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‘Jobless Recovery’ Myth as Banksters RAPE and ENSLAVE the Public! GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the Irish media today, namely The Irish Times and The Irish Examiner, we are told that the recession is over and recovery is ‘just around the corner’ AGAIN.—123893.html

We’re also told that this will be a ‘jobless recovery’ with further job losses expected before things get better.

Well, if you believe that nonsense I’ve got a fantastic sundrenched beach on the growing ice packs of Antarctica to sell you.

How on earth can there be anything called a jobless recovery? The simple answer is that there can’t!

When the people are plunging further and further into debt, losing their jobs and homes, being utterly screwed by huge increases in taxes to pay back the corrupt bankers and simply struggling to get by from day to day, how on earth can there be any kind of recovery when Joe Public hasn’t got a brass farthing to spend on anything other than survival?

Food prices are on the rise as are energy prices, not simply due to the fraudulent high prices being asked by the multinational oil giants, but also the addition of likewise fraudulent ‘carbon taxes’ based on the bogus ‘theory’ of ‘climate change’. Indeed Ireland has the 2nd highest food costs in Europe.

We also have a stagnant housing market whereby house prices in Dublin, capital of the EU Province’s known as ‘Ireland’, have apparently fallen by 50% in approximately 3 years making it impossible for any housing market recovery and leaving tens of thousands of homeowners marooned in houses they can no longer afford to pay for.

Furthermore, more ‘austerity measures’ are being ordered by our slave-masters of the IMF under the guise of EU who will be monitoring OUR accounts to see that OUR taxes are being used properly. In other words they’re making sure that their masters, the international bankers, will be allowed to rape every Euro from us by whatever means they can get away with and there’s not one politician in this country or any other in the EU who will stand up against this criminal behaviour. Therefore they are utterly complicit in the crimes being perpetrated against the good people of Europe who have done absolutely NOTHING to cause this massive collapse of our societies but who are the only ones who will be made to suffer.

Why should this come as surprise to anyone who has been watching this situation develop for years? Well, it shouldn’t because it’s been planned for years and any so called ‘economic expert’ or ‘economist’ tells you they didn’t see it coming, well quite frankly, THEY’RE LYING!

It was impossible not to see the collapse in the housing coming for a start. It’s happened more than once in the UK. Ireland simply followed the lunatic ‘boom and bust’ cycle of economics practiced there and in many other countries, namely the US, whereby economic collapse is an inevitable consequence!

If we really had ‘economic experts’ or there was in fact a science called ‘economics’ we wouldn’t be in this mess would we? The rules and regulations would be bulletproof to stop speculation and outright fraud taking place. People would be in jail for what they’ve done to the world.

The fact is that the world is run by criminals, organised criminals who are nothing less than the biggest Mafia gang on the planet but we affectionately call them ‘bankers’.

‘Jobless Recovery’ Myth as Banksters RAPE and ENSLAVE the Public! GET OFF YOUR KNEES! Burning Euro 238x300

Money makes the world go round they say. Well, that being the case we have to examine money as a concept because at if money makes the world go round then the brakes are definitely on and the world is going to stop working pretty soon.

Money is a FRAUD. It is created out of nothing but paper and ink. The European Central Bank, The Bank of England, The Federal Reserve in the US, The World Bank, The IMF, The Bank For International Settlements and every other Central Bank on the planet are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS all affiliated and owned by a few elite banking families such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburg and J.P. Morgan to name a few. They are all working with eachother to bring about complete financial domination over the entire planet through mechanisms such as The European Union, The Asian Union, The African Union, The Pacific Union and finally later this year The North American Union amalgamating the US, Canada and Mexico into one power block.

These banksters have been working on this program of world domination for centuries. I can understand how some of you would find this hard to believe because I and many others were in your position years ago thinking that all these booms and busts were just something that happened. We used to believe that it was just that thing they called ‘the economic cycle’.

Well I hate to be the harbinger of doom and gloom but putting it bluntly, it’s DELIBERATE.

When the media rolls out talking heads like Dan O’Brien and David ‘climate change’ McWilliams as so called ‘economic experts’, to tell us they saw this coming and that things are now getting better despite you losing your job, your home and your pension. Then I’ll repeat THEY ARE LYING!

I’ve got more bad news for you, SO ARE THE GOVERNMENT!

The government you vote DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!


Let me enlighten you on a basic economic principle.

When people lose their jobs they lose their income. They may be entitled to some form of benefit, unless they were previously self employed whereby they are entitled to nothing. These ‘benefits’ are much less than their income was so of course their standard of living has to change.

Firstly this results in an individual or family having to reassess what their immediate priorities are. These would be generally accepted as having to pay for shelter, in which we can include heating, food etc.

All of these things are rising in cost and are expected to continue rising with fixed income benefits remaining stagnant or indeed being cut.

If they have any disposable income after that then clothing, transport, medical bills, insurance and other essential priorities are considered.

It is highly unlikely that anyone finding themselves in this position will feel secure enough to spend any disposable income they have left on so called ‘luxury items’ like for example a meal out in a restaurant with their family.

If people have no disposable income then they will not spend money outside the priorities above so how are local businesses, such as furniture suppliers, clothes shops, sports shops, computer shops and all other shops supplying what could be termed as ‘luxury goods’?

When people don’t spend money in these kinds or retail outlets, they close thus leading to further job losses and the cycle continues. The government has to pay out benefits to unemployed workers which puts further pressure on tax revenues both in terms of benefits payments and reduced levels of income tax and VAT

So what does the government do? It does the worst thing possible of course because it still has to pay the bankers their protection money, and that’s what it is folks because the whole banking system is a PROTECTION RACKET!

What happens when taxes rise is that people who are and who are not working have less money to spend and that cycle continues whereby more retail outlets and factories etc SHUT DOWN with further unemployment…..


We are on a race to the bottom where we are going to end up as nothing short of SLAVES to the BANKERS who are continually RAPING us for every cent we’ve ever had or ever will have, including every Euro of income tax. Oh yes folks, your income tax pays for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this country. It is ALL paid to the bankers in interest charges on money our criminal governments have borrowed from them.

We are on the way to everyone, regardless of whether you think you work for a private organisation or the public service, working for THE BANKERS who will continue to rake in billions across the planet from the pathetic, subservient slave class they have created deliberately and who they despise intensely.

They think this is their right to rule us as they have always done. Are you going to get off your knees and start saying NO or are you going to wait for the day when they knock on your day to drag you off to the concentration camps or worse when you’re surplus to requirements?

This is THE NEW WORLD ORDER’S slave state. Do you want to be part of it or do you want to be a free HUMAN BENG with all the rights associated with freedom or do you want SLAVERY?

Time is running out.

If you do nothing now your children and their children for generations to come will be living in a TOTALITARIAN HELL!

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