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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

We’re supposed to go after Tea Partier, Sharon Angle, you know, the one warning us against AIDS in the water supply.  Sharon has said some drastic things about guns and government, but, when you look under the surface, Sharon is talking Jeffersonian democracy.  This could move into a political debate about republics and democracy and what federalism means.  If you think you know, you don’t.  If you did know, you forgot.  It is all bull anyway.  OK, let me say it once, there are no liberals or conservatives, only stupid dupes who pick at each other’s bones.  There are only bones left because thieves, the ones who run our two political parties, our newspapers, our networks want it that way.  There is no liberal media, no “fair and balanced media,” only news paid for by rich people and scripted to give the Israel lobby, a front group, not for the country of Israel, but the Wall Street “bankster” scum, the cover they need to keep up the “pump and dump” looting of America.

The only people who could have stopped them were the Tea Partiers.  They were our last hope, the only Americans who “hit the streets” over anything and they never heard of Wall Street and wouldn’t know a bankster if they found one stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.  Why is this?  The answer is simple, the Tea Partiers got “owned” by the human garbage that also owns the politicians they hate. 

OK, can you imagine this.  We had eight years under the Republicans, eight years of corruption, two lost wars, and I mean lost like they make Vietnam look like the win of all time lost.  Our economy collapsed and you know how deregulation worked out.  We may well have five states evacuated before we are done, with poison fumes coming over the oil slick shoreline, heading inland filled with cancer.

The Tea Partiers are complaining about Obama but not a single word about BP or Haliburton or Cheney.  Is that because their leadership, whoever they are, are bankrolled by BP, AIG, Haliburton, General Dynamics, Prudential, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs?  Track the money down, through websites and consultants and public relations firms.  It has the smell of oil and banksters and crooked politicians all over it.

Let’s look at the real problems America has.  If you could walk out of your house, you know, like they do in France, stop traffic, close down airports, harbors, a whole country and make the crooks in Paris, oops, I mean Washington, listen and answer up, would any of us know what to say?  Of course not, how could we.  The crooks run our radio, television, hell, they even run most of our internet news sites, making up idiocy about the constitution.  Don’t get me started.  Figure it was written with no bill of rights and none of the amendments.  It was total crap the day it came out.  The supreme court is like a Star Chamber for nutcase extremist lawyers or mental cripples, think Clarence Thomas.  Why the electoral college?  If you don’t know, it was part of a plan to trick people into thinking they had a government when, in fact, they worked for, well, do we want to go there?

Were there banksters even then?  Ever hear of the Bauer family in Frankfurt, Germany?  You might know them as the Rothschilds.  They were around that long ago, they are around now, they and a gang of friends that own the Federal Reserve today but left a trail through American history of economic manipulation, civil war, assassinations, all over boring stuff about central banks, types of currency, the stuff we never understand until its too late.

Do I yell at the Tea Partiers because they are dupes?  Am I supposed to keep phoning the FBI because some of them sound angry?  Are, just maybe, those the ones who really get it?  Here is how you know you “get it.” 

Let’s say 30 governors, all Republicans are behind you, an analogy that reminds me of leadership when I was in Vietnam, always behind me, somewhere, or so we were told.  This is the party that was running things when the money went away, the World Trade Center was hit and a pile of tribesmen in Afghanistan kicked our butts.  They can’t be saving us taxes, all but the very very wealthy are paying less and, if Secretary Gates has his way cutting military expenditures, much less.  If they wanted to protect the constitution, they could come out and say they were duped into supporting the two very unconstitutional Patriot Acts or the Supreme Court eliminating Miranda warnings.  Next time you get pulled over, breathalized and have your car disassembled at the side of the road, looking for an unregistered gun or reefer seed, remember this warning.  Constitution, Miranda, search and seizure, privacy, first amendment.  Without all of those, the second amendment is a joke.

Hey, but I am forgetting something, those millions of illegal aliens all on welfare, all getting free dental, optical and beachfront condos.  Here is a question.  Name a “liberal” that advocated open borders?  One?  Anyone, ah, come on now, there must be some scumsucking liberal pig that cried about letting ten million Mexicans into the country so we could give citizenship to their children?  No takers?  Wonder why?

Go back to your 30 governors.  Each one gets his campaign funded by big agriculture, the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.  You might want to add drug companies and banksters too, but that can wait.  Lets talk about illegal aliens.  Wonder when the flood started and “hoo dun it?”  Remember Caesar Chavez, not the guy in Venezuela, that’s Hugo Chavez, his cousin or something.  No, this guy had a union called the United Farm Workers.  His idea was that kids shouldn’t work 12 hours in the field with their families , live in tents and often never get paid at all.  He thought that the people who did all the hard work, the people who FEED THE REST OF US should get paid for it.

Oh, you forget, those illegal aliens put the food on your table.  No aliens, no tomatos, no bean sprouts, no alfalfa for those dainty little salads, no beans, no beef, no pork, no chicken, no oranges, no grapes.  Get the picture?

So, we used to have seasonal workers who came to the US, worked and went back to Mexico.  When they organized, the Republicans got mad as hell and went to Mr. Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, or, more appropriately, Mr. Bonzo, governor bought and paid for by the wealthy growers in the Imperial Valley.  They asked him to use his influence to have things eased up for them, get them a bit more help, perhaps 10 to 20 million illegal Mexicans so their labor costs would go down.  The chicken pluckers, hog lip packers, feed lot gang, eventually everyone in the “hire the illegal” world, folks who didn’t like paying decent Americans a living wage pushed to have the borders opened and Mexico emptied into the US.

They got cheap labor, the middle class that doesn’t mysteriously live in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands paid for the medical bills and education for the massive influx of undocumented workers while the Republicans raked in billions.  Now the Tea Party is supporting the folks that loaded our country to the gills.  The folks complaining about illegal aliens are the ones who brought them in.  So, congratulate yourself, you are now supporting politicians who ran your country into debt, filled it with illegal aliens, tore up the constitution but are now asking for you to put them back in charge so they can fix the things they got rich destroying.

But you tell me that Fox News tells it different?

You know, if you never really read a bill, only waited for that email warning you about socialism or terrorists or birth certificates or how everyone is picking on poor Israel, if you only believe what the those wonderful, kind and honest people who run TV tell you…..

No time to check how a candidate actually votes, whether they tried to close hospitals for veterans or allowed a certain oil company to destroy 30% of the United States or maybe sent your job to some Asian sweatshop so their rich golfing buddies could afford a second yacht…

And you are riding around on a bus screaming about how those same people are suffering when you aren’t sure what will be waiting for you in your mailbox when your get home….

If you don’t think the Democrats are any good, I assure you, the Republicans hate your guts.  It would be different if someone came up and told me that they are only supporting politicians who have NEVER served before.  I only keep seeing people trying to lie their way back in so they can start stealing again. 

Hey, here is something for you to do.  Every single politician you support, every leader, every spokesman, go see where the live and what they drive.  If you think any of them are smart, tell them to debate me.  We have several radio stations that will eat this up.  One of my things is working for military and veterans, really FOR them, not for flag waving money grubbing cowards.  I wake up every morning with an email box full of stories.  “I was in the Army for 19 years.  I got blown up in Iraq and have been confused, headaches.  Now they have thrown me out, no pension, no medical care, no disability.  I am losing my house, my kids are hungry.”

This is every day.  Then it goes:

“I called my congressman and they did nothing.  I went to the VFW/American Legion and they didn’ t do anything.  Can you help me.”

This is typical.  Over 400,000 of these cases have been in processing for years while familes fall apart.  We have no idea how many suicides this has caused, we stopped counting 18 months ago when we hit 14,000.  20,000?  More?

Oh, what does the Tea Party say about this?  Any of you ever hear about the USS Liberty?  Any idea how badly the Israel lobby is screwing over America?  Oh, TV doesn’t mention this and your politicians are too busy cashing their checks?  If you can tell me how anyone can be a good friend to Likudist Israel, no, not a Jewish country but a place taken over by a pack of crazy extremists, and still be an American, please let me know.  If any of this sounds new to you, you have a choice.  Learn what is real and what isn’t.  It isn’t my job to explain it.

Is the answer simply, “I don’t care if what I do is wrong so long as I do something.”  I am here to tell you, that if they are in government, if they have been elected to anything, there is a 99.9% chance they can’t be trusted.  Why are American soldiers dying to support a politician, you now the guy, over there in What-cha-callistan,  who rigged an election, prettymuch everyone knows he is the biggest drug dealer in the world, his own people hate his guts and he continually threatens to join the enemy, if they would have him, and fight against us?

Does this give you a clue how nuts we are?

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  1. Don Eaker says

    You are one sick ass dog. You must “shit” hate, since your full of it!

  2. Umar Latif says

    Born Muslim, I am now an agnost who lives in Pakistan, meaning I am outumbered by almost 18 million Muslims. I grew up reading Max Brand and Louis Lamour novels and was totally in love with all things American. Overtime that has changed.
    I stumbled on to your website courtesy Google and was pleasently surprised when I went thru your articles.If there are people like you in your good land there’s still hope for this great country. I wish you and US of A good luck because you both sure need it.

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