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Government’s Treason Against Liberty

David McKalip, M.D.
Campaign For Liberty
July 12, 2010

This is a speech given on July 3, 2010 to a Rally sponsored by the Punta Gorda Tea Party.

Government’s Treason Against Liberty. Freedom Removes all Limits from Man’s potential.

Hello patriots — my fellow lovers of liberty! Thank you all you for standing up for liberty. I am going to talk about some history they don’t teach in Government run schools.

It was July 2 1776 and a small group of men had just created an act of treason against the greatest power on Earth –the British Empire. They had just become enemies of the state – a state with an autocratic system of rule where it was the rule of Man that prevailed and the written law was secondary.

These brave men had committed this treasonous act because they had agreed that they were free men and their second continental Congress had agreed to declare their independence from Britain. 56 men would sign that declaration over the next several months.

What was this treason? What had they done? For what had they sworn to fight? More importantly, what had they declared?

    “When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them… ..

TREASON! To declare that a people have an equal station to a king based on an abstract concept like the “laws of nature” and of “nature’s God”? To King George the III who had recently said “I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor. TREASON!

    They went on to declare:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

TREASON!!! These are “Self-evident”? Who were they to claim that they were endowed with any rights – merely because they breathed? Much less the right to their own life! Their own liberty and to pursue happiness in ways they would conceive.

TREASON! King George knew that Jefferson was echoing George Mason who had stated in the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights that their government would ensure

    “the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.”

TREASON! Dangerous thoughts by dangerous men who were eloquently acting on the dangerous philosophy of British subject and philosopher John Locke who had stated in 1689 his Second Treatise Concerning Civil Government ideas SO RADICAL that he didn’t DARE to acknowledge he wrote them except in his WILL!

John Locke wrote in 1689 that men should:

    have a standing Rule to live by, common to every one of that Society, and made by the Legislative Power erected in it; A Liberty to follow my own Will in all things, where the Rule prescribes not; and not to be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown, Arbitrary Will of another Man.”

TREASON! These American radicals were echoing a man — John Locke – who had written of a natural law where a government existed to protect life, liberty and property. Because Locke and the Founders know that a man’s property is the basis of his liberty. It is more than his home or his possessions. It is the property of himself.

He has a right to govern the property of his own person in the way he sees fit. In this way Locke, Jefferson and all those lovers of liberty were challenging King George, Marx, Lenin, Hitler and all others who would say as was declared in 1917 by Soviet Decree on Land:

    “Private ownership of land shall be abolished forever… and shall become the property of the whole people… .”.

John Locke recognized Natural Rights to Life Liberty and Property. As Do we- the lover’s of liberty assembled here today. TREASON!

On July 2nd 1776, these brave men went on with their treasonous declaration of their own rights and said:

    “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

TREASON! — an Act of treason so profound it bears repeating.

    “That to secure these rights (LIFE LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS of Property — NATURAL RIGHTS), governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

TREASON! Treason to a King — to a despot. Rejection of a system of arbitrary rule by arbitrary and capricious men who sought only to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

That is not were the real treason lay though.

It was King George who was committing treason by rejecting the natural rights of individual men. The treason is on the side of any government that would oppress the naturally granted liberties of men. They do treason to us and our natural right to life; to our own individual liberty and to our own happiness. To our ability to work in our environment as individuals and through our own labor create a property that has value. To trade it with others through contract in ways that benefit us both.

Governments of any form that would interfere with our natural individual rights are a TREASON to nature and the natural rights of man and these governments must be reminded of their rightful place. Our American government has strayed from serving individual liberties to controlling our lives and limiting our potential.

Our government’s role was ultimately established by our founders and they said it this way:

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It is the preamble of the US constitution that laid out severe limits on the power of government. Checks and balances of one branch of government on another and of a system of elections. A set of basic rights annunciated through the Bill of Rights that our government was designed to protect. Natural rights that the government was to protect — even if they were not written down.

Our governments were not created to grant us our rights. We — individual men and women – grant limited powers to the government. To create a system that is designed ultimately with only one purpose in mind: to protect our individual rights. That is the only role of a just government that derives its powers from the consent of the governed.

That is why I see the declaration of freedom and rights by those brave founders not as Treason — but AS REVELATION! As ENLIGHTENMENT! As a proud proclamation of a Philosophy of Liberty. A BREEZE OF FREEDOM SO REFRESHING THAT IT LIFTS ME UP. IT BRINGS ME and my CHILDREN to OUR FULL POTENTIAL.

This breeze of freedom grows into a wind that lifts all of us to our full potential. That allows men to create all that they are capable of creating.

  • To build wealth by CREATING IT — not by redistributing it!
  • To Invent and innovate from our individual minds — not a committee!
  • To trade our inventions, our services and the fruits of our labors among free men — not to force people to buy a product from a government run car company or government run insurance company.
  • To create prosperity and end poverty through our productivity and our inate sense of charity and compassion.– not our ability to rob it from others!

You see our founders knew that if we were free men and our government was limited by those who created it — our potential was limitless.

But sadly, for the last 100 years, we have lost our way in America. We have come to think of the government as the source of our rights. As an American People we have forgotten the most important check and balance in the constitution: WE ARE SUPPOSED TO KEEP THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT IN CHECK OURSLEVES. The governed MUST control their government or they will control us! We have forgotten that our government will grow out of control if we don’t control it. We must control it through election of leaders that believe in the principles of our founders and believe in government as limited. We must stop seeking handouts from the government. Government is so powerful, because we gave up and let it grow.

  • WE ask — How can I get the government to do this for me? Instead of asking how can we do this by ourselves.
  • We assume — we will have a secure retirement because we will give a part of our pay check to the government and it will be there when we need it. Never thinking they would spend social security money on other things
  • We trust that when we become sick the government will take money from our pay check every week and save it for us. Never thinking they would create rationing of medical care in Medicare. Remember that the first three letters of Congress spell CON and they have conned us for 45 years with a Medicare Ponzi Scheme.
  • We tolerate a system that would regulate speech — that will be used to create a propaganda machine that will only suppress Free Speech.
  • We think they know best how to decide who gets a home loan — and then watch as the housing market collapses.
  • We trust politicians who tell us we can spend ourselves into prosperity — even as the power of our currency is degraded by an out of control and unaccountable Federal Reserve and a government constantly bailing out their corporate cronies!
    • Remember what Lenin also said:
      • “The best way to Destroy the Capitalist System is to Debauch the Currency” and
      • “The way to crush the Bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation”

In Short We forgot that government must exist by the consent of the governed.


Over the last 100 years we have allowed a philosophy to grow in our country that is just a dangerous – just as treasonous – to individual freedom as freedom is to the arbitrary rule of man. This philosophy is collectivism. This philosophy asserts that there are no individual rights. That rights come from the state. That we invest our trust to an arrogant elite and our wealth as well. That they will somehow overcome the natural greed in every man and through their collectivist visions do the right things with that power and the product of our work.

It is this philosophy of collectivism and the danger posed by freedom to collectivism that led Vladimir Lenin to rightly say:

    “While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State.”

This philosophy of collectivism has failed every time, everywhere in history it has ever been tried and every time has been overthrown only by bloody revolution.

Collectivism can not be allowed to succeed here. The Collectivists have taken control of our governments and our institutions and special interests. Luckily, it is not too late to shrug off the collectivists using peaceful means.

We are lucky to be in historic times. We are in the unique position where we still have our freedoms. We are waking up and recognizing that for decades the Statists and the Collectivists have been slowly eroding our freedoms. The Sleeping Giant of Freedom Has Arisen in America and is ready to run the collectivists out of power. The natural enemy of Collectivism is on the march: Individualism.

We are in what could be called the fourth game of the world series of COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM and we lost the first three games.

      1. The First loss was Creation of Federal Reserve and Income tax in 1913.
      2. The Second loss was the New Deal that started AND ENDED the great depression with the same 20% unemployment rate.
      3. The Third Loss was the failed Great Society that gave us Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare – Medicare is broke with $38 trillion debt .
      4. That was the third game. Well, the entire Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda is AMERICAN COLLECTIVISM – the fourth game of the world series – and we must win because we can’t let the collectivists end the American Dream that comes only from individual liberty, free markets and limited government.

Let’s look at health care as a glaring example of a collectivist scheme that is designed to take over 1/6 of our economy over the next five years. Create nationalized health insurance that is overpriced with only four varieties: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Mandate that each person buy it and penalize them if they don’t. Redistribute wealth from one group of people to another to subsidize those who can’t buy it. Drive up the cost of insurance from $12,400 for a family of four now to about $19,000. Creating a government rationing program to control how money is spent on patients. Force doctors to become the rationing agents of the state. Penalize those doctors if they spend more money than the state or insurance company wants on your care.

Break the vital trust between the doctor and the patient that is so important to good medical care.

On top of that create an economically unsustainable system that will create a massive debt burden for our children. Debt to shadowy bankers, foreigners and to the politicians our children will be expected to serve.

This is what a state run health system does. You are no longer a patient –you are an inconvenient bystander who is seen as a loss on a balance sheet. Your doctor is the agent that must be controlled to make sure the money doesn’t get spent on you. The politicians get votes from the 60% of people they give government checks to and the corporations get wealthy as we are forced to buy their insurance. American medicine is transformed from a respected profession that helps people to just another bureaucracy that everyone hates.

We can do better. We can and must repeal this Statist, collectivist health care fraud scheme called Obamacare. We can do it because we are still free men.

We can replace it with a system where you have the money. Where your tax-free money is used to pay for your routine medical care through Health Savings Accounts. Where you get more time from your doctor and don’t wait an hour or more to see them after weeks on a waiting list. Where you find low cost insurance that you only need to use a few times in your life — not every time you get a sniffle or heartburn or sprain your ankle.

A system where the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies compete for your business and you choose what you buy — not your employer.

You see — an insurance card and “coverage” is not the same as health care. People with Medicaid have “coverage” but they can’t find a doctor to see them and end up in the hospital sicker than needed. Why? Because the government system has failed them. It has told the poor “Trust us, we will take care of you” and then forced them into a medical ghetto controlled by the state with no escape.

We can do better America and that is why you must stand up for your freedom and repeal Obamacare. You should work to amend the Florida Constitution with the Florida Health Care freedom act to ensure that no Floridian is mandated to buy any health insurance plan they don’t want or need. Pass amendment 9 –the Health care freedom act.

You must defeat amendment four where politics of elections will decide what you can build on your own property — defeat the so called “hometown democracy amendment”. You must work for the courageous leaders that will stand up for you . Find a candidate and work for them. I have found candidates I like and I hope you will elect Marco Rubio to the US Senate and Sandy Adams in Orlando, and Alan West in Palm Beach and Eddie Adams in Tampa and so many others. Volunteer on their campaigns and that of your own candidates. Make sure you support a candidate that is as strong as possible an advocate for limited government but also one who can win since we may not have this chance to win again. Walk door to door. Stuff envelopes. Stand on corners and wave signs. Work phone banks. Do it every week. This is a war and you must work everyday you can to fight for your freedom.

You see — we are lucky. We still have the powers of free men. The right to speak as I do now. The right to assemble as we do today. The right to petition our government. The right to vote for our elected officials. The right to sue the government in a judicial system.

These are the tools that our forefather gave us. They died in bloody battles using tools of war to secure our liberty and these tools of peace. We can use the tools of peace they gave us to secure our freedom today. We can use our first amendment rights so we never need to use our second amendment rights.

So we must take back our government.

Let us use the courts and the polls as our battlefields

Let us use the truth and the law as our weapons

Let us recognize that our goal is to be free, not to be slaves. That we fight against governments that claim to want to serve us but seek only to enslave us. That we know that their weapons are regulations and taxes and incentives and claims of morality and so called “need” that is really fodder for propaganda. That the only “need” men have in America is the only one our government is not fulfilling now –the need to be free!

So I ask if you are ready to fight to take back our government peacefully with me?

If you are, I am going to take an oath now and ask you to join me IF YOU LIKE. An oath to fight for freedom until we take back our country and restore prosperity to our nation and peace to our world. I want to point out that this oath calls for non-violent action — because when freedom is on the march — PEACEFUL MEANS are ALL THAT IS REQUIRED FOR VICTORY!

If you want to — Say YES with me after each of the eight points.

      1. I pledge to fight every day for individual freedom.
      2. I embrace peace and reject violence to achieve freedom.
      3. I demand limited government, free markets and individual liberty in America.
      4. I will keep my children free by ending programs that put them in debt.
      5. I refuse to take from others what I can produce for myself — and I will provide charity when I choose.
      6. I will work to elect people to restore government to the limits of the US constitution and that cut spending and taxes.
      7. I will hold the government accountable to the constitution through action in the courts.
      8. I will pass the spirit of freedom to future generations.

If we swear to keep freedom alive and take back control of our government from the Statists and Collectivists– the best days of America will be ahead of us and not behind us. We will invent energy that will power cities from a handful of moon dust. We will feed people with farms that produce year round at ten times a normal yield. We will cure cancers and make the paralyzed walk. We will create art and music that will inspire others to create cities under water and among the planets. We will create economies where sound money and hard work builds wealth and poverty is as rare as ever in history. Our potential is without limit if we rely on the creativity and the freedom of men and throw off the shackles of governments that would have us serve them rather than ourselves.

So remember the oath to fight for freedom. Take back our country and the best days of America will last in freedom forever.

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