews” but they are more egalitarian than that.  Coming from states that have traditionally been all white, some ruled by Mormons, a pseudo-Christian sect with an underlay of Islam below the surface, hate is pretty-much all there is to do in much of America.  Hating people you have never met is the lowest form of ignorance, an ignorance raised to an art form.  It started with hating Catholics, then African Americans.  Jews came later, after they got radio.  They were taught to hate Jews by the Catholics, oddly enough.  Father Coughlin, the famous “radio priest,” the Rush Limbaugh of his day, spent his life teaching the evils of Zionism mixed in with a message of hate for Jewish people as well.  Today these same anti-Semites  are the Christian Zionists, the same people who supported Hitler, some through the entire war, are now big supporters of Israel.

Hey Israel, congratulations on your ability to pick quality friends.


With millions in payoffs, much from the Jewish controlled media in America, flowing into the pockets of these ignorant charlatans and hate mongers, their tune has changed.  They no longer rave about “filthy Jews, whore mongers, money changers and murderers of Christ” but rather about defending Israel and how vital defense of the Jews from the murderous terrorist hordes is to secure mankind’s fate during what they call “the end times.”  The “end times” are a lottery where the losers, 99.999% of mankind suffers and dies and the winners get to laugh about it, sitting next to their version of Christ.  I do so love religion. 

Give a monster enough TV coverage and he will read your scripts and stand by you as long as you don’t turn your back.  I wonder how Israelis really feel about Evangelical Christianity?  I have a pretty good idea.

Their religion, the “neocon” Christians, not really Christian in anything but name only, actually more a business than a religion, plans to have 244,000 souls fly up to heaven while every living thing on earth dies after suffering endless agony.  To bring this on, Israel must be defended, and, listen carefully, there must be a nuclear war that begins in the Middle East but destroys earth.  This is in their “biblical prophesy,” a fanciful and theatrical mythology made up of a variety of Christian heresies mixed in with blasphemy spread by apostates.

Of course, the end times will mean the total and absolute destruction of the Jewish religion.


During World War 2, the defense industries brought 250,000 workers in from the less educated regions of America up to Detroit,  from areas as backward as anywhere in Afghanistan.  This wartime rural-urban migration changed the face of America.  The industrialized north, German, Czech and Hungarian primarily softened into a collage of rural whites and blacks, many unable to read and write, children of generations of indentured servants called “sharecroppers.” 

With them came the race hatred, anti-Semitism and gullibility that was fed off by cheap politicians representing the ruling classes in America.  Discussing politics or philosophy, something normal at any dinner table for an American from a European family, Jewish, German, whatever, it didn’t matter, disappeared.  Replacing it was a prayer followed by ravings about Jewish communists, evil Negroes and the creeping socialism in the labor unions.  The most enjoyable part, of course, is that the labor unions paid for the food they were eating.  Prior to unionization, workers were slaves virtually chained to machines.  Unionization took two generations of what would today be called terrorism to earn human rights for workers.  Unions, Jews, Germans, Poles, built America and its cities.

What has America lost? 

Civility is gone.  An American worker could read Sartre and listen to Beethoven.  Now its sports, beer, monster trucks and Tea Party fascism.  Envy, fear and hatred are the only tools of social cohesion.

Perhaps the worst thing America has lost has been Jewish activism.  Much is left with many of our leading writers and thinkers anti-Zionist Jews but many others have been intimidated into simply turning away or passively supporting Israel’s unsound policies.  America could ill afford to lose this, as we have seen.  The coalition between a generation of Jews raised in political and social ignorance, now directly tied to political movements in the US that would have thrown them into ovens if given the chance is quite incredible to see.  Its like we suddenly erased 80 years of history and generations of social tradition for 30 pieces of silver.

Perhaps we do live in a world, a Reaganesque monstrosity, where “greed is good.” 


Today you can ask someone in Billings, Montana about Israel.  He will tell you about heroic Jews fighting the monsters in Gaza who are trying to murder his children in their beds.  He may never have knowingly met either a Jew or Muslim but TV, an entertainment medium that now has no other purpose than to indoctrinate Americans into race hatred, a medium owned by Jews but controlled by Zionists, a sociopathic element that crosses religious and ethnic boundaries.

Every time you turn on the television, you see an African American female in a position of authority.  In half of the shows, and there are many, the characters are written to encourage race hatred and envy.  Why is she in charge?  They never say?  Why is she so bad tempered, arrogant and flawed?  Is it because we are supposed to believe she has her position of authority because, not only is she African American but she is a woman also?  Do you think this kind of thing is an accident?  Did you think it was “liberals” trying to make up for crimes of the past by placing so many African Americans in positions they seldom have in real life? 

TV, movies, video games and the endless infiltration of everything from documentaries to sports, one message is always there.  Muslims are not human beings.  They can be starved and killed.  Murdering their children is the only thing that will “keep us safe.”   There is something very “old testament” about murdering children.

Keeping us safe.  This has become a tiring crescendo of fear-mongering, twisting class hatred and envy into religious, ethnic and racial hate, all carefully staged to channel generations of vicious anti-Semitism into hatred of Muslims, hatred of the educated classes and blind subservience to the endless bleating of the carefully scripted propagandists.


Your new friends, you know, the red-neck preachers who talk about Zion, the ones you invite over continually, they hate your guts.  If it weren’t for Israeli-Americans controlling 50% of the world’s wealth, you would all be dead if they had their way.  Today they love you and hate Arabs, African Americans and “elitists.”  Tomorrow it will be you.  Do you think anyone in America really cares if Israel fell into the sea?  Much of America is threatened with a massive oil spill, an area nearly wiped out by a massive hurricane and these same Americans said it was an “act of g-d.”

Jews aren’t supposed to love swine.  Why are you keeping so many as pets?

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