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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Rumors, always repeated in the world press, tell us that Israeli officials are curtailing travel in fear of confrontation with groups that plan ad hoc arrests for a yet to be announced war crimes tribunal.  No Israeli  has ever been brought to trial though many arrested, some in New York during 9/11 and Poland is holding what they believe to be one of the gang that is responsible for the Dubai assassination.  Many Israeli agents, people of the likes of Jonathan Pollard, languish in prisons around the world but their handlers and co-conspirators travel the world in complete freedom, testimony to something utterly insidious regarding the nature of justice in today’s world.

The world’s criminal justice system is now faced with its biggest challenge since the end of World War 2.  Political assassinations began long before Julius Caesar and ‘false flag’ attacks, really a CIA specialty, date from the beginning of time.  The recent killing of nine humanitarian workers on a Turkish ship in international waters by the Israeli military is something different.  By any definition this is a war crime.  Even if the ship was armed, it would still be the same crime, either an act of piracy, aggressive war or a the crime of murdering civilian non-combatants.  Further crimes include kidnapping, torture, illegal detention, theft of property but there is really so much more than that and countries other than Israel are totally complicit.

Immediately upon submitting to the world press a series of outlandish cover stories about terrorist trainers and “dirty bomb” nuclear weapons, the IDF  began, not only compounding their own criminal acts but criminalizing others around the world, their “press assets.”  The Nuremberg tribunals made it clear through the conviction and subsequent executing by hanging of Julius Streicher, Germany’s “Rupert Murdoch,” that acts meant to justify aggressive war or mass murder, even after the fact, were punishable by death.  Can this door be reopened, establishing criminal culpability on the part of co-conspirators, agents every bit as guilty as those wielding the weapons, as it was after World War II?

Thus, news, albeit more entertainment than news, personnel such as Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh along with their writers, staff, producers, news directors and corporate governance, all who openly chose to run stories providing cover for Israeli crimes, stories clearly false, not just demonstrating bias but timed and worded such as to present to any reasonable juror complicity in the act itself, may well face indictment for crimes against humanity.  Their patterns of behavior had, long ago, established them as intelligence assets, having given up any real pursuits in the realm of actual journalism.

No crime would have been committed without the full understanding that complicity on the part of a controlled press and the enthusiastic participation of co-conspirators was guaranteed.  No proof of prior knowledge is necessary, simply that of complicity.  It is one thing for a Israel to use financial control to influence news in the US, Canada and Britain but quite something else to do so as part of a conspiracy to commit war crimes.  We have moved into an entirely new area, one where “spin” is not enough.  In the EU and Canada, a attorney who misrepresents facts during a trail goes to jail with his client.  The current situation deeply parallels the attorney client relationship, a damning aspect of strong corporate control of the press.

Complicity in the US doesn’t stop with the media.  Numerous government officials and military leaders regularly provide cover for Israel, paid through free trips, massive campaign contributions and carefully arranged business opportunities, book deals, jobs for relatives or other “perks.”  The majority of the members of congress have accepted gratuities from sources tied to Israel, gratuities of all these types, intended to influence the US government to support acts such as the attack on the Freedom Flotilla.

Were politicians simply asked to support military aid or controversial policies there would be no problem.  This kind of “wiggle room” has existed in politics forever although we are seeing dangerous extremes as to its application to Israeli interests.  However, we now have a number of elected officials in the US openly suggesting legislation to support a war crime.  Several hundred members of congress are involved in drafting and passing legislation, not in support of Israel but, in actuality, stating that the act of murder and piracy has the full support of the government and people of the United States, all without any trial or even rudimentary fact finding as stipulated by international maritime convention to which the US is a treaty signatory.

That these legislators were asked to perform these acts at the request of a foreign government brings into question their continued ability to legally hold office.  That their actions are, technically, a war crime, could leave them open to arrest and prosecution, particularly if they travel outside the United States.  The typical rules of conflict of interest, something normally seen by legislators as an ethics challenge, easily sidetracked through backroom deals, now mimics “foreign influence and corrupt practices,” this time against, rather than for, the United States.

It has always been expected that money, bullying and “wink and nod” conspiratorial networks that have covered for even more serious crimes such as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 would go unquestioned.  Rendition and torture inquiries were sidetracked effortlessly.  However, this seems to no longer be the case.  Have we finally seen “the straw that breaks the camel’s back?”

There is little question that Israel planned to murder civilians, innocent humanitarian aid workers.  The release of hours of films disproving all of Israel’s claims regarding the incident can’t be accidental.  Any nation that can find a sewing needle in checked luggage could find, not only memory cards on a “cavity search” on prisoners held and tortured for 48 hours but find other, larger electronic mediums as well, disks, tapes and memory sticks.  Yet, all such media made it through Israeli security and onto the internet.

Few admit that Israel cares nothing about Gaza.  The rocket attacks Israel loves to report are, often as not, of their own origin, timed to hit the news when Israel is looking for some advantage.  Since 1946, Israel has, not only ethnically cleansed Palestinian Muslims but almost totally wiped out the substantial Christian population of Palestine as well.  The lucky were able to escape to refugee camps in Jordan.  The majority are now very much a “part” of Greater Israel.  Israel has never been shy about its own interests, not during the terror war against Britian in the late 40s which included, not only numerous bombings but the attempted assassination of the British Prime Minister and Cabinet by the Irgun.  Substantial proof that the Irgun assassinated Secretary of Defense Forestall exists, part of a coordinated effort, many years ago, to eliminate all “road blocks” to the recognition of the Israeli state.

Now we either accept that Israel has gone totally mad, not only enraging the world against it but has been totally implausible in its attempts to cover its crimes, implausible to the point of “burning” assets like Fox News, that had served its needs so well.

What the world may be missing is that Israel is using the “game theory” that Jeff Gates describes so eloquently in his writing.  Israel is a nuclear power, protected from sanctions by its powerful lobby in the US, wealthy beyond imagination, controlling up to 50% of the world’s money supply and is, frankly, above any international justice.

The first move in the game was forcing President Obama to remain silent on the massacre despite his “cold shoulder” to Israel recently.  This was done through promising evidence of the infamous “lost nukes” being smuggled into Gaza.   This is the same ploy used on Colin Powell to get him to sacrifice his dignity by presenting a shoddy cover story to the United Nations.  Little did Powell know that the underlying secret he was protecting was more bogus than the lies he knowingly told.

The infamous “lost nukes” are the holy grail of “not so secret” international secrets.  The current investigations of “WMDs” in the UK, this week questioning not only UN arms inspector Hans Blix but former MI-5 Chief Eliza Manningham-Buller are not attempts to ruminate further on Tony Blair’s judgement to follow Colin Powell and George W. Bush into Iraq.    The Chilcot Inquiry is now looking into financial irregularities, millions of pounds of questionable contributions tied to a blackmail scheme involving real missing nuclear weapons.  Documents involving lost nuclear weapons including letters from former Prime Minister Tony Blair have politicians around the United Kingdom running for cover.  Complicity in illegal nuclear trade between Britain and Israel goes back as far as 1966 according to the BBC.  For every witness called, three are being warned of  the “Official Secrets Act” and being reminded to take a vacation.

With the “lost nukes” card crippling the Obama administration and opposition conservatives falling over themselves to clear Israel of wrongdoing, Israel feels she has a free hand for a deception operation against Iran, aimed at her real goal, elimination of Iran’s $1.5 billion dollar gas pipeline to Europe which now threatens Israel’s parallel effort that has run into snags over supply issues.  If you think anyone really cares about Iran or nuclear weapons when former Soviet republics were selling nukes like candy bars back in the 90’s….

And so it goes….

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