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Gordon Duff: Israel: A Nation Of Bunglers



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

When did the Israelis become a nation of bunglers?  Was it before 9/11 the Mossad squad tasked with filming the airliners crashing into the twin towers was arrested by New York police?  What a bad day to look Middle Eastern and dance around the streets while 3000 Americans died.  It took a call from President Bush himself to get them released and a special plane flew them back to Israel, while all other flights in the US were grounded.  We can go back to 1967, when the entire Israeli Navy and Air Force couldn’t sink the USS Liberty, two hours of continuous attacks.  Their purpose was to take over the ship, using their famed “commandos” and execute the 300 man crew.  Add 34 more murdered Americans to the list.  For Israel, another bungled operation.

The USS Liberty attack was 43 years ago today.  Tens of millions of Americans remember it as a betrayal, a day that lives in infamy.  First the attack is bungled and then the cover-up.  In another year, USS Liberty Day will be celebrated like Pearl Harbor Day.  Welcome to hell.

How about the murder in Dubai?  27 Israelis to kill one person, most of them photographed one way or another using forged passports from Australia, Britain, Ireland, Germany and more.  Is this the same Mossad “hit squad” that is now in Turkey going after Rabbi Weiss?  Who else are they supposed to strangle or poison or both?

Where we got a real look at bungling was the attack on the Freedom Flotilla.  Even after machinegunning the unarmed passengers from their patrol boat and executing two during their “takeover,” the raw recruits, masquerading as Israeli “commandos” (and attempt to steal the thunder of the real commandos, British commandos) were beaten half senseless by passengers with broomsticks and captured.  Crying like babies, they were given first aid and kept safe while the rescue squad sent to save them repeated their tactics, executing more unarmed civilians in international waters.

Do you want to know what bungling is?  Imagine murdering unarmed civilians and having your picture taken.  However, this isn’t the beginning of bungling.


One of the worst kept secrets in the world is that Fox News, owned by Ruppert Murdoch, is, perhaps the least reliable source of information on the planet, excluding North Korea.  Few Americans know Murdoch is a Jew.  He works to keep that secret.  Few also know he is closely tied to the Likud party, quite actually Fascists, that now rule Israel.  While Israelis were being told the Freedom Flotilla was really an Al Qaeda invasion force planning to march through Tel Aviv like Hitler through Prague, Fox News, Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the voice of Zionism himself, Wolf Blitzer, were receiving their marching orders, really scripts from their Mossad handlers.  They, AIPAC, the ADL, the whole gang are simply foreign agents, just as Senator William Fullbright warned so many years ago.

The orders went out as usual.  Accept any tapes, video or audio, no matter if they are authenticated or not.  If caught showing an edited or even staged or reenacted sequence, pretend nothing happened.  Suppress all statements critical of Israeli actions.  Have all commentators attack the credibility of anyone with negative information, calling them terrorist sympathizers or alluding to their ties to the Democratic party in the US or President Obama.

The Flotilla story is a hard one as you have several captured Israeli troops, returned after receiving medical treatment, yet Israelis were told these soldiers had been “lynched” by Al Qaeda operatives.  Israel is telling the world that US Marine Ken O’Keefe is a “terrorist mastermind” but they released him after no questioning, only hours of senseless beating, something Marines find amusing.


The same evidence fabrication and falsification operation used to create phony bin Laden tapes sent out, not only videos heavily edited to show hijacking victims heroically fighting back against bungling Israeli recruits, but edited tapes of radio traffic and photographs of weapons seized, photos with datestamps, some 4 years old.  One photo I examined actually had the date 4.11.2009 on it, showing seized weapons from this week’s hijacking.  The “bungle meter” pegged well into the red on this one.

After the first films bombed, Israel, using the same failed techniques used on gun camera footage of the USS Liberty attack and the endless bin Laden tapes, is said to be concocting more, to be released after they are “declassified.”  Read “declassified” as reinacted, redacted, edited and falsified.  Picture a camera on a “cherry picker” and a special effects guy on one side splashing water and on another running the smoke machine.  We are told the new tapes will show Pakistani Special Forces with rocket launchers on deck.  Israel’s statement will have them escaping on a Syrian midget submarine.  Glenn Beck will tell us he saw it himself.

If you want to see real bungling, ask Colin Powell about his WMD evidence or talk to the 9/11 Commission.  Building 7 is the biggest special effects screw-up in the history of family entertainment.  These are two more bungled Israeli productions.

Need to stage a “false flag” bombing, have a rocket hit a school bus or arrange the death of a British weapons scientist?  The Bin Laden Studios in Tel Aviv can do any job, sort of.  Elton John will do the background music, as soon as he gets over the jet lag from performing at Rush Limbaugh’s 5th wedding.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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