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Obama Science Czar Called For Global Carbon Tax

Underreported 2008 comments were made immediately prior to becoming White House science director

Steve Watson
Thursday, Jul 8th, 2010

Obama Science Czar Called For Global Carbon Tax 080710Holdren Immediately prior to his nomination as White House Science Czar, John P. Holdren called for a global carbon tax in order to “redistribute” wealth to the Southern Hemisphere.

Holdren’s comments were underreported at the time but have since garnered attention in the wake of the Democratic leadership’s new push to pass comprehensive climate change legislation.

Holdren, the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, made the statement on July 3, 2008 on “Democracy NOW!”, hosted by Amy Goodman.

Holdren said: “It’s important that we have a global agreement on how we are going to limit the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases going forward, and an agreement that will include the tropical forests, that will include ways to transfer some of the revenues from carbon taxes or carbon emission permits in the North to pay for reduced deforestation in the South.”

Watch the video:

Directly echoing Holdren’s comments, Sec. 756(c ) of the most recent climate change legislation being debated in Congress, the Kerry-Lieberman bill, legislates for “international offset credits” to be provided to countries that reduce deforestation.

In addition, Section 5004 would mandate the Secretary of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, to create a program “to provide assistance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation in developing countries, in accordance with this title.”

Holdren argued during the “Democracy Now!” appearance that limits and levies on carbon emissions would create so called “green jobs”.

“The notion that this is going to be unaffordable and an economic catastrophe to address this problem is just wrong,” said Holdren.

However, precisely that scenario has unfolded in Spain, according to its own government. The “green economy” has left the country with a 20 per cent unemployment rate, virtually bankrupt and in need of being bailed out by the rest of Europe.

In this so-called “green economy”, over 2.2 jobs are lost for every “green job” created.

Electricity prices in Spain have “skyrocketed” since the implementation of such policies, according to a leaked government report.

Obama’s green economy bill has been laying in wait for almost two years now. However, the president’s stated intention to “Implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050″ has not gone away.

Recent exposure of the fraud behind the climate science driving the global warming movement had seemingly scuppered Obama’s chances of pushing through the legislation, which would see some $2.9 trillion shaved off the economy by the year 2050 if enacted. The legislation would also reduce GDP by 6.9 percent – a figure comparable with the economic meltdown of 1929 and 1930.

Now, however, in the wake of the BP disaster, and a tightly controlled public relations machine managing it, Obama has seen an opportunity to gain momentum, once more wheeling out his “clean energy” rhetoric.

Other proponents of a carbon tax have flat out called for the BP disaster to be exploited in order to reinvigorate political momentum behind the policy.

Exploiting the catastrophe is necessary to “catalyze support for an American environmental policy with teeth,” writes top elitist and Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff, noting that the cap and trade system basically amounts to the same thing as a carbon tax and is just a trick to hide the use of the incendiary word “tax”.

The carbon trading scam has little to do with the environment and everything to do with vast profiteering while actively de-industrializing the developed world. As our previous research highlights, it is a is a long term policy goal of the global elite.

In his now notorious 1977 book, Eco Science, John P. Holdren wrote of a need for the U.S. to follow an agenda of “de-development” via “a stable, low-consumption economy”. The book also calls for programs of mass sterilization, one child policies and an authoritative “Planetary Regime” to oversee their implementation.

As we have previously pointed out, though the catalyst has changed throughout Holdren’s work, the endgame remains the same. In the 70’s, Holdren was busy talking up the drastic threat of global cooling, warning that it would produce giant tidal waves and environmental devastation. Holdren’s convictions about climate change have flip-flopped in order to accommodate whatever scientific fad holds sway at the time, however, his goal of depopulation and de-development remains constant.

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