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The Hypocrisy of Israel

By Dark Politricks

In the few weeks since the attack on the flotilla by Israel I have talked to many people both online and offline about the event. I am from the UK and almost everyone here I can recall speaking to about this event has thought on similar lines in that:

– Israel was bang out of order attacking the peace flotilla in international waters and murdering those passengers on board. They broke international laws and showed a complete disregard to the wishes of the international community in their response to the outrage directed towards them afterwards.

– The government of Hamas as nasty as it is in all that it does to the people of Israel and it’s own citizens does not equate to the citizens of Gaza who are suffering immensely under the illegal blockade of their territory.

– Most importantly, they all thought that Israel would get away with it.

However people I have spoke to on the Internet who have mostly been American have taken a very stridently pro-Israeli view. They believe:

– Israel had every right to invade the flotilla even though it was in international waters.

– That the whole purpose of the flotilla was not to bring aid to the people of Gaza but to smuggle weapons into Gaza to be used by Hamas.

– That those on board were terrorists, Hamas sympathisers and enemies of Israel.

– That the blockade of Gaza is justified and that Israel has the right to do whatever it takes to enforce it’s own security. It seems to these people that the suffering of a million people is justified if it stops just one rocket into Israel.

I have been called a terrorist enabler, a supporter of Hamas and an anti-semite for believing as millions of others do that Israel was in the wrong when it attacked the flotilla. Even though all of these claims are logically false they are to be expected from those who have abandoned truth, logic and the rule of law a long time ago.

I don’t know if the immense support those people in America give Israel, no matter what crimes it commits, are more to do with their Christian belief in the end times and biblical phrophecy, a hatred of all peoples with darker skin and Muslim sounding names, or just very cold hearts who cannot comprehend the outrageous hypocrisy involved in their support for Israel.

They don’t seem able to differentiate between Hamas and the people of Gaza and believe all the propoganda and lies that are disseminated about the conflict. One such claim which has been doing the rounds on the internet lately is that the people of Gaza didn’t even require any of the aid that the flotilla was bringing due to the “fact” that Israel generously allows all the humanitarian aid that their terrorist hearts could possibly desire into the open air prison at times of their own choosing.

Forget that Israel only allows a paltry 100 different food types in and that medicine is scarce and that 90% of the houses and offices destroyed during operation cast lead have still not been rebuilt due to Israel’s refusal to allow any forms of building materials in. No life in Gaza is just thriving and the people are just happy smiling faces who enjoy their suffering at the hands of the Israelis.

It truly is a case of small minds and cold hearts and in the same way as those people who have never seen true violence are so eager to go to war, the comfortable and well off who only see the world in terms of black and white believe everyone in Gaza is a Hamas terrorist or supporter who deserves everything they get.

In the same way as a bullied child often turns into  bully it seems Israel has taken the abuse it suffered from the 30’s and earlier and then passed it down the line to the Palestinians. However in the same way that a rapist who was also abused as child is not excused their own crimes Israel should not be given a free pass due to its own past suffering.

We supposedly live in a world that is ruled by law. If the law is not obeyed by all then it’s not a fair world and those that live above the law are destined to be punished when those below finally overcome them.

In the same way that a well connected politician often escapes a harsh court sentence due to favours being called upon Israel seems to always escape any form of censure or punishment due to it’s own nefarious connections and bribes. It is no wonder that a large portion of the world see’s Israel and it’s enabler the USA in such a dark light.

Let’s carry out a thought experiment and swap the players around and see whether the outrage being directed as Israel is deserved or not.

What would the response be if President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran had done the following:

– Attacked a flotilla of western owned boats that were full of Christian Peace Activists hoping to bring aid, medicine and building supplies to the opponents of last years presidential elections results who are trying to overthrow the legitimate government of Iran.

-The attack was carried out in international waters and therefore legally the territories of England, France and Canada who the ships belonged do were attacked by proxy.

-During the attack Iran executed a number of the activists and injured many others. This was not only witnessed by many but caught on camera and proved by autopsy reports.

-After the attack, the revolutionary guards and Iranian members of parliament initiated a world wide propaganda campaign to excuse their actions. They leaked false reports about members of the flotilla being Christian extremists and terrorists who were trying to smuggle rockets and firearms into Iran. They released doctored video and audio evidence that had been tampered to make the activists sound like racists and they destroyed all the laptops, cameras and videos that had been made by the activists that showed evidence to the contrary.

-In the face of international outrage a the incident Iran just said “we have a right to defend ourselves from terrorist attack” and ignored all requests for an impartial and independent inquiry into the attacks to to be held.

-Not happy with the world being outraged the Iranians started to pull strings and their lobbies around the world started to call in favours. The bought and paid for United States Congress, which Iran basically controlled through it’s Iranian American Public Relations Agency, started a campaign to get  a bill passed in the house to support Iran’s right to defend itself and to label the flotilla organisers as terrorists.

-The countries who had supported the flotilla which included the UK and Canada were to be publicly derided on the Iranian controlled news channels within the USA and the members of parliament in the UK and Canada who had raised questions in their respective parliaments about the attack were to have their honour and integrity brought into question for daring to question Iran’s right to defend itself.

Add to this recent attack the following:

-Iranian agents murdered a CIA operative in a hotel room in Dubai and used stolen USA passports to carry out the attack putting the holders of those passports lives in danger.

-Iran also has over 150+ nuclear weapons but refuses to acknowledge this fact. When the international community try to engage Iran to help remove all nuclear weapons from the region they are ignored.

-Iran is found to be at the top of the league of countries who are involved in spying within the borders of the USA. Not only are high profile Iranian agents often discovered and jailed but Iran is thought to be able to access the telecommunication networks within the White House and other government buildings at will due to the companies who run those systems being of Iranian origin.

-Not only can Iran listen in to high level conversations on demand it is known to have control over many members of congress due to blackmail and is able to effect government decisions as if it were the government itself.

It wouldn’t happen would it?

You would be outraged. There were be war cries all around the globe and the forces of the combined western nations involved in the attack would already be forming for an attack on Iran.

So why is it that one nation can do all of the above with impunity whilst others wouldn’t dare?

I know the answer and it’s one shared by a growing number. The answer is they shouldn’t. What I still cannot understand is why some people still believe they can.

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