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Last two years of the Afghan war have been the deadliest

By Dark Politricks

A recent CNS news story reveals that the majority of all US casualties in the 9 year Afghan war (the longest war in US history) have actually occurred during the Obama presidency.

US Casualties since 2001

I don’t know the stats as of yet for British troops but from the list maintained by the BBC it’s clear to see our death toll has risen sharply since 2006. Every other day the news stations announce another report of a British soldier dispatched to an etching on a war memorial or if they aren’t as lucky to spend the remainder of their lives in wheelchairs or on crutches and during the last week our death toll rose above 300.

June of this year claimed 102 NATO deaths which is more than 3 a day. It would be interesting to compare these figures with Taliban deaths. Obviously we would have to ensure the dead were actually combatants and not attendees at wedding parties or pregnent women who have to have American bullets dug out of their heads first.

Ignoring the thousands of women, children, old age pensioners and men just going about there daily business who are constantly blown to smithereens from drone attacks or “collateral damage” as we like to call it. Would the figures be equal or could we claim to be “winning” this lengthy war?

The Taliban obviously think they are winning the war as their recent press statement released to the BBC shows:

“We do not want to talk to anyone – not to [President Hamid] Karzai, nor to any foreigners – till the foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

“We are certain that we are winning. Why should we talk if we have the upper hand, and the foreign troops are considering withdrawal, and there are differences in the ranks of our enemies?”

A pretty confident press release from an enemy we supposedly defeated back in 2001 when the CIA led Northern Alliance took power from the Taliaban. Despite what was claimed at the time we didn’t beat the Taliban and we didn’t win anything apart from control of the capital city.

The Taliban dispersed back into the general population from which they come and any remainding Al Qaeda either fled into Pakistan or got out the country to fight another day.

The newly democratic Afghanistan is nothing more than a corrupt band of ex warlords and drug dealers. Karzai is a puppet installed by the west and everyone knows it. His two brothers are well known drug dealers and the reach of his governments power is not much more than Kabul and a few other localities. The last election was massively rigged to ensure a Karzai victory and a large percentage of all aid money sent to the country ends up in the pockets of corrupt politicans and officials.

How are we supposed to build up the confidence of the Afghani population when we sit back and allow this thievery to continue. For a very conservative country, many of whom embraced the Taliban with open arms, the signals we send through our acceptance of such corruption is not going to win many hearts and minds.

A large percentage of the population however support neither the Taliban or the Karzai government. They just want their lives back and see the major obstacle to this basic desire to be the NATO led forces. It is totally understandable that many of the people fighting the NATO forces see us as invaders of their country and just like many of us would fight anyone who invaded our home town they see it as their duty to do the same.

This does not however mean the people we are fighting are terrorists. The US media is worst than most for swapping the terms Taliban and Al Qaeda interchangably as they were two sides of the same coin and it’s no wonder many people in America believe the lies that they are over in the Stan fighting a righteous war.

The people we are now fighting are not now or never have been terrorists. Most of them probably haven’t even heard of Al Qaeda or ever seen a picture of the Twin Towers let alone colluded in any plot to destroy them. They are the local people who are made up of the poor and dispossessed.

The reason a lot of them fight for the Taliban is nothing more than that they pay better rates than anything the Karzai government could offer. Add to that the desire to free their country or avenge lost loved ones who NATO forces have carelessly killed and we have the ingredients of a war that will go on forever until the West gets bored and calls it a day.

This day is going to come one way or another the only decision to be made is how many more soldiers lives do we waste and how many more Afghanis do we kill until a decision can be made.

Yes we need to train the Afghanis to defend and police themselves but we also need to stand firm against corruption. Our hypocrisy when it comes to democratic elections is appalling as it seems the result of the election is irrelevant as long as its “our man” who wins. Anything else is not acceptable as the result of Hamas winning in Palestine shows and it seems that it’s more important to show the world that an election actually happened at all rather than abiding by the result.

If we decide that a democratic country is the desired end result then we should also be willing to accept that the people may not want to elect the same pro west, pro capitalist, secular types that our dear leaders may want. If the people of Iraq decide to vote in a Shia fundementalist government or the people of Afghanistan vote in a Taliban friendly party then we should let them be.

Too many times have we colluded and meddled to ensure our best interests override those of the people casting their votes.

Too many times have we tried to impose our way of thinking onto cultures who cannot accept our way of live and nor should they.

The Afghani war has just been the latest in a long line of Western imperialistic adventures that keep the Military Industrial Complex supplied with contracts whilst bankrupting ourselves financially and morally. The war on terror has been an absolute failure of policy and has made the world less not more safe. For every family killed by a drone attack there is a son or father vowing vengeance against the west.

The Military Industrial Complex may have wanted another hundred year war to replace the Cold war and it seems the war on terror has fulfilled their needs nicely. The sooner we can all see that this plan doesn’t fit our best interests the better. The sooner the troops come home from the Stan the sooner we can help the Afghan people get on with their lives.

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