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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

The entire world joined with Israel in 1972 when Black September radicals murdered Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich.  The world was never told of the torture prisons in Israel or the truth about the 1967 War, the “land grab” and the ethnic cleansing that followed.  Even still, the Munich attack was an unthinkable horror, one Israel has now duplicated with the execution slaying of peace activists and humanitarian aid workers.  The Israeli paper, Hareetz has published the autopsy results.

Israel executed wounded, abused corpses and emptied automatic weapons into bodies at point blank range.  These were the acts of brutal animals, not humans.  Israel has bred a generation of monsters.  Israel has an obsession with monsters, the gollum, the sickness of the soul that has driven every nation that has embraced belief over humanity and myth over truth.  Israel is and has always been a nation of contradictions, the best and brightest sometimes led by the worlds worst con men, chiselers, torturers and yes, the exact same people the holocaust tells of.

Does the myth of the holocaust poison the souls of Israelis, fill them with anger, hatred and the capability of doing so much harm in the world?  Is it the Jewish religion and its teachings that non-Jews are subhuman?  This isn’t just Judaism that denies the inherent humanity of mankind.  Every belief system has these components, from Evangelical Christianity to radical Islam to the endless forms of Fascism that have hidden under the guise of neo-conservatism, Zionism or Islamic awakening.

No country has lost as much as Israel in this last week.  What Israel gave up is the holocaust and Munich, the cultural myths the storytellers used to twist a generation to accept Fascism in place of democracy and hate in place of decent lives.  When millions in Saudi “blood money” flows into the extremist religious schools called madrassas or Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh or the vicious phony Christian thug John Hagee spew their poison, it is no different.  In Vietnam, 566 women and children died because poorly trained draftees were told they could kill “gooks” because gooks weren’t human.

Israel, the “flavor of the day” failed state assumed the mantle of international psychopathic criminal state out of hubris and paranoia.  Were people “out to get” Israel?  Maybe, but generally in retaliation.  What an interesting word.  It assumes that someone did something wrong.  What it never can explain is who and when.  With 6000 years to play with and religious texts that depict a super-being so flawed, so ignorant and so utterly inhuman as to justify what any sane person has to know is total insanity, the books so many accept, not only Jews but Muslims and Christians, tens of centuries of brutality are little but roadmaps for mayhem.

There is actually a “skeptics bible,” a compendium of criminality, sociopathic behavior, racism and outright thievery that fills the “holy books” that supposedly give land to the Jews, empowers the Taliban or allow kids thousands of miles away, in the safety of the good old USA, to murder families with “computer game” drones.

The Israeli ambassador to Spain put it interestingly yesterday.  He pointed out that 28 people died on Spanish highways and Israel only executed 9 people.  The death toll in Munich was roughly the same as the Israeli terror attack this week.  The Israeli athletes were innocent as were the Israeli victims.

In 1972, the Munich attack was  given two operational names, Ikrit and Biram.  In 1948, the Jewish terrorist group Haganah attacked these two villages, slaughtering the inhabitants, every man, woman and child.  Munich was a retaliation for this.  Few were told this, not that retaliation is an excuse.  What none were told is that the villages, Ikrit and Birham were Christian villages, not Muslim.  In 1948, Israel wiped out the Christian population of Israel first, they were a danger.  Muslims were allowed to live, they were useful workers.

What was also not told is that the Haganah was a Communist militia sworn to serve Stalin’s Russia.  While Americans back home were looking under their beds for Communists, Israel was full of them, armed to the teeth and pumped up on the politics of mass murder, straight out of their hero, Josef Stalin, a mass murderer that made Hitler look like an amateur.  Oh, how we lie about history.  The communists we all knew had duped Harry Truman had pulled it off.  Israel was meant to be a Soviet enclave, Stalin’s perfect state in the Middle East, his “proxy state” to spy on America, penetrate the news media, indoctrinate the people and destabilize the west.  How did he do?

Is that Israel alive or has it been replaced with a theocracy, a radical state following a mindless religion based on hatred and inhumanity?  Are we describing Iran?  Are we describing half the United States?  What we are describing is simple “pop psychology.”  We all know about the experiments, you know the ones where people are told to give electric shocks to students, stronger and stronger until the screams of pain are deafening.  How we find monsters among us, inside of us, always ready to sacrifice our humanity for blood sport enjoyed while running with the pack.

A few counties, Japan and Germany in particular, recognized the disease and have tried to inoculate themselves.  65 years later and nobody has heard a Zero screaming down for a strafing run or the boots of SS kicking down a door.  America has taken over for them it seems, less efficient for sure, an odd mix of mass murder and social welfare program that the US has come to call “war.”

The last century was meant to end war.  100 million died, some actually knowingly sacrificing themselves for a better world.  Today it is Israel, the brutal dictatorship we ignore out of corruption.  Before them it was someone else and after them we can expect more.  Our ignorance of history, our personal failings of greed, hate and yes, religion, guarantee unending descent into barbarity.

And so it goes.

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