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Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road

Kurt Nimmo
July 11, 2010

Let’s put Lindsay Lohan’s fear of jail aside for a moment and turn to Obama’s Summer Recovery Tour 2010. Obama’s apparatchiks “will fan out across the country over the next few days to spread the message to voters about how effective their $787 billion recovery plan has been,” The Hill reported earlier this week. “Obama and the White House take comfort the economy is moving in the right direction. They point out that the economy has added jobs in six of the last seven months and stress that when Obama took office the economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month.”


Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  onepixel 
 Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  obamarecovery

Has it really? Less than a month ago Joe Bite Me said jobs have gone away and they are never coming back. Biden said “there’s no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession” and folks should get used to it. “We inherited a godawful mess,” he said and glibly added that there was “no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not misplaced, lost.”

It wasn’t lost and Joe knows it. It was stolen. Trillions went directly to the banksters. They defiantly refused to tell Congress and the American people where it all went. In December of 2008, as the engineered Greatest Depression was gaining steam, the Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of “emergency loans” billed to future generations of American debt slaves.

In July of 2009, Fed mob boss Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke was grilled about this money disappearing act by Congressman Alan Grayson. Asked which European financial institutions received the money, which was handed out by The Federal Open Market Committee, a component of the Federal Reserve System, Bernanke responded, “I don’t know.”

Ben and Bite Me know where they money went. Well, maybe Bite Me doesn’t but Helicopter Ben sure does. It went into a black hole owned and operated by international bankers.

So, what about Joe’s commentary on lost jobs? It does not square up with Obama’s road tour rhetoric. A couple weeks ago the White House put out a Recovery and Reinvestment Act update claiming that between 2.2 million and 2.8 million jobs were either saved or created because of the stimulus as of March 2010. But even Obama’s wonks can’t seem to get the numbers right. Mostly because they make this stuff up as they go along.

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Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  roverytunesObama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  onepixel

Speaking at a trucking company outside Washington on June 4, Obama embraced the Labor Department’s new employment figures. Obama said the addition of 431,000 new jobs the previous month shows “the economy is getting stronger by the day.” But there is a big problem with this — most of the jobs cited by the anointed one were created by the Census Bureau and they are temporary.

It is all smoke and mirrors and like the Lindsay Lohan media circus designed to distract you. “Putting true numbers to the economic crisis is difficult because the government issues more flattering numbers than what the real America experiences,” writes Bill Sardi. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics says unemployment is around 15 million, or 9.7% of the workforce, but in reality, government numbers only reflect the short time period when people have recently been laid off of work and are seeking jobs or applying for unemployment.”

In fact, the real unemployment rate is around 21.7%, only a couple points off the level during the last engineered Great Depression. Add to this the sharpest decline in the M3 money supply since the 1930s banking crisis and you have all the ingredients for compounded misery and hardship, not only for the unemployed but for most of us.

Oh, and we should not ignore the fact the Dow Jones Industrial Average is repeating a pattern that appeared just before markets fell during the first scientifically created Great Depression. “Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it,” Daryl Guppy, CEO at, told CNBC earlier this week. “There was a head and shoulders pattern that developed before the Depression in 1929, then with the recovery in 1930 we had another head and shoulders pattern that preceded a fall in the market, and in the current Dow situation we see an exact repeat of that environment.”

“Ee-gads! By two measures the economy is sinking, not growing. The stock market could tumble downward beyond belief, and all the pension plans, mutual funds and 401(k) plans with it,” warns Sardi. The first measure is a complete lack of economic growth as reflected by the GDP. If the GDP declines significantly two quarters in a row says Peter Morici of The Street, it will be gone for good. “Unemployment would rise into the teens, and the economy would sink into a depression — a deep and painful slump from which it cannot soon recover,” he writes.

Fraudulent banking, lending and hedging schemes brought us to where we are now, confronting the abyss. The corporate media likes to say it was the fault of greedy investment bankers and a destructive Me Generation ethos running wild on Wall Street. Joe Bite Me and the Obamaites blame the Bush administration. It’s all a distraction. Or willful stupidity.

The Obama Road Show will not be able to paper over the obvious facts with feel-goodism propped up by cooked stats. A second bail-out is not in the works. “Governments may not be able to repeat such a bailout in the event of a second crisis,” warns Businessweek. The bankster bank — the Nazi-founded Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland — has warned the Bank of England that repeating a bailout in the UK may very well be impossible.

Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  onepixel 
 Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road  lrad4

So, what to expect? Austerity. That’s why we are seeing a ramping up of the police state around the country and indeed around the world. It has nothing to do with al-CA-duh or homegrown patsies or even hurricanes and the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It has to do with pushing back the coming food riots. It’s about stopping angry mobs from burning down the banks and lynching the criminal banksters. There is a reason the partners at Goldman Sachs are packing heat.

The NSA is not vacuuming up phone calls, emails, and web destinations at an unprecedented rate in order to monitor feeble protests against the forever war in Afghanistan. The government is drawing up digital profiles on the real threat — those of us opposed to one world government and the impending police state slave grid. The DHS does not give a hoot about a foundation funded Code Pink or even Anarchists on Bikes. It is worried about “rightwing extremists,” that is to say folks who are determined to return the nation to a constitutional republic, dismantle the Federal Reserve, and arrest and put on trial the criminal banksters and their minions.

The three ring circus featuring Lindsay Lohan and LeBron James will lose its ability to distract as more people are thrown out of work and off the government unemployment “insurance” teat. Obama’s Road Show may placate a few Democrats in the short run and provide fodder for the talking head teleprompter readers on MSNBC and CNN, but it will not hide the 800 pound gorilla in the room — a massive, unprecedented economic depression of the likes never witnessed before.

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